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Canada 2016    Fredag 10 Juni
     Mohawk Raceway

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  Fields Set For Armbro Flight, Goodtimes
Elimination weekend at Mohawk Racetrack kicked off on Friday night (June 10) with some impressive performances in the Armbro Flight and Goodtimes Stakes....read on
  Race 5    
   Goodtimes - Elimination
 3 åriga    1.609 m auto   Purse: $30 000 (11,850 - 5,925 - 2,844 - 1,896 - 1,185)
Sta Häst Kön Kusk Tränare Rek Intj Far Mor Morfar
1  BAR HOPPING h3  John Campbell  Jimmy Takter 12,2   112 238  MUSCLE HILL  COKTAIL HOUR  CREDIT WINNER
2  MASS BALANCE h3  Sylvain Filion  Robert Don Fellows 14,1   66 737  MUSCLE MASS  AIMEES IMAGE  BALANCED IMAGE
3  DAYSON v3  Yannick Gingras  Ron Burke 09,9   222 562  CONWAY HALL  NERVEY'S TAURUS  SIR TAURUS
4  MUSCLE HUSTLE h3  Randy Waples  Per Henriksen 11,1   39 589  MUSCLE MASS  CROWN LAUREL  CANTAB HALL
5  ZAGSTER v3  Trev Henry  S Henry 12,1   26 685  MUSCLE MASS  THIS WAY THAT WAY  CONWAY HALL
6  DOMINION BEACH h3  Jack Moiseyev  Nancy Johansson 10,7   107 307  MUSCLE HILL  WINDYLANE HANOVER  LINDY LANE
7  BEE IN CHARGE v3  Chris Christoforou  Per Henriksen 12,0   16 924  MANOFMANYMISSIONS  BEEHIVE  BALANCED IMAGE
8  GENTLEMAN JIM h3  Gregory Peck  Gregory Peck 12,5   9 139  MUSCLE HILL  MS NAUGHTY  KADABRA
9  WILL TAKE CHARGE v3  Paul Macdonell  John Bax 11,4   168 681  KADABRA  CELEBRITY ANGEL  YANKEE GLIDE
10  LEAN HANOVER v3  Paul Macdonell  M Keeling 13,0   46 500  DONATO HANOVER  LIVES LIKE A QUEEN  MUSCLES YANKEE
11  GOIN TO THE LIMIT h3  Brett Miller  Tony Alagna 10,5   14 500  DONATO HANOVER  AZALEA GAL  SELF POSSESSED
Horse                       HV PP    1/4     1/2     3/4     Stretch  Finish     Time    1/4  Driver           Odds   Trainer
3   Dayson                      3    4/5     1@/HD   1/1H    1/1H     1/1T       1:53.2  27.4 Y Gingras        0.55*  R Burke
1   Bar Hopping                 1    2/T     2/HD    3/1T    3/2H     2/1T       1:53.4  27.4 J Campbell       3.15   J Takter
9   Will Take Charge            9    1@/T    3/2     4/3Q    4/5      3/3        1:54    27.4 P Macdonell     16.10   J Bax
5   Zagster                     5    5/7     5/5T    2@/1H   2/1H     4/4T       1:54.2  28.3 Trev Henry      20.30   S Henry
11  Goin To The Limit=(L)       11   7/11Q   7/10Q   5@/4Q   5/5T     5/6T       1:54.4  28.2 B Miller        26.50   T Alagna
7   Bee In Charge               7    9/15Q   9@/14H  7@/7T   7/8T     6/10Q      1:55.2  28.1 C Christoforou  50.60   P Henriksen
10  Lean Hanover                10   11/19Q  11@/17T 8@/9T   8/10H    7/10H      1:55.2  27.4 Ja Macdonald   133.05   M Keeling
6   Dominion Beach              6    8/13Q   8@/12Q  6@/6    6/7T     8/11H      1:55.3  28.4 J Moiseyev      17.80   N Johansson
4   Muscle Hustle=              4    3/3     4/3T    IX9/11  9/32     9/DIS                   Ra Waples        9.55   P Henriksen
8   Gentleman Jim               8    10/17H  10/16T  IX10@/1310/DIS   10/DIS                  T Burgess      148.40   G Peck
2   Mass Balance(L)             2    6/9Q    6/8Q    X11X/16 11/DIS   11/DIS                  S Filion       128.85   R Fellows
Time: 27.4, 56.2, 1:25.3, 1:53.2 (Temperature: 15, Condition: FAST, Variant: 0)

