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North-America 2015    Söndag 12 Juli
     Georgian Downs
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  Kadabra Fillies Impress At Georgian
If the performances in Sunday night’s Gold Series season opener at Georgian Downs were any indication, Ontario has produced another world class group of two-year-old trotting fillies....read on
   Ontario Sire Stakes - 1st leg
 2-åriga ston   1.609 m auto   Purse: $52 500 ()
Race 2
Trot, purse $52,500 (EX, SF, TR)
Horse                       HV PP    1/4     1/2     3/4     Stretch  Finish     Time    1/4  Driver           Odds   Trainer
7   Caprice Hill                7    1@/1    1/1H    1/1H    1/3      1/4Q       1:55.2  29.2 Y Gingras        0.35*  T Alagna
3   Sky Angel                   3    3/2H    3/4     2@/1H   3/3H     2/4Q       1:56.1  30   Ri Zeron         6.50   Ri Zeron
5   Las Vegas Seelster          5    2/1     2/1H    3/2     2/3      3/6        1:56.3  30.1 W Henry          5.70   W Henry
9   High Heels                  9    4@/3    5/7H    4@/7    4/5      4/6T       1:56.4  29.2 J Takter         5.65   J Takter
4   Treasure Gifts K            4    5/4H    4/6     5/9     5/8      5/11H      1:57.3  29.4 Trev Henry      37.60   P Reid
6   Myretirementticket=         6    8/11    8/18    8/14    7/12     6/13Q      1:58    29.1 E Wagler        61.00   E Wagler
8   Favourite Mission=          8    6/7     6/11H   6/11    6/10     7/16T      1:58.4  30.3 P Macdonell     38.65   M Keeling
2   Work That Magic=            2X   9/35    9/32    9/34    9/32     8/43       2:04    31.1 S Filion        10.85   R Norman
1   Pina Colada As              1    7/9     7/14    7/12    X8/21    9/44       2:04.1  35.4 B Davis Jr      29.50   A Lorentzon

Time: 28.2, 56.4, 1:26, 1:55.2 (Temperature: 25, Condition: FAST, Variant: 0)
Judges List: Work That Magic-BREAKS, Pina Colada As-BREAKS

1st  Caprice Hill        (b,f,2 - Kadabra-Bramasole-Muscles Yankee)
                         Owner: Tom Hill,Lancashire,GB
2nd  Sky Angel           (b,f,2 - Kadabra-Yankeedoodlecandy-Muscles Yankee)
                         Owner: Rick Zeron Stables,Oakville-The Camel Club Stable,Burlington,ON
3rd  Las Vegas Seelster  (b,f,2 - Kadabra-Ladycane-Muscles Yankee)
                         Owner: Daylon Farms Ltd,Komoka-Henry Stable,Arthur,ON
   Ontario Sire Stakes - 1st leg
 2-åriga ston  1.609 m auto   Purse: $70 000 (35,000-17,500-8,400-5,600-3,500)
Race 4
Trot, purse $52,500 (EX, SF, TR, W4)
Horse                       HV PP    1/4     1/2     3/4     Stretch  Finish     Time    1/4  Driver           Odds   Trainer
4   One Too Many                4    1/Q     2/1H    4/2H    5/5H     2P1/Q      1:58.2  29.1 A Macdonald      4.05   A Macdonald
1   Silky Flashy Nfast          1    4/3     3/3     1@/1    1/1H     1P2/Q      1:58.2  29.3 M Baillargeon    2.25   B Baillargeon
6   Liberty Lane                6    2@/Q    1/1H    2/1     2/1H     3/1T       1:58.4  29.4 Trev Henry       1.10*  P Reid
5   Magical Steph               5    7/7H    7/8     6/4H    7/9H     4/3        1:59    29.2 S Byron         17.10   G Lance
2   Tala Seelster               2    5/4H    4/4H    3@/2    4/4      5/3T       1:59.1  30   R Jones          7.75   R Jones
8   Northern Sweetie=           8    8/9     6@/7H   5@/4    3/2H     6/4        1:59.1  29.3 S Filion         8.90   B Macdonald
7   Cadillac Sally=             X7   9/10H   8/9H    7/6     6/7      7/5T       1:59.3  29.3 S Condren       58.20   R Mcnair
9   Haileysgonedancing=         9    3X/1H   9/27    8/24    8/20     8/14H      2:01.1  27.3 Ri Zeron        38.40   T Osullivan
3   Majestic Diva               3    6/6     5X/6    9/DIS   9/DIS    9/DIS                   Ja Macdonald    23.30   D Menary

Time: 29.1, 59.2, 1:28.4, 1:58.2 (Temperature: 25, Condition: FAST, Variant: 0)
Judges List: Cadillac Sally-BREAKS, Haileysgonedancing-BREAKS, Majestic Diva-BREAKS

