The Meadowlands         Trotting in  North-America  2011     
     The Meadowlands     Saturday 06 August 2022              
  Tidigare vinnare av Lady Liberty Pace - Mistletoe Shalee Pace - Oliver Wendell Holmes - US Pacing Championship - Vincennes Trot -               Hambletonian Festival 2011              
     Presentation på några av dom största stolinjerna: Jessie Pepper (100)  Minnehaha (1200)  Maggie H (400)  Medio
                        (5000)  Isotta (6000) Skip (7990)  Nell (8000) Nannie Etticoat  (8600)
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             OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES - Pace
       3 åriga hingstar/valacker     1.609 meter auto     Purse: $
102 750
RACE 3 - Meadowlands - NJ - August 6, 2022 
Conditions: OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES 3 Year Old Colts & Geldings   
Gait: Pace     Purse: $102,750     Class: OWHolmes     Distance: 1 mile     Track Cond: FT     
Temp-Allow: 82-0     Off Time: 12:32 PM
HN  Horse  PP  1/4  1/2  3/4  Str  Finish Actual LQ Odds  Driver  Trainer
6  Shadyshark Hanover  6  6/8H  6/9Q  4°/2H  2/H  1/1 1:47.4  27.3 21.30   Jim Morrill Jr  Erv Miller
3  Hugadragon  3  3/1T  3/3  3/1H  4/1  2/1 1:48.0  28.0 18.70   Yannick Gingras  Ron Burke
4  Roll With Joe  4  2/NS  2/1H  2°/NS  1/H  3/1T 1:48.1  28.2 1.10   Ron Pierce  Edward Hart
1  Rock`em  1  4/5H  4/6  5/3Q  6/3H  4/4Q 1:48.3  28.1 18.00   David Miller  Casie Coleman
2  Prana  2  5/7  5/7T  6°/4Q  5/3Q  5/6H 1:49.0  28.2 31.90   Tim Tetrick  Jimmy Takter
5  Big Jim  5  1°/NS  1/1H  1/NS  3/1  6/6T 1:49.1  29.2 *0.80   Phillip Hudon  James Dean
1st Shadyshark Hanover  (3, H   Cam`s Card Shark - Shady Past - No Nukes)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Shadyshark Stable - IL
    Breeder(s):  Hanover Shoe Farms Inc - PA
2nd Hugadragon  (3, G   Dragon Again - Hip Huggers - Nobleland Sam)
    Registered Owner(s):  Burke Racing Stable LLC - PA
    Breeder(s):  Sylvia Burke - PA, Frederick Koechlin - SC, Ron Burke - PA 
3rd Roll With Joe  (3, H   Cam`s Card Shark - Classic Wish - Armbro Emerson)
    Registered Owner(s):  Blue Chip Bloodstock Inc - NY, 
    Stephen Demeter - NY, Not To Worry Stable - NY, Winbak Farm - MD
    Breeder(s):  Winbak Farm - MD
  Shadyshark Hanover posts 21-1 upset in Holmes division
Shadyshark Hanover and driver Jim Morrill Jr. took advantage of a speed duel between Roll With Joe and Big Jim to come from off the pace and win the $102,750 first division of the Oliver Wendell Holmes by one length over Hugadragon in a stakes-record 1:47.4 on Saturday (August 6) at Meadowlands Racetrack.

Sent off at odds of 21-1, Shadyshark Hanover sat off the pace set by Roll With Joe and Big Jim as they battled for the lead through the opening three-quarters of a mile. Roll With Joe held the edge through the opening quarter of :26.1 before yielding the front to Big Jim as they reached the half in :52.2.

Roll With Joe, who won the Meadowlands Pace over Big Jim, challenged Big Jim on the final turn after hitting three-quarters in 1:19.4. Shadyshark Hanover overtook Roll With Joe on the outside through the lane while Hugadragon got up for second on the inside. Roll With Joe saved third.

Erv Miller trains Shadyshark Hanover for the Shadyshark Stable. It was his second win in eight starts this year after winning $518,826 as a 2-year-old.

“I think I worked out a good trip,” Morrill said. “They were mixing it up enough. He just felt great, the colt; he really did. This colt got good late (in the season) last year too. He hasn’t been great so far but Erv said he trained a lot better this week and might be getting back to his old self. I think he proved it today.”

Shadyshark Hanover was second in last year’s Breeders Crown and Governor’s Cup, finishing behind Big Jim in both races. This year, he was eighth in the North America Cup and was coming off a sixth-place finish in a division of the New Jersey Sire Stakes on July 23 at the Meadowlands.

“He wasn’t very good here lately,” the trainer said. “We’ve been missing him more than anybody else, probably. But he’s back. He showed it this week. He got a little sick when he went to Canada and he was out of his game for a month and a half or so.”

             OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES - Pace
       3 åriga hingstar/valacker     1.609 meter auto     Purse $
102 750
RACE 14 - Meadowlands - NJ - August 6, 2022 
Conditions: OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES 3 Year Old Colts & Geldings   
Gait: Pace     Purse: $102,750     Class: OWHolmes     Distance: 1 mile     
Track Cond: FT     Temp-Allow: 82-0     Off Time: 5:50 PM
HN  Horse  PP  1/4  1/2  3/4  Str  Finish Actual LQ Odds  Driver  Trainer
5  Big Bad John  5  3/2T  1°/1  1/NS  1/2Q  1/3T 1:49.0  27.1 *1.10   David Miller  Ron Potter
1  High Noon  1  1/1H  2/1  4/1Q  2/2Q  2/3T 1:49.4  27.4 3.60   Ron Pierce  Jimmy Takter
7  Mystic Desire  7  2/1H  3/2H  6/4  3/4Q  3/5Q 1:50.0  27.2 11.20   Tim Tetrick  Ross Croghan
6  Powerful Mist  6  6/7Q  6/7  5°/2T  5/5Q  4/6H 1:50.1  27.4 3.50   Andy Miller  Wayne Givens
3  Rock To Glory  3  5/6  5/5H  3°/1Q  4/5  5/8Q 1:50.3  28.3 11.70   Jim Morrill Jr  Casie Coleman
2  Lookinforadventure  2  4/4H  4/4  2°/NS  6/5T  6/14T 1:52.0  30.1 16.50   Yannick Gingras  Bruce Saunders
4  Doin Time Together  4  7/9  7/8T  7/6H  7/12T  7/38T 1:56.4  33.4 10.90   George Brennan  Lou Pena
1st Big Bad John  (3, H   Western Hanover - Trulyawork Of Art - Artsplace)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Winchester Baye Acres Inc - FL
    Breeder(s):  Kentuckiana Farms Gen Par - KY
2nd High Noon  (3, G   Western Ideal - Dinah Classic - Northern Luck)
    Registered Owner(s):  Christina Takter - NJ, 
    John Fielding - ON, Falkbolagen Ab - NJ, Riverview Farms - NJ
    Breeder(s):  Steve Stewart - KY, Riverview Farms - NJ, 
    Jack Darling Stables LTD - ON, Daniel Smith - ON 
3rd Mystic Desire  (3, H   Real Desire - Cannes Festival - Artiscape)
    Registered Owner(s):  Let It Ride Stables Inc - FL, 
    Robert Cooper Stables LLC - FL, Jerry Silva - NY, Mr. Dana Parham - FL
    Breeder(s):  Pedigree Farm - ON, Karin Olsson Burgess - ON
             US PACING CHAMPIONSHIP - Pace
        Free For All Pacers     1.609 meter auto     Purse $
174 250
RACE 6 - Meadowlands - NJ - August 6, 2022 
Conditions: US PACING CHAMPIONSHIP Free For All   
Gait: Pace     Purse: $174,250     Class: USPacing     Distance: 1 mile     
Track Cond: FT     Temp-Allow: 82-0     Off Time: 1:57 PM
N:r Plac. Häst              Kön Härstamning                            Kusk              Tränare               Tid Dist. Odds     Pris 
 2   1    We Will See       h   Western Hanover - Aberdakara           Ron Pierce        Sam De Pinto       1:47.2 1609    27   87 125   
 9   2    Aracache Hanover  h   Dragon Again - Armbro Cachet           Doug McNair       Gregg McNair       1:47.3 1609    92   43 562   
 1   3    Delmarvalous      h   Badlands Hanover - Prymetyme Scootie   Brian Sears       George Teague J:r  1:48.2 1609    82   20 910   
 2   4    Ideal Matters     h   Western Ideal - Art Matters            Dave Palone       Noel Daley         1:48.2 1609   276   13 940   
 6   5    Won The West      v   Western Hanover  - Gabrielle           David Miller      Ron Burke          1:48.3 1609    35    8 712   
 7   0    Atochia           v   Dragon Again - Hot Shot Michelle       Yannick Gingras   Ron Burke          1:49.2 1609   160       
 4   0    Vlos              h   Dragon Again - Sweet Tender            Tim Tetrick       Eric Mollor        1:49.3 1609   244       
 8   0    Giddy Up Lucky    v   Camluck - Sweet Art                    Eric Goodell      Boyd Hudson J:r    1:49.3 1609    50       
 5  str   Kyle Major        h   Art Major - So Clear                   
1st We Will See  (4, H   Western Hanover - Aberdakara - Abercrombie)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Shannon Depinto - NJ, Earl Smith - NJ, Jerry Silva - NY
    Breeder(s):  David Mc Duffee - FL
2nd Aracache Hanover  (4, H   Dragon Again - Armbro Cachet - Camluck)
    Registered Owner(s):  William Switala - NY, James Martin - NY
    Breeder(s):  Hanover Shoe Farms Inc - PA 
3rd Delmarvalous  (4, H   Badlands Hanover - Prymetyme Scootie - Scoot Herb)
    Registered Owner(s):  Badlands Racing LLC - PA, George Teague Jr Inc. - DE, Elmer Fannin - DE
    Breeder(s):  Winbak Farm - MD
  We Will See equals world record in US Pacing Championship
Aracache Hanover did all the work, but We Will See (Ron Pierce) got all the glory, as the latter won the $174,250 first division of the US Pacing Championship in 1:47.2 on Saturday (August 6) at Meadowlands Racetrack.