1st  Dayson              (b,g,3 - Conway Hall-Nerveys Taurus-Sir Taurus)
                         Owner: Burke Racing Stable LLC,Fredericktown,PA-Our Horse Cents Stables,Melville-J And T Silva Stables LLC,Long Beach-Rossie L Smith,Greenville,NY
2nd  Bar Hopping         (b,c,3 - Muscle Hill-Cocktail Hour-Credit Winner)
                         Owner: Christina Takter,East Windsor,NJ-Hatfield Stables,Columbus,OH-Marvin Katz,Toronto-Al J Libfeld,Pickering,ON
3rd  Will Take Charge    (b,g,3 - Kadabra-Celebrity Angel-Yankee Glide)
                         Owner: Bax Stable,Campbellville,ON-Gordon C Wright,Charlotte,MI-Don A Allensen,Wyoming-John F Hayes,Sharon,ON
  Race 7    
   Goodtimes - Elimination
 3 åriga    1.609 m auto   Purse: $30 000 (11,850 - 5,925 - 2,844 - 1,896 - 1,185)
Sta Häst Kön Kusk Tränare Rek Intj Far Mor Morfar
2  MERCHANDISER h3  Gregory Peck  Gregory Peck 11,0   26 171  MUSCLE HILL  MAJESTIC STYLE  ANGUS HALL
3  ZLATAN h3  Brett Miller  Jimmy Takter 12,7   29 070  MUSCLE MASS  CABARET HALL  GARLAND LOBELL
4  BLENHEIM v3  Chris Christoforou  Per Henriksen 11,4   32 641  YANKEE GLIDE  ARE YOU READY  BROADWAY HALL
5  TONY SOPRANO h3  John Campbell  R Mcintosh 11,2   225 094  KADABRA  WINDSONG SOPRANO  WINDSONG'S LEGACY
6  DIA MONDE v3  Randy Waples  Tom Durand 12,1   17 745  DEWEYCHEATUMNHOWE  LADY BAR  MALABAR MAN
9  SMOKE MONKEY h3  Sylvain Filion  Robert Don Fellows 11,8   58 934  MAJESTIC SON  NASHOTAH  DUKE OF YORK
10  SOUTHWIND FLASH h3  Yannick Gingras  Ron Burke 11,7   52 254  MUSCLE HILL  FRIENDLY AMIGO  AMIGO HALL
Horse                       HV PP    1/4     1/2     3/4     Stretch  Finish     Time    1/4  Driver           Odds   Trainer
6   Dia Monde                   6    5/10    5@/5H   3@/2    2/1Q     1/T        1:54    28.2 Ra Waples        8.15   T Durand
4   Blenheim                    4    6/12H   6@/7H   5@/4    3/3      2/T        1:54.1  28.1 C Christoforou  23.05   P Henriksen
5   Tony Soprano=               5    4/8     3@/2Q   1@/1H   1/1Q     3/1H       1:54.1  29   J Campbell       1.45   R Mcintosh
1   Marion Marauder             1    7/15    7@/9H   7@/5T   4/4      4/2        1:54.2  28   S Zeron          1.10*  M Keeling
7   Honor Above All             7    2/1T    2/1H    4/3Q    6/5T     5/4T       1:55    29.1 D Miller        34.75   J Takter
2   Merchandiser=               2    8/17H   8@/11Q  9@/8    7/7Q     6/6Q       1:55.1  28.2 G Peck          28.85   G Peck
3   Zlatan                      3    3/4H    4/3Q    6/4T    9/8      7/7        1:55.2  29.1 B Miller        26.95   J Takter
10  Southwind Flash=            10X  X9/24   9/11H   8/6Q    8/7H     8/9Q       1:55.4  29.2 Y Gingras       41.50   R Burke
8   United Bi=                  8    1/1T    1/1H    2/1H    5/5H     9/12T      1:56.3  31.1 Trev Henry     115.05   S Henry
9   Smoke Monkey=               X9X  10/37   10/30   10/26   10/26    10/26      1:59.1  28.4 S Filion        21.65   R Fellows
Time: 27, 56.3, 1:25.1, 1:54 (Temperature: 15, Condition: FAST, Variant: 0)

1st  Dia Monde           (b,g,3 - Deweycheatumnhowe-Lady Bar-Malabar Man)
                         Owner: June J Durand-Thomas R Durand,Puslinch-Allan J Smith,Oakville,ON
2nd  Blenheim            (b,g,3 - Yankee Glide-Are You Ready-Broadway Hall)
                         Owner: Steve D Organ,Aurora-Asa Farm,Norwood,ON-Thomas D Nurmi,Washington,DC
3rd  Tony Soprano        (b,c,3 - Kadabra-Windsong Soprano-Windsongs Legacy)
                         Owner: Robert McIntosh Stables Inc,Windsor-Mardon Stables,Loretto-Paradox Farm Inc,Caledon East-Dave A Boyle,Bowmanville,ON
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Dayson never looked back en route to a 1:53.2 victory.
Fields Set For Armbro Flight, Goodtimes
Elimination weekend at Mohawk Racetrack kicked off on Friday night (June 10) with some impressive performances in the Armbro Flight and Goodtimes Stakes.