1st  One Too Many        (b,f,2 - Manofmanymissions-Condi Lane-Striking Sahbra)
                         Owner: Rene M Allard,Milford,PA
2nd  Silky Flashy Nfast  (b,f,2 - Kadabra-Silky Celine-Angus Hall)
                         Owner: Benoit O Baillargeon,Rockwood-Diane N Ingham,Mount Pleasant,ON
3rd  Liberty Lane        (b,f,2 - Deweycheatumnhowe-Fast Lane K-Lindy Lane)
                         Owner: Robert J Key,Leechburg,PA
   Ontario Sire Stakes - 1st leg
 2-åriga ston  1.609 m auto   Purse: $70 000 (35,000-17,500-8,400-5,600-3,500)
Race 6
Trot, purse $52,500 (EX, SF, TR)
Horse                       HV PP    1/4     1/2     3/4     Stretch  Finish     Time    1/4  Driver           Odds   Trainer
5   Could It Be Magic           5    1/2H    1/1H    1/3H    1/5      1/6        1:56.4  28.4 W Henry          0.40*  W Henry
7   Devils Advocate             7    8/8H    7/7     5@/6    6/8H     2/6        1:58    28.4 Ro Waples        3.40   J Darling
2   Danish Darby                2    3/4     3/3     6/7     5/7H     3/6Q       1:58    28.3 P Macdonell     29.55   J Bax
6   Jarette As                  6    4@/4H   5/5     7/8H    7/9      4/6H       1:58    28.2 B Davis Jr      43.95   A Lorentzon
4   Powerful Glare              4    6/6H    6@/5H   4@/5H   4/7      5/7        1:58.1  29.1 Ri Zeron         8.35   T Alagna
3   Dewdle All Day              3    5/6     4@/3H   3@/4    3/6H     6/7H       1:58.1  29.2 R Jones         16.05   R Jones
1   Magical Valentine           1    2/2H    2/1H    2/3H    2X/5     7/29T      2:02.4  34.1 S Condren       10.85   M Turcotte
8   Onatopp                     8    7@/7    X8@/7H  8/34    8/35     8/41       2:05    30.1 A Macdonald     63.00   A Macdonald
9   Levitator                   9X   9/DIS   9/DIS   9/DIS   9/DIS    9/DIS                   S Filion        11.60   R Norman

Time: 29, 59.2, 1:28, 1:56.4 (Temperature: 25, Condition: FAST, Variant: 0)
Judges List: Magical Valentine-BREAKS, Onatopp-BREAKS, Levitator-BREAKS

1st  Could It Be Magic   (b,f,2 - Kadabra-In The Mean Time-Muscles Yankee)
                         Owner: Henry Stable,Arthur-Fred D Brayford,Alliston,ON
2nd  Devils Advocate     (b,f,2 - Manofmanymissions-Malabar Memories-Malabar Man)
                         Owner: Jack Darling Stables Ltd,Cambridge,ON
3rd  Danish Darby        (b,f,2 - Majestic Son-Danish Diamond-Sjs Caviar)
                         Owner: Bax Stable-Lindsey R Anderson,Campbellville-Goin To The Show Stable,Peterborough,ON
   Ontario Sire Stakes - 1st leg
 2-åriga ston  1.609 m auto   Purse: $70 000 (35,000-17,500-8,400-5,600-3,500)
Race 8
Trot, purse $52,500 (EX, SF, TR)
Horse                       HV PP    1/4     1/2     3/4     Stretch  Finish     Time    1/4  Driver           Odds   Trainer
2   Emoticon Hanover            2    5/5H    5@/5    3@/3    3/3      1/1Q       1:56.3  29   S Filion         5.10   L Blais
1   Ready Any Time              1    2/1H    1/1H    1/1H    1/1H     2/1Q       1:56.4  29.4 Ri Zeron         0.30*  R Norman
4   Magical Wonder              4    4/4     3/3     2@/1H   2/1H     3/3Q       1:57.1  30   R Filion         3.60   J Macmillan
8   Moonlight Cocktail          8    8/10    8/8H    6@/9    4/6      4/8T       1:58.2  29.3 P Macdonell     43.05   J Bax
5   Windsong Chance=            5    1/1H    2/1H    4/6     5/12     5/22Q      2:01    32.4 Ja Macdonald    26.05   C Beaver
7   Malia=                      7    3@/2H   4/3H    8/12    6/16     6/28       2:02.1  32.4 A Green         40.25   A Green
3   Bahama Mama As              3    6/7     6/5H    X7/10H  7/20     7/42       2:05    36   B Davis Jr      63.10   A Lorentzon
6   Major Muscle                6    7/8H    7@/7    5@X/7H  8/28     8/DIS                   M Baillargeon    9.35   M Etsell

Time: 28.2, 58.1, 1:27, 1:56.3 (Temperature: 25, Condition: FAST, Variant: 0)
Judges List: Bahama Mama As-BREAKS, Major Muscle-BREAKS

1st  Emoticon Hanover    (b,f,2 - Kadabra-Emmylou Who-Ken Warkentin)
                         Owner: Determination,Montreal,QC
2nd  Ready Any Time      (br,f,2 - Kadabra-Spice Queen-Yankee Glide)
                         Owner: Melvin Hartman,Ottawa,ON-Herb A Liverman,Miami Beach-David H Mc Duffee,Delray Beach,FL-Little E LLC,New York,NY
3rd  Magical Wonder      (b,f,2 - Kadabra-Serenas Genie-Angus Hall)
                         Owner: Andrea Lea Racingstables Inc,Lakefield Gore,QC
  Kadabra Fillies Impress At Georgian
If the performances in Sunday night’s Gold Series season opener at Georgian Downs were any indication, Ontario has produced another world class group of two-year-old trotting fillies.

