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North-Americaa 2015    Lördag 10 Oktober
     Yonkers Raceway
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  Papagayo E Wins International Trot
Norway's Papagayo E might not have been a major name on the global trotting scene, but that all changed with a victory in the $1 million International Trot on Saturday afternoon at Yonkers....read on
   The Yonkers International Trot
 FFAT   2.011 m auto   Purse: $1 000 000 (500,000 - 250,000 - 120,000 - 80,000 - 50,000)
RACE 4 - Yonkers Raceway - NY - October 10, 2015
Conditions: THE $1,000,000 INTERNATIONAL TROT
Gait: Trot  Purse: $1,000,000  Class: INTL TROT  Distance: 1 1/4 Miles (2.011m) Track Cond: FAST 
spår  Nat Häst Kön Kusk Tränare Rek Inkört Far Mor Morfar
1 Usa  CREATINE (US) H5  Johnny Takter  Jimmy W Takter 09,2   1 716 397  ANDOVER HALL  BERRY NICE MUSCLES  MUSCLES YANKEE
2 Norge  PAPAGAYO E. (NO) H5  Ulf Ohlsson  Jan Kristian Waaler 10,4   508 627  COKTAIL JET  ANN SPEEDY T.  SPEEDY TOMALI
3  ROD STEWART (IT) H5  Enrico Bellei  Jerry Riordan 10,1   467 260  LOVE YOU  VALLEY LANE  LINDY LANE
4 France  TIMOKO (FR) H8  Björn Goop  Richard Westerink 09,5   3 721 554  IMOKO  KISS ME COULONCES  AND ARIFANT
5  BEE A MAGICIAN S5  Brian Sears  R. Nifty Norman 09,0 ; 3 623 815  KADABRA  BEEHIVE  BALANCED IMAGE
6 Sweden  ON TRACK PIRATEN V7  Erik Adielsson  Hans R Strömberg 09,7  1 312 689  KOOL DU CAUX  MONROVIA  RITE ON LINE
7 Usa  NATURAL HERBIE (US) V5  Verlin Yoder  Verlin Yoder 09,0 ;  899 161 HERE COMES HERBIE  LJANEARL  EARL
8 Sweden  MOSAIQUE FACE H6  Adrian Kolgjini  Lutfi Kolgjini 09,0   1 573 227  CLASSIC PHOTO  IONA L.B.  SUPERGILLL
9 Norge  B.B.S.SUGARLIGHT V6  Johan Untersteiner  Fredrik Solberg 09,9   827 607  SUPER LIGHT  SUGARSWEET SID  SUGARCANE HANOVER
10  OASIS BI (IT) H7  Örjan Kihlström  Stefan P Pettersson 10,0   1 018 314  TOSS OUT  UP FRONT JM  SELF POSSESSED
Time:  28.4 1:28.1  (59.2) 1:57.2  (29.1) 2:26.0  (28.3)  
HN  Horse              PP  1/4     1/2     3/4     Str    Finish  Actual     LQ   Odds 
 2  Papagayo E         2   3/1T    3/1H    4/2     4/1T   1/H     2:26.0   28.1   9.80 
 4  Timoko             4   2°/T    4°/3    3°°/1Q  2/1H   2/H     2:26.0   28.2   4.30 
 1  Creatine           1   1/T     1/1H    1/H     1/1H   3/1Q    2:26.1   28.4   3.60 
10  Oasis Bi           10  7°/5T   7/5Q    8/5Q    7/3H   4/1H    2:26.1   27.4  29.50 
 9  B.B.S.Sugarlight   9   5/4Q    5/3     7/3T    8/4    5/2     2:26.2   28.1  16.90 
 5  Bee A Magician     5   6°/5    8°/6Q   6°°°/3  3/1H   6/4     2:26.4   28.4  *1.10 
 6  On Track Piraten   6   8/6T    2°/1H   2°/H    5/2    7/6H    2:27.1   29.4  14.30 
 3  Rod Stewart        3X  10/16T  10/9Q   9/6T    9/5H   8/6H    2:27.1g  28.2  79.75 
 8  Mosaique Face      8   4°/3Q   6°/4H   5°/2H   6/3Q   9/6H    2:27.1   29.2  17.20 
 7  Natural Herbie     7   9/8T    9/8Q    10°/6T  10/6H  10/7H   2:27.2   28.3  27.00 
1st Papagayo E  (5, H   Cocktail Jet - Ann Speedy T - Speedy Tomali)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Tom Andersen - NO, Claes Sjolin - NO
    Breeder(s):  Egil Stensland - NO 
2nd Timoko  (8, H   Imoko - Kiss Me Coulonces - And Arifant)
    Registered Owner(s):  Richard Westerink - FR
    Breeder(s):  Paul Vanklaveren - FR 
3rd Creatine  (5, H   Andover Hall - Berry Nice Muscles - Muscles Yankee)
    Registered Owner(s):  Big C Racing - KY
    Breeder(s):  Diamond Creek Farm LLC - PA 
Mike Lizzi
Papagayo E was a 2:26 winner in the International Trot.
Papagayo E Wins International Trot

Papagayo E and Ulf Ohlsson snuck up the rail to overtake Creatine in the final strides of the $1 million Yonkers International Trot at Yonkers Raceway on Saturday afternoon (Oct. 10) in a time of 2:26 for the 1-1/4 mile race. The margin of victory was a half-length.

The Norwegian flags were flying and a robust contingent of Norwegian fans cheered the victory by trainer Jan Waaler and owners Tom Andersen and Claes Sjolin.

Timoko, representing France and driven by Bjorn Goop, was second and Creatine of the United States (with Johnny Takter up ) was third. Oasis Bi of Sweden and driver Orjan Kihlstrom was fourth and the final check went to BBS Sugarlight, also of Norway, and his driver Johan Untersteiner.

Creatine and driver Johnny Takter, brother of trainer Jimmy Takter, had the rail position and with no serious challengers got off the gate first and stayed there though fractions of :28.4 for the quarter with Papagayo N in behind him. On Track Piraten and Erik Adielsson made a three wide bid for the lead at about the :58.4 half and briefly got a nose in front of Creatine. But Takter and Creatine held fast to the lead at the 1:28.1 three-quarters.

Bee A Magician and driver Brian Sears unleashed a furious rush at the lead, from about six wide, heading into the final turn at about the 1:57.2 mile mark, but could not make up ground on the leaders.

Mike Lizzi photos
Joe Faraldo of the SOA of NY presents the trophy to the winning connections..
Creatine and Takter worked to hold off the advancing Timoko, while Ohlsson had Papgayo E on the move up the inside.

“He came with great power,” said Ohlsson. “I saw Timoko on the outside coming with power, but I knew that I had more. My only concern was Creatine going long enough that we would be able to get through on the rail. If he didn’t last, we might have had a problem, but he lasted. I felt really good the whole way, the tempo in the race was perfect. The horse was feeling good and once we came down the stretch, I could really feel his power.”

The rest of the order of finish was 6. Bee A Magician, 7. On Track Piraten, 8. Rod Stewart, 9. Mosaique Face, 10. Natural Herbie.

Brian Sears, who drove Bee A Magician, the even money favorite and representative of Canada, was hoping for a stronger finish.

“I had hoped for a bit stronger finish, especially with our expectations. She just didn’t have enough trot at the end. About three-quarters in the last turn, I felt that she was running out of gas at that point, so at that point I just wanted to finish for a check. There was some hop at the end when the other horse brushed, but they were able to pull away.”
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