The time equaled the world record for a 4-year-old pacing horse on a mile track, set in the same race last year by Hypnotic Blue Chip.

Aracache Hanover (Doug McNair) set the early fractions of :26.4 and :54 to the half, with We Will See pacing along behind him to the 1:20.2 three-quarters.

At the top of the stretch, Pierce tipped out of the pocket behind Aracache Hanover and took dead aim on the leader. Those two battled down the stretch, with We Will See Prevailing by three-quarters of a length. Delmarvalous picked up the show dough.

Sam DePinto trains We Will See for his wife, Shannon, who co-owns along with Earl Smith and Jerry Silva.

"He's tough, he can go," said Pierce. "The horse we had to get by, he's a tough horse, too, so you never know."

Sam DePinto said that We Will See was a breeze to train.

"He's the kind of horse everybody would want, no issues at all," said DePinto. "He's here next week for the Haughton eliminations and hopefully the final, and then the Canadian Pacing Derby (at Mohawk)."

             US PACING CHAMPIONSHIP - Pace
        Free For All Pacers     1.609 meter auto     Purse $
174 250
RACE 12 - Meadowlands - NJ - August 6, 2022 
Conditions: US PACING CHAMPIONSHIP Free For All   
Gait: Pace     Purse: $174,250     Class: USPacing     Distance: 1 mile     
Track Cond: FT     Temp-Allow: 82-0     Off Time: 5:08 PM
N:r Plac. Häst                Kön Härstamning                           Kusk              Tränare                Tid Dist. Odds     Pris  
 6   1    Bettor Sweet        v   Bettor's Delight  - Sweet Future      Brian Sears       Thomas Cancelliere  1:48.2 1609    33   87 125   
 5   2    Alexie Mattosie     v   No Pan Intended - Dame Crombie        David Miller      Nikolas Drennan     1:48.3 1609   161   43 562   
 2   3    Foiled Again        v   Dragon Again - In A Safe Place        Yannick Gingras   Ron Burke           1:48.3 1609    50   20 910   
 8   4    Razzle Dazzle       v   Real Desire - Town Feather            Simon Allard      Jerry Silverman     1:48.4 1609   155   13 940   
 7   5    Dial Or Nodial      v   Western Ideal - Smart Dialing         George Brennan    Jim Campbell        1:48.4 1609   162    8 712   
 4   0    Vintage Master      h   Western Ideal - Art's Vintage         Daniel Dube       Jimmy Takter        1:49.0 1609   132       
 2   0    All Speed Hanover   h   Cam's Card Shark - Allamerican Cool   Ron Pierce        Noel Daley          1:49.0 1609    97       
 1   0    Hypnotic Blue Chip  h   Art Major - A Traceofmagic            Jody Jamieson     Kevin Mc Dermott    1:49.0 1609    29   
1st Bettor Sweet  (6, G   Bettor`s Delight - Sweet Future - Falcons Future)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  John Cancelliere - NJ
    Breeder(s):  Uptown Stable - CA
2nd Alexie Mattosie  (5, G   No Pan Intended - Dame Crombie - Abercrombie)
    Registered Owner(s):  Donald Lindsey - ON, Paul Kleinpaste - ON, William Alempijevic - OR, Dennis Mavrin - ON
    Breeder(s):  Kentuckiana Farms Gen Par - KY, Charles Nash - KY 
3rd Foiled Again  (7, G   Dragon Again - In A Safe Place - Artsplace)
    Registered Owner(s):  Burke Racing Stable LLC - PA, Weaver Bruscemi LLC - PA, Jjk Stables LLC - FL
    Breeder(s):  Barbara Matthews - SC
             MISTLETOE SHALEE - Pace
       3 åriga ston     1.609 meter auto     Purse $
272 500
RACE 11 - Meadowlands - NJ - August 6, 2022 
Conditions: MISTLETOE SHALEE - FINAL 3 Year Old Fillies   
Gait: Pace     Purse: $272,500     Class: MShaleeF     Distance: 1 mile     
Track Cond: FT     Temp-Allow: 82-0     Off Time: 4:44 PM
N:r Plac. Häst                 Härstamning                              Kusk              Tränare             Tid Dist. Odds     Pris 
 1   1    Drop The Ball        Western Terror - Mattcheck Girl          Yannick Gingras   Ross Croghan     1:49.1 1609    62  136 250     
 2   2    Idyllic              American Ideal - Magical Dreamer         David Miller      Casie Coleman    1:49.2 1609    30   68 125    
 4   3    Swinging Beauty      Art Major - Stunning Beauty              Doug McNair       Gregg McNair     1:49.3 1609   115   32 700    
 9   4    Myluvmylife          Rocknroll Hanover - Dreamlands Hardie    Brian Sears       Joseph King      1:49.4 1609   105   21 800    
 3   5    Strike An Attitude   Western Hanover - Strike A Balance       Dave Palone       Robert Mcintosh  1:50.0 1609   112   13 625    
10   0    Krispy Apple         Western Ideal - Apple Krisp              Tim Tetrick       Mark Kesmodel    1:50.3 1609    31        
 8   0    Jamaica Hanover      Art Major - Jasmine Hanover              George Brennan    Joe Seekman      1:50.4 1609   439        
 7   0    Pretty Katherine     Rocknroll Hanover - Fox Valley Shaker    Ron Pierce        Casie Coleman    1:50.4 1609   211        
 5   0    Rocklamation         Rocknroll Hanover - Art Sale             Andy Miller       Mark Harder      1:51.0 1609   217        
 6   d    Native Daughter      Allamerican Native - Sparkling Hanover   Luc Ouellette     Mark Capone          dg 1609   748     
1st Drop The Ball  (3, M   Western Terror - Mattcheck Girl - Matt`s Scooter)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Let It Ride Stables Inc - FL, 
    Mr. Dana Parham - FL, Robert Cooper Stables LLC - FL
    Breeder(s):  Perfect World Enterprises - NY