Caprice Hill established the lofty standard for the evening in the first $52,500 division with a commanding gate-to-wire victory in 1:55.2. Allentown, New Jersey resident Yannick Gingras made his first-ever trip to Georgian Downs for the race, steering the daughter of Kadabra and Bramasole to the win for trainer Tony Alagna of Manalapan, New Jersey and owner Tom Hill of Lancashire, Great Britain.

“I baby raced her the first time [June 15] and I told Tony I’d like to stay with her, she showed me abilities that day,” said Gingras. “She has a beautiful mouth on her, and great gaited, and she had all kinds of power, so I was very high on her and she proved me right tonight.”

Going unchallenged around the Georgian Downs five-eighths oval, Caprice Hill hit the wire four and one-quarter lengths ahead of Sky Angel and Las Vegas Seelster. Her 1:55.2 clocking was just two-fifths of a second off the 1:55 Ontario Sires Stakes record for two-year-old trotting fillies on a five-eighths mile track, set by the great Bee A Magician at Georgian Downs in an October 2012 Gold Series event.

“She’s got the whole package, let’s put it that way. She’s got as much speed as anything, but her manners are very, very good. You can do whatever you want with her,” added Gingras. “Last baby race [June 27] I left and let somebody go, and came back in the stretch; just whatever you throw at her she’s very professional about it, so I think that’s her best quality right now.”

Alagna selected the half-sister to $278,868 winner Bramalea Hanover out of last fall’s Harrisburg Yearling Sale and Hill issued the winning bid at $55,000. Since then, Caprice Hill has been a star pupil for Alagna and his mother Donna Lee Ozment.

“She’s a really special filly. My mom trained her this winter in Chicago and she came out to us this spring and she’s been fantastic from the get go,” said Alagna. “I’m very happy with where we’re at right now.”

In addition to the Ontario Sire Stakes, Alagna says Caprice Hill has a full complement of open stake races on her calendar so long as she stays healthy and continues to thrive on the racetrack.

Also delivering an impressive front-end performance was locally-owned Could It Be Magic, who cruised home a 1:56.4 winner in the third division for Alliston, Ont. resident Fred Brayford and trainer/driver Wayne Henry of Arthur, Ont. Unchallenged through fractions of :29, :59.2 and 1:28, Could It Be Magic trotted under the wire six lengths ahead of Devils Advocate and Danish Darby.

“She can really get out of there off the gate, and then Wayne seems to be able to get control and they kind of respect her I guess,” said Brayford. “Then when he needs the last quarter, he just kind of lets her trot and so far she’s been pulling away from them.”

Brayford and Henry acquired the daughter of Kadabra and $233,554 winner In The Mean Time for $18,000 from the Harrisburg Yearling Sale and Brayford says the filly seemed like a natural from her earliest lessons.

“He [Henry] trains in Florida. I was down there for most of the winter and I used to go out and see her train, and she just seemed to be kind of a natural right from the start,” explained Brayford. “She liked to trot. She didn’t spend much time breaking, touch wood.”

Sunday’s win was the second for Could It Be Magic, who also captured a conditioned event at Mohawk Racetrack on July 2.

In the fourth division, Emoticon Hanover stormed up the stretch to post a 1:56.3 victory and make it a hat trick for trotting sire Kadabra. The filly and driver Sylvain Filion of Milton, Ont. reeled in pacesetter and fan favourite Ready Any Time and Magical Wonder to record the one and one-quarter length victory for trainer Luc Blais of Lochaber Ouest, Que. and owner Determination of Montreal, Que.

The first foal from former Ontario Sires Stakes star Emmylou Who, a winner of 660,354 during her racing career, Emoticon Hanover was a $165,000 purchase from the Harrisburg Yearling Sale.

The other Gold trophy went home from Georgian Downs with One Too Many, who was awarded the win when it was ruled that she was impeded by Silky Flashy Nfast in the stretch. Silky Flashy Nfast was moved back to second and Liberty Lane finished third in the 1:58.2 mile.

Guelph, Ont. resident Anthony MacDonald drives and trains One Too Many for Rene Allard of Milford, Pennsylvania, who purchased the Manofmanymissions daughter for $14,000 from the Canadian Yearling Sale.

The two-year-old trotting fillies make their second Gold Series start at Mohawk Racetrack on July 23, while Ontario Sires Stakes excitement returns to Georgian Downs on Tuesday, July 14 with seven Grassroots divisions for the three-year-old trotting fillies.

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