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    Raceday    2009-08-08
  Tidigare vinnare av Maryland Standardbred Fund
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Maryland Standardbred Fund    
2 year old filly 1.609m auto 
  Purse: 17 900$ 

RACE 13 - Rosecroft Raceway - MD - August 8, 2009 
Gait: Trot     Purse: $10,700     Class: 2YR F MSRF     Distance: 1 mile     Track Cond: FT     Temp-Allow: 85-0     Off Time: 3:46 PM 
HN  Horse                                                        Finish   Actual     LQ    Odds   Driver             Trainer
3  Emily Do              (Cr Commando - Emily`s Program)         1/3T     2:03.2   30.1    4.20   John Wagner        Manley Brown Jr 
2  Suwanee River         (Cr Excalibur - Noisyriver)             2/3T     2:04.1   30.4      NR   Victor Kirby       Syl King Jr 
4  Sound The Belle       (Duke`s Ranger - Belle Of The Party)    4P3/DIS                   3.00   Corey Callahan     Nicholas Callahan 
6  Go Get Janey          (Go Get Lost - Almost Perfection)       3P4/17H  2:06.4   31.0   *1.10   Donnie Russell     Syl King Jr 
5  Political Jewell      (Political Briefing - Desert Jewell)    6P5/DIS                 103.60   Anthony Morgan     Kenneth Schlotzhauer 
7  My Command To You     (Cr Commando - Itsa Mystery)            X5P6/DIS                  2.90   Tim Curtin         Steve Le Blanc 
1  Global Experience     (Duke`s Ranger - Irene`s Glory)         7/DIS                    14.00   Richard Hans       Roger Hans 

1st Emily Do  (2, M   Cr Commando - Emily`s Program - Program Speed)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  John Wagner - VA, Lloyd Arnold - CA
    Breeder(s):  Winbak Farm - MD 
2nd Suwanee River  (2, M   Cr Excalibur - Noisyriver - Super Pleasure)
    Registered Owner(s):  Terry Kibler - VA, Scott Woogen - VA
    Breeder(s):  Winbak Farm - MD 
3rd Sound The Belle  (2, M   Duke`s Ranger - Belle Of The Party - Party Party)
    Registered Owner(s):  Nicholas Callahan - DE
    Breeder(s):  Nicholas Callahan - DE
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