2nd Idyllic  (3, M   American Ideal - Magical Dreamer - Magical Mike)
    Registered Owner(s):  West Wins Stable - ON, 
    Michael La Cova - NY, Joseph Lacova - NY, John Campagnuolo - FL
    Breeder(s):  Steve Stewart - KY, Diane Giuliano - PA 
3rd Swinging Beauty  (3, M   Art Major - Stunning Beauty - Camluck)
    Registered Owner(s):  William Switala - NY, James Martin - NY
    Breeder(s):  James Avritt Sr. - KY
             LADY LIBERTY - Pace
        Free For All Paces    1.609 meter auto     Purse $
245 000
RACE 13 - Meadowlands - NJ - August 6, 2022 
Conditions: LADY LIBERTY Free For All Mares   
Gait: Pace     Purse: $245,000     Class: LadyLbty     Distance: 1 mile     
Track Cond: FT     Temp-Allow: 82-0     Off Time: 5:29 PM
N:r Plac. Häst                Härstamning                          Kusk              Tränare                Tid Dist. Odds     Pris  
 6   1    Dreamfair Eternal   Camluck - J Cs Nathalie              Brian Sears       Patrick Fletcher    1:49.2 1609    33  122 500   
 9   2    Rock N Soul         Rocknroll Hanover - Artchitecture    Yannick Gingras   Ron Burke           1:49.3 1609   211   61 250   
 4   3    Ticket To Rock      Rocknroll Hanover - Odds On J P      Jody Jamieson     Ross Croghan        1:50.0 1609    93   29 400   
 7   4    Anndrovette         Riverboat King - Easy Miss           Tim Tetrick       Mark Kesmodel       1:50.2 1609    49   19 600   
 1   5    Laughandbehappy     Badlands Hanover - Zinful            David Miller      Ross Croghan        1:50.2 1609    28   12 250   
 5   0    Chancey Lady        Camluck - Art Of Design              George Brennan    Mark Kesmodel       1:50.2 1609   110       
 2   0    On The Glass        Art Major - Abbey Won                Jim Morrill J:r   Ron Burke           1:50.4 1609   178       
 8   0    Showherthemoney     Cam's Card Shark - Stienam's Place   Ron Pierce        Thomas Cancelliere  1:51.0 1609   300       
 3   0    Cannae Cammie       Cam's Card Shark - Cannae Peach      Daniel Dube       Ettore Annunziata   1:52.2 1609   510   
1st Dreamfair Eternal  (7, M   Camluck - J Cs Nathalie - Flight Of Fire)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  John Lamers - ON
    Breeder(s):  John Lamers - ON, Mary Lamers - ON 
2nd Rock N Soul  (4, M   Rocknroll Hanover - Artchitecture - Artsplace)
    Registered Owner(s):  Burke Racing Stable LLC - PA, 
    Weaver Bruscemi LLC - PA, Frank Baldachino - NJ, Howard Taylor - PA
    Breeder(s):  Perretti Farms - NJ 
3rd Ticket To Rock  (4, M   Rocknroll Hanover - Odds On J P - Artsplace)
    Registered Owner(s):  Let It Ride Stables Inc - FL, 
    Mentally Stable Inc - FL, Robert Cooper Stables LLC - FL, Jerry Silva - NY
    Breeder(s):  Perretti Farms - NJ
             VINCENNES TROT - Trotting
       Invitational     1.609 meter auto     Purse $
75 000       Tidigare vinnare av Vincenns Trot.
RACE 10 - Meadowlands - NJ - August 6, 2022 
Conditions: VINCENNES TROT Invitational   
Gait: Trot     Purse: $75,000     Class: Vincennes     Distance: 1 mile     
Track Cond: FT     Temp-Allow: 82-0     Off Time: 4:21 PM
N:r Plac. Häst               Kön Härstamning                        Kusk              Tränare            Tid  Dist. Odds    Pris 
 2   1    Rose Run Hooligan  h   Corleone - Centergy                Simon Allard      Rene Allard     1:52.3  1609    56  37 500   
 6   2    Don't Know Chip    v   Chip Chip Hooray - Ceremonial      Ron Pierce        Rob Harmon      1:52.4  1609   162  18 750   
 5   3    Waldorf Hall       h   Conway Hall - Winners Only         Tim Tetrick       Jim Raymer      1:52.4  1609    28   9 000   
 3   4    Wind Surfer        v   Muscles Yankee - Windsurfing V C   Yannick Gingras   Ron Burke       1:53.0  1609   201   6 000   
10   5    Lanson             v   Self Possessed - M Stewart         Mike Lachance     Don Swick       1:53.1  1609   132   3 750   
 4   0    Mystery Photo      h   S J's Photo - Enchanted Victory    Andy Miller       Julie Miller    1:53.2  1609    87       
 7   0    Bastille           v   Revenue - Another Spice            John Campbell     Ashley Knigge   1:53.3  1609   142       
 1   0    Neighsay Hanover   h   Muscles Yankee - Nan's Conway      Ray Schnittker    Ray Schnittker  1:53.4  1609   134       
 9   0    Manningly          h   Yankee Glide - Balanced Action     Brian Sears       Bruce Saunders  1:54.2  1609   190       
 8   0    Enough Talk        v   Enjoy Lavec - Fashion Setter       Jim Morrill J:r   Tyler Raymer    2:06.4g 1609    54   
1st Rose Run Hooligan  (8, H   Corleone - Centergy - Armbro Solar)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Rene Allard - QC, Anne Okeefe - NL
    Breeder(s):  Rose Run Farm - OH
2nd Don`t Know Chip  (6, G   Chip Chip Hooray - Ceremonial - Supergill)
    Registered Owner(s):  Kathy Ratcliff - OH, Jerry Zosel - OH
    Breeder(s):  Kathy Ratcliff - OH, Jerry Zosel - OH 
3rd Waldorf Hall  (4, H   Conway Hall - Winners Only - Credit Winner)
    Registered Owner(s):  Steve Organ - ON
    Breeder(s):  Walnut Hall Limited - KY, Kenneth Jacobs - NY
One of the greatest days in harness racing is here. No less than 14 stakes events at The Meadowlands with the world watching. North American trotting's richest prize, the $1.5 million Hambletonian is on the line.