Both stakes events required two eliminations, with the Armbro Flight eliminations for trotting mares going for $35,000 and the Goodtimes for three-year-old trotters going for $30,000 a split.

The Burke-Gingras combination struck again in the Goodtimes first elimination. Dayson trotted up from fourth to first in the second quarter and never looked back en route to a 1:53.2 victory.

Will Take Charge was the leader at the opening quarter in :27.4, but was overtaken by a pocket-pulling Bar Hopping. Gingras followed the new leader and quickly moved up to take the lead at the half in :56.2. Dayson got a :29.1 third quarter and finished off the victory with a :27.4 final quarter to defeat Bar Hopping by one and three-quarter lengths.

Will Take Charge finished third, while Zagster, who was first up around the final turn, was fourth. Goin To The Limit, who started from the second tier, finished fifth to qualify for the final.

A gelded son of Conway Hall, Dayson now has three wins in four starts this season after winning seven of eight as a rookie.

"He's really handy," said Gingras. "When I raced him the first time this year at Chester, he was a little bit grabby and they changed a few things on him. Tonight, he was perfect. He drove great, he's got high, high speed, and he's got a good mouth on him."

Dayson raced last season for Howard Okusko and was a private purchase during the winter by Burke Racing Stable LLC, Our Horse Cents Stables, J And T Silva Stables and Rossie Smith.

The sophomore trotter now has $54,950 banked this season to bring his career earnings to over $237,000.

"He's been good all along," said Gingras. "I trained him a couple of times in the Spring for Ronnie and I really liked him. They've done good. The last couple of years, Ronnie bought some horses to race in the New York in the Sire Stakes, Gural Hanover being one of them, obviously Crazy Wow last year, and him. They've done good doing that route and it looks like he's another good one."

Dayson paid $3.10 to win.

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Dia Monde is owned by June and Tom Durand along with Allan Smith.
Many eyes were on last year’s Ontario Sires Stakes champion Tony Soprano in the second elimination, but his season debut was spoiled by Dia Monde and driver Randy Waples.

Tony Soprano got away fifth and came charging first up midway doing the backstretch to engage with the leader United Bi. Dia Monde was trotting along in sixth and Waples opted to try and follow the 7-5 favourite.

Tony Soprano ultimately cleared nearing the three-quarter pole and reached that marker in 1:25.1. In the stretch, Campbell asked his trotter to try and sprint away, while Waples dropped in behind Tony Soprano for a brief moment. Dia Monde came back to the outside and powered by the public’s choice to score an 8-1 upset in a career-best 1:54.

Blenheim followed Dia Monde around the track to get second, while Tony Soprano was third in his season debut. Marion Marauder and Honor Above All secured the final two spots in next week’s final.

A gelded son of Deweycheatumnhowe, Dia Monde entered the Goodtimes elimination with a victory and runner-up finish in two starts this season. Friday’s start was the first time Waples sat behind the Tom Durand trainee.

"Tom's been around a long time and I've seen him come out with really good horses year after year," said Waples. "It seems like he always comes out with real good horses and sometimes he'll hand the lines over and sometimes he doesn't, he wants to drive them himself, so it was a shock when I got the drive. I'd raced against him a couple of times when Tom had driven him and I even mentioned to him I think the one time, 'Boy, what a nice horse you got there' and it just worked out my way.

"When [Tony Soprano] first got away from me there -- I mean, he's a strong colt, I've driven him before too -- and he looked like he was just going to romp, and I ducked back down onto his back there thinking if I followed along he could get a good second out of it. And then all of a sudden, my horse started to come back up onto his bit and he wanted back out so I moved him back out and he did track him down. But Tony's a really good horse so that's just a feather in Dia Monde's cap."

Dia Monde is owned by June and Tom Durand along with Allan Smith. The sophomore trotter now has $26,500 earned this season after banking $11,900 in three starts as a rookie.

Dia Monde paid $18.30 to win.

The finals for both the $267,000 Armbro Flight and $268,000 Goodtimes were drawn following the eliminations on Friday. The elimination winners earned the right to select their own post. Here are the fields for the Armbro Flight and Goodtimes finals to be contested on Pepsi North America Cup night (June 18).

$268,000 Goodtimes Final
1. Blenheim (Chris Christoforou)
2. Marion Marauder (Scott Zeron)
3. Will Take Charge (Paul MacDonell)
4. Dia Monde (Randy Waples)
5. Dayson (Yannick Gingras)
6. Bar Hopping (John Campbell)
7. Goin To The Limit (Brett Miller)
8. Honor Above All (David Miller)
9. Zagster (Trevor Henry)
10. Tony Soprano (John Campbell)
AE: Bee In Charge
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