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North-America 2019    Torsdag 22 augusti
     Woodbine Mohawk Park

Väder Guelph

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  Horse Trader wins the Define The World
Trevor Henry guided the Wheeling N Dealin colt to the victory for trainer Paul on
                                1st leg - 2nd leg - Final              
   Define The World - Final
 2 åriga    1.609 m auto   Purse: $50 000 (Us$ 18,750 - 9,375 - 4,500 - 3,000 - 1,875)
Race 3
-- Trot, purse $50,000 (EX, P3, SU, TR)
Post time: 07:50 P.M.         Lasix: 03:35 P.M.          Horses Entered: 8 
Sta  Häst  Kön  Kusk  Tränare  Rek  Intj  Far  Mor  Morfar  Auk,Pris
1  NYLANDER H  James Macdonald  Shawn Steacy 13,6   9 195  MUSCLE HILL  SUPERSTAR HANOVER  CANTAB HALL  105 000
2  DART GUY V  Doug Brown  Jerry Duford 16,2   2 143  MUSCLE MASS  WHITESAND ELECTRA  ANGUS HALL  
3  RIPPED AND READY H  Louis Philippe Roy  Richard Moreau 13,0   18 087  MUSCLE MASS  CUMIN FIRST  STRIKING SAHBRA  37 000
4  THREEFIFTYTWO H  Bob McClure  Luc Blais 12,2   71 235  ROYALTY FOR LIFE  FOUR DAMSALS  CR EXCALIBUR  Homebred
6  SEBASTIAN RAY H  Mario Baillargeon  Mario Baillargeon 14,7   5 642  SEBASTIAN K.  BABY BELLA  RAFFAELLO AMBROSIO  50 000
7  HORSE TRADER H  Trev Henry  Paul Walker 12,5   34 883  WHEELING N DEALIN  OAKLEA WAND  KADABRA  Homebred
8  JULA UPPERCUT H  Sylvain Filion  Susanne Kerwood  14 248  KADABRA  CHIVAREE HANOVER  MUSCLE HILL  30 000
HN  Horse             PP  1/4     1/2     3/4     Str      Finish  Actual     LQ    Odds 
 7  Horse Trader      7   7/10    5@/7    5@@/3   2/1      1/H     1:56.3   28.3    3.60 
 1  Nylander          1   3/3     4@/4T   3@@/1H  1/1      2/H     1:56.3   29.0    5.55 
 8  Jula Uppercut     8   1@/1Q   2/1T    4/2Q    5/2T     3/3H    1:57.1   29.2   38.85 
 3  Ripped And Ready= 3   4@/3H   1/1T    2/Q     4/2H     4/7H    1:58.0   30.3   49.10 
 6  Sebastian Ray=    6   2/1Q    3@/3Q   1@/Q    3/2Q     5/9     1:58.2   31.0   12.95 
 2  Dart Guy=         2   5/6H    6/7Q    7/6H    6/8Q     6/13Q   1:59.1   30.3   99.85 
 4  Threefiftytwo     X4  8/30H   8/33H   8/23    8/21T    7/25    2:01.3g  29.3    0.50 
 5  Regal Seven       5   6/8Q    7/10H   6X/5    X7X/11T  X8/34   2:03.2g  35.0   22.30 

Time: 28.3, 57.4, 1:27.2, 1:56.3 (Temperature: 17, Condition: FAST, Variant: 0)

1st  Horse Trader        (b,c,2 - Wheeling N Dealin-Oaklea Wand-Kadabra)
                         Owner: Oaklea Farm Inc,Simcoe,ON
2nd  Nylander            (b,c,2 - Muscle Hill-Superstar Hanover-Cantab Hall)
                         Owner: Steacy Macmillan Stable,Lansdowne,ON-Dale E Larson,Kent City,MI-
                         Hudson Standrdbrd Stb Inc,Hudson,QC-Stephen Klunowski,North York,ON
3rd  Jula Uppercut       (br,c,2 - Kadabra-Chivaree Hanover-Muscle Hill)
                         Owner: Jula Racing Inc,Delray Beach,FL
  Horse Trader wins the Define The World
Trevor Henry guided the Wheeling N Dealin colt to the victory for trainer Paul Walker.

The look of the race changed early when favourite Threefiftytwo made a break ahead of the start.

Jula Uppercut left hard and got the top at the opening-quarter in :28.3. Ripped And Ready went after the top spot in the second-quarter and was forced to work hard to clear at the half in :57.4.

Sebastian Ray kept the action going by sliding out from third at the half and attacking the new leader around the far turn to three-quarters in 1:27.2. Nylander followed into a second-over spot, while Horse Trader followed from the back and sat fifth, three-lengths from the lead.

In the stretch, Nylander and Horse Trader came off cover to power by rivals on the far outside. Nylander held the lead for a good stretch, but Horse Trader wore him down and edged by in the final-sixteenth for a half-length score.

Jula Uppercut finished third, while Ripped And Ready was fourth.

“I kind of wanted to leave a little more than we did, but he’s kind of a funny colt and he doesn’t want to leave,” said Henry of Horse Trader following the victory. “He just falls off the gate and I didn’t want to chase him and make him run, but it worked out anyways.

“I was pretty sure he was going to get there. The one week when he won, he really brushed home good and he did as well tonight.”

Owned and bred by Oaklea Farm, Horse Trader has now won three of six starts for earnings of $70,715. His previous victory came two starts back in the opening-leg of the series prior to finishing third in an Ontario Sires Stakes Gold event on August 8.

A $2 win ticket on Horse Trader returned $9.20.

Live racing continues Friday evening at Woodbine Mohawk Park. Post time is 7:50 p.m.

(Woodbine Mohawk Park)
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