Trot Insider has provided live updates and recaps from East Rutherford, N.J. as harness racing's top talent converged on the one-mile oval. Early reports of inclement weather for the stellar card of harness racing have improved, with the forecast showing a high of 84 degrees Fahrenheit (or 28 degrees Celsius) and a 20 per cent change of rain.

$102,750 Oliver Wendell Holmes - Second division for three-year-old pacing colts

Big Bad John delivered on his pari-mutuel promise crushing his rivals with an open length triumph in a career-best time of 1:49 as the rain started to fall over the East Rutherford oval.

With the inside advantage, High Noon (Ron Pierce) fired to command and posted a :27-second opening quarter while a hard leaving Mystic Desire (Tim Tetrick) settled into the pocket from the outside position ahead of favourite Big Bad John (Dave Miller) and Lookinforadventure (Yannick Gingras).

Miller rolled Big Bad John to the top down the backstretch and cleared at the half-mile mark in :54.1. He was then faced with pressure as Lookinforadventure came looking for the lead.

Lookinforadventure moved up alongside the leader as they raced to three-quarters in 1:21.4, but Big Bad John gave that rival the cold shoulder and cruised home to an open length victory in 1:49. High Noon finished second with Mystic Desire third.

Big Bad John paid $4.20 to win. The colt lifted his bankroll over the $500,000 mark with the triumph for the Winchester Baye Acres Inc. of Ocala, Florida.

“He raced very well,” said Miller in the winner's circle. “He’s been racing really good all along. He was a little sick here and there and little things were bothering him, but they gave him a couple of weeks off and he’s real good off the rest.”

After winning his first four start of the season, the Western Hanover-Trulyawork Of Art colt finished fifth in the North America Cup and the Hoosier Cup. Following a three week layoff, he returned to the track to win his Pennsylvania Sires Stakes division at the Meadows on July 16.

“Our scheduling just hasn’t really worked out but hopefully it will for the rest of the year,” said trainer Ron Potter. “I think he was back when he raced at the Meadows a couple of weeks ago. We just kind of had to pick and choose where we wanted to go and we’ve got a lot going on the rest of the year and we want to be good for the big ones.”

