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Jimmy Takter - I never moving home
One might think that it is Southfork in the television series Dallas.
In fact, it is Jimmy Takters training camp in New Jersey.
– I never move back to Sweden again, "says Jimmy pace and looks out over his horse's paradise.

Jimmy and Christina pace enjoy excellent in the United States. Here are the couple in front of their houses for newly built training camp Millennium Farm in New Jersey Foto: Burt Seeger.


En vy över Jimmy Takters träningscamp i New Jersey. Där finns bland annat 24 jättelika hagar med ett eget hus till varje.
Foto: Burt Seeger.

He is one of the really heavy pieces of the harness sport's world.
After 20 successful years in the United States, Jimmy, with his wife Christina, built their dream place.
At a round hike we are struck by that everything is built with elegance, style and finesse.
The 40 horses big house is flourishing with spacious pens in the exclusive content.
The huge meadows are 24 in number, and each paddock has its own small house on the corner as the horses can enter in.
Add a circular orbit in a thousand meters, jogging loop and a wonderful environment, so understand that there is not much that is missing

- Well, we are about and build a straight path with the hill as well, "says Jimmy when he shows around the maffiga plant.
Immediately when you pull off the road into the Takters farm, an hour's car en route from New York, met Monday of a luxurious brick house where the couple live with their four children and two dogs.
When we settle down on Jimmys office, it is not a normal house offices, which we are accustomed to in Sweden. This could well be an office of a stock exchange brokers or any other ratings in the business life

But Jimmy pace itself has become a ratings success in the harness sport. For 20 years ago, he left Sweden and came to the United States. Until the paths have been marked with the world stars as Moni Maker, Malabar Man, Enjoy Lavec, Mr Lavec, Kramer Boy, Take Chances, and many more.
42-year old from Mantorp in Östergötland, inter alia, have experienced victories in the Prix d'Amerique, Elitloppet, Hambletonian, World Trotting Derby, the Swedish Trotting criterion and Peter Haughton Memorial.
He big happy with life and the horses away in the United States.
And any plans to move back to Sweden, he has not.
- I am a U.S. citizen and believe that we will never return to Sweden again, "he says

The stable cost eight million kronor
Is just another when he built up such a dream place as the Millennium Farm.
- Yes, but I dare not think about what all has cost. Only the house was costing 800 000 U.S. dollars to build and hag went on 400 000 dollars. Since everything else around around also, among other things, we have planted more than 40 different trees here on the farm, "says Jimmy.
The entire farm is on thin 50 countries and began just over a year ago

- We have lived in this area over the last ten years, and long've been looking for something their own instead of building just as we want it. The place we have built on was completely clean before, and here there was not even a single tree, "he continues.
Personally clear is Jimmy Takters horses of top-class quality of this stutter.
But more than 40 horses he did not want to have in training.
- No, it is almost a few too many. I just want to have quality and be able to have proper track of all

In class with Moni Maker
This year's Hambletonian-final, he had the horses Chipmate and Malabar Maple to start, in which the latter succeeded best with a fourth place.
But the big star in the house is three-year Kadabra, which has won 16 races in 19 starts in life. He was not notified to the Hambletonian, but has at this year's four victories in seven starts has shown that he is a real exceptional horse.
- It is one of the worst horses I have had. A real tanks that can be fully in class with Moni Maker. I consider that Kadabra is ten lengths better than the horses in this year's Hambletonian. A pity only that the horse was not notified, "says Jimmy.
It costs a good slant to have the horse in training with the pace. He charges 2 500 U.S. dollars a month for their services, but despite ringing the phone frequently from hästägare wishing to make horses in his care

- I have certainly declined more than 50 horses this year alone, "he says.
• "I am in eight years to"
Jimmy The pace has become rich both in money and experienced called during his time in the United States. In the average house horses earn a total of three million dollars a year.
What of the future?
- My goal is to keep on extremely hard for eight years. I am 50. Then, I will do something drastic. Horses are my life and I will not stop completely as coach, but probably cuts down and I only have a few horses left.
And Sweden?
- It is a beautiful country but I do not have it. I usually go home once a year to visit and test run young horses. The family and I enjoy great here and now, I find it hard to believe that we would move home again, "says Jimmy pace