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Meadowlands 30 November 2013
Shake It Cerry wins Goldsmith Maid
Photo by: Lisa photo

Year results... Updated: 2018-12-31
Year Starts 1 sts 2 nds 3 rds UTR Money (Rank)
2018 653 146 126 84 .374 $8,598,775 (2)
2017 674 150 116 88 .362 $8,268,346 (2)
2016 731 162 131 93 .364 $10,280,494 (2)
2015 783 183 147 104 .382 $12,945,377 (2)
2014 729 192 123 84 .396 $13,359,991 (2)
2013 606 138 90 80 .354 7,819,235 (2)
2012 506 128 82 59 .382 9,147,352 (2)
2011 433 86 70 4 .325 5,835,372 (5)
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Vädret Windsor

Last year (2012)  the stable finished second in the league coach of the USA. The horses ran in $ 9,147,352.
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Video Snapshot of Jimmy Takter's 2012 Season

Video about the great See You At Peelers

About Jimmy...

Jimmy Takter got his start in the harness racing business through his father Bo W. Takter, who is one of the most successful trainers in Sweden. When Jimmy was 5 years old he started helping his father around the barn. He began working for his father when he was 16 years old. His first driving victory came at age 18 at Jagersro in Malmo, Sweden. The horse was Air Money, and he paid $88.00 to win. Takter’s first U.S. win came in 1983 at The Meadowlands with Baltic Speed in a New Jersey Sires Stake. Takter credits his father for his success in the business. He says, “I admire my father because he has taught me so much about this business. I also admire Soren Nordin as I worked for him for two years in the United States...he is such a great horseman.”
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Jimmy Takter - I never moving home

One might think that it is Southfork in the television series Dallas.
In fact, it is Jimmy Takters training camp in New Jersey.
– I never move back to Sweden again, "says Jimmy pace and looks out over his horse's paradise.

He is one of the really heavy pieces of the harness sport's world.
After 20 successful years in the United States, Jimmy, with his wife Christina, built their dream place.
At a round hike we are struck by that everything is built with elegance, style and finesse.
The 40 horses big house is flourishing with spacious pens in the exclusive content.
The huge meadows are 24 in number, and each paddock has its own small house on the corner as the horses can enter in.
Add a circular orbit in a thousand meters, jogging loop and a wonderful environment, so understand that there is not much that is missing.
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