Potter indicated that Big Bad John’s next big test will be the Battle of Brandywine.

$245,000 Lady Liberty for Older Pacing Mares

With driver Brian Sears aboard, Canada's 2010 Horse of the Year Dreamfair Eternal won her 50th lifetime start in the 2011 Lady Liberty in her trademark grinding style, first over and dead game.

Rock N Soul (Yannick Gingras) and Chancey Lady (George Brennan) showed early interest in fronting the field, and Chancey Lady won that battle to hit the first station in :26.4 with Rock N Soul, Ticket To Rock (Jody Jamieson) and Dreamfair Eternal comprising the top four.

Sears was the first to start a bid off the rail with Dreamfair Eternal as the field passed the half in :54 and the mare made gains through the 1:21 third panel with Rock N Soul looming large in the pocket. When the leaders hit the lane, Chancey Lady packed her bags as she'd had enough and that left a two-horse race: Dreamfair Eternal and Rock N Soul. Despite the overland journey, Dreamfair Eternal was able to hold off the pocket sitter by a length to hit the wire in 1:49.2. Ticket To Rock completed the triactor.

"I watched her race quite a bit and she didn't let me down," commented Brian Sears after the milestone win. "She's a fantastic mare; she doesn't mind first up at all, she just keeps digging."

"You always hope for horses like this and breed them to do this but it doesn't always come into play," stated breeder and owner John Lamers. "I was a bit concerned with her start to the year because she did have six months off and started slow. Karan and Pat, they look after her like she's their own child. She just kept getting better and better."

Lamers told Bob "Hollywood" Heyden that plans are to bring Dreamfair Eternal (Camluck - JCs Nathalie) back to the races until she says no. "She'll tell us when she's had enough."

$174,250 U.S. Pacing Championship – 2nd Division for Free For All Pacers

Brian Sears made a quarter-pole move to the lead with Bettor Sweet and the gritty gelding manufactured his 11th sub-1:50 victory in the process.

The six-year-old son of Bettors Delight-Sweet Future, who stalked Alexie Mattosie to the quarter pole in :27.1 before brushing to the top, came up with fractions of :54.2 and 1:21.2 before uncorking a :27-second closing panel to win in an impressive clocking of 1:48.2. Alexie Mattosie shot up the rail to grab the bridesmaid award, while Foiled Again took home the bronze medal.

"He's a sweetheart to drive," said driver Brian Sears. "These are top horses, he's sharp and has handy speed."

Tom Cancelliere trains the 21-time winner for John Cancelliere of Clark, NJ. The victory was the pacer’s seventh of the season, and the $87,125 payday lifted his overall cash stash to $1,931,542.

"I hope this roll never ends, God blessed us with him," added wwner John Cancelliere.

The connections of runner-up Alexie Mattosie were very pleased with the pacer's runner-up performance.

"I was expecting a good race, said trainer Nikolas Drennan. "He likes it here. Dave [Miller] said if he would have got room he would have won. I'm very pleased with the race, I just wish he would have got some room. The plan is to go in the Haughton next Saturday."

$272,500 Mistletoe Shalee for three-year-old pacing fillies

Drop The Ball picked a great time to win her first race of the year, closing from out of the clouds to win the 2011 Mistletoe Shalee.

Rocklamation (Andy Miller) and Pretty Katherine (Ron Pierce) were most eager off the gate along with Swinging Beauty (Doug McNair). Pretty Katherine was on top to the :26.3 opener but then faced stablemate Idyllic (David Miller), who challenged but couldn't quite clear before favoured Krispy Apple (Tim Tetrick) brushed to the front with gusto and tripped the half-mile marker in :53.2.

Idyllic did settle into the pocket and allowed Krispy Apple to front the field through a swift 1:20.2 third station before pulling the pocket in the stretch. Tetrick asked Krispy Apple for another gear but she came up empty and it appeared that Idyllic was home free. That was until Gingras unleashed Drop The Ball, who dropped the pedal to the floor coming from second last to storm down the lane and hit the wire three-quarters of a length ahead of Idyllic in a lifetime 1:49.1. Swinging Beauty finished third.

"The main thing is that I wanted to chase down horses this week," said Gingras after the win. "Ross changed the bridle on her this week and she was better. Everyone knows how fast she is, I'm glad these guys stuck with me."

Drop The Ball (Western Terror-Mattcheck Girl) is owned by Let It Ride Stables Inc., Dana Parham and Robert Cooper Stables LLC of Florida, and trained by Ross Croghan.

"It's been a strange situation with this filly," said Croghan. "Some decisions didn't work out and she's tried our patience but it's a bit of vindication today."

$750,000 Hambletonian Oaks for three-year-old trotting fillies

Bold And Fresh played giant killer when she found the chink in the armour of the 2-5 favourite, Crys Dream, en route to posting a 24-1 shocker for driver George Brennan and trainer Doug Miller.

Brennan was able to sit off the speed with the daughter of SJs Caviar-Odre Coucou while Sashay was on the hook for early fractions of :27.1 and :55 before self-destructing while feeling final turn pressure from Jezzy. The three-quarter pole was reached in 1:23.3 as Jezzy, who was the new leader, came under attack from O’Brien Award winner Crys Dream. The lead changed hands in the stretch when Crys Dream worked her way to the top, but Brennan kicked off a helmet with Bold And Fresh and the filly did the rest. She drew clear to win in a career-best clocking of 1:53.1 over the hard-charging Ontario-sired lass, Lady Rainbow. Crys Dream faded to finish third.

"The trip worked out perfect, left out of there and I was able to sit forever then get out behind Crys Dream," said driver George Brennan. "When I tipped out I thought I might have a shot, my filly felt good."

"She's a really versatile filly, and she loves to rally," said trainer Doug Miller. "It was a dream trip today, I knew that she'd be tough if she got loose in the stretch. We liked her last year [at two] but she was hard to train. All along, we thought she was a quality filly."

Donald Bartling of Timonium, MD owns the six-time winner, who improved her 2011 record to 5-2-0 in nine tries. The lion’s share of the purse bumped her lifetime earnings to $513,129. She was a $40,000 bargain buy from the 2009 Harrisburg Yearling Sale.

"I owned part of her sire, SJs Caviar, so I knew if she was anything like he was she'd be fine,
said owner Donald Bartling. "It's special given that SJs Caviar wasn't Hambletonian eligible."

Lady Rainbow, who staged a huge rally in the lane en route to finishing second, overcame a nightmarish journey for her Canadian connections.

"The trip sucked," said trainer/driver Rick Zeron. "I was loaded. Loaded. Mike Lachance was outside of me. I kinda gave him a little bit of a bump down the backside. Mike hit it into the hole. I was jammed back in there sitting ninth or tenth. I got jammed up in there and I couldn't get out. If my mare got out a little earlier I would be talking in the winner's circle."

$300,000 Nat Ray Invitational - Older Trotters

Any thoughts of San Pail needing a home field advantage should be forever refuted after a convincing 1:50.4 score in the $300,000 Nat Ray Invitational for older trotters.

Driver Randy Waples left for position with San Pail, as did favoured Arch Madness (Brian Sears) to his inside. Ron Pierce had In Focus fired up from the outside of the gate along with Winning Mister (Yannick Gingras). Winning Mister made the front, with In Focus behind, followed by Lucky Jim, Arch Madness and San Pail.

After the :55.1 half-mile station, Sears pulled Arch Madness from third Lucky Jim and San Pail each had tipped off the wood to start outer flow. Arch Madness cleared to the lead with authority but faced pressure from Lucky Jim, towing San Pail into the second over spot through the 1:23.1 third panel.

Down the stretch, Waples tipped San Pail off the helmet of Andy Miller and San Pail unleashed a powerful brush as Sears started to work on Arch Madness. That effort would be futile as San Pail powered to the lead and hit the wire one length to the good in a lifetime best 1:50.4. Arch Madness just held off Lucky Jim for second.

"Early in the year we thought we'd like to come down if he was good and show everybody here just how good this horse is," stated trainer and co-owner Rod Hughes after the win. "Thanks to Randy, he's taught the horse to race and not just be one-dimensional. I have to thank Glenn [Van Camp] and Randy, none of this would happen without him in the seat. This is just awesome."

Hughes noted after the win that the situation was a bit more stressful than he wanted.

"You're always a little worried how he's going to truck, how he's going to eat down here. He got here, he trucked well, ate well, warmed up well," Hughes told Trot Insider after the win. "The only thing probably nobody knows here is that he threw a shoe warming up and I had to put it back on two minutes before we had to come to this outside paddock - it added stress to the situation. I think I'll wait a week until I tell Randy."

"He brings a tear to my eye, it's been an honour to sit behind him and see how he's progressed," stated Waples after the win. "Rod's done such a tremendous job. He gives the credit, but he has to take the credit. He's with the horse 24/7, 365 days a year. I'm justa warm body that sits behind him once a week. It was a huge opportunity that came my way.

"It's just a tremendous story, he was the horse that nobody wanted. You talk about Seabiscuit, there should be a movie about San Pail."

San Pail, the seven-year-old San Pellegrino-Village Beauty gelding that was named Canada’s 2009 and 2010 Older Trotting Horse of the Year, is owned by trainer Rod Hughes of Dunsford, Ont. and breeder Glenn Van Camp of Port Perry, Ont. He now has nine wins in 11 starts this year with $733,750 banked.

$174,250 U.S. Pacing Championship – 1st Division for Free For All Pacers

The trip was pretty and end result was a thing of beauty for We Will See, who turned a two-hole trip into a World Record-equaling performance of 1:47.2 for a four-year-old pacing horse. The son of Western Hanover-Aberdakara matched the mark established by Hypnotic Blue Chip in a division of the U.S. Pacing Championship in 2010 at the Meadowlands.

Ron Pierce plugged We Will See into the garden spot behind Aracache Hanover, who whacked out panels of :26.4, :54 and 1:20.2. Pierce angled the Sam 'Cosmo' De Pinto trainee off the rail half-way down the lane and had more than enough to gun down Aracache Hanover en route to the career-best performance. Aracache Hanover was a determined runner-up, with Delmarvalous grabbed the third-place cheque.

"He's tough, he can go," said driver Ron Pierce. "[Off a trip like that] you never know, the horse he had to get by he's tough, too."

"He's a real nice horse to be around, easy to take care of - the kind of horse everybody would want, he's got no issues at all," said trainer Sam 'Cosmo' De Pinto. "Next, he's here next week for the Haughton and then the Canadian Pacing Derby. Pretty sure he'll race at five."

Shannon De Pinto and Earl Smith of New Jersey share ownership on the 15-time winner with Jerry Silva of New York. Collectively, the partners have watched the pacer haul in $1,460,034 in lifetime earnings. He has put together a 7-3-0 record in 15 starts this season.

“He's got a little gate speed,” said trainer Gregg McNair when asked about Aracache Hanover muscling to the lead. “So that's one of the things he can do. I like the way he raced. He's been racing real good. We thought he'd go a big trip here. Ron [Pierce] took out on him in the last turn there. It kind of made him go a big third quarter. I don’t know if Ron would have caught him if he didn't push him along so much, but we had a good trip"

$400,000 Peter Haughton Memorial for two-year-old trotting colts

Stories in harness racing are usually written by Weingartner - Harness Racing Communications' Ken Weingartner. Today, his equine namesake makes the headline for brothers Jimmy and Johnny Takter with a 28-1 upset in the $400,000 Peter Haughton Memorial.

Driver Johnny Takter left alertly from Post 8 with Weingartner as did Trond Smedshammer with Trojan Horse. Takter was able to get to the lead in :28.4. Favoured Power Play (Andy Miller) surged to the lead and cleared but faced immediate pressure from Lightning Storm (Gingras), who made a break and took himself out of contention.

As the field trotted past the :56.2 half, Homer Hochstetler made his bid with Big Chocolate and the two favourites battled stride for stride through three-quarters in 1:25.3. Big Chocolate drifted around the turn, allowing Takter to pull pocket with Weingartner. In the stretch, Power Play ceded to a fresh Weingartner, who pulled away to a three-length 1:55.2 lifetime best performance. Power Play held off Big Chocolate for third.

Takter spoke through translator Perry Soderberg after the win, nothing that "he had watched him on video before the race, thought in the warm-up he had what it took to win and the trip worked out perfect."

A $170,000 yearling, Weingartner (Donato Hanover - Inspired Society) is owned by Toronto's John Fielding, Toronto, Louie Camara of Puslinch, Brixton Medical Ab, of Sweden and Christina Takter of New Jersey.

Interesting to note that Weingartner only made it into the final of the Haughton after the scratch of Nothing But Class.

$333,200 Merrie Annabelle Final for two-year-old trotting fillies

Heavily favoured Check Me Out, a filly from the first crop of 2007 Hambletonian winner Donato Hanover, unleashed a wicked mile when she toured the oval in a stakes record clocking of 1:54.2 for the team of driver Tim Tetrick and trainer Ray Schnittker.

The undefeated trotting lass, who is out of the mare Illusion Bi, got away in mid-pack while Bluff threw down the first fraction of :28.1. Upside Hanover muscled her way to the lead in the second quarter, and she supplied the field with a half-mile clocking of :57.1. Tetrick went first-over heading towards the final with Check Me Out, and they pressed Upside Hanover to the three-quarter pole in 1:26.2. Check Me Out found another gear turning for home and drew clear to win by open lengths in 1:54.2. Love Walked In came on late to grab the runner-up spot, with Upside Hanover holding on for third prize.

"She's very, very special," said driver Tim Tetrick. "She does everything right, she's smart and she likes to win. I was used pretty hard last week, pretty much right to the half. When I called her she still had more gears. The Donato Hanovers seem very smart so far."

He gave the filly's trainer, Ray Schnittker, a ringing endorsement, as well.

"Ray does a great job, he always has them ready. He's great to drive for."

Schnittker shares ownership on the freshman, who is now 6-for-6, with Charles Iannazzo of Tappan, NY. Today’s victory lifted her lifetime earnings to $218,528.

$102,750 Oliver Wendell Holmes for three-year-old pacing colts - First Division

In a rematch of the one-two finishers from this year's Meadowlands Pace, Roll With Joe and Big Jim engaged in an early speed duel. But neither colt could hold off the late surge of Shadyshark Hanover, who reunited with the returning Jim Morrill, Jr. and exploded from the back of the pack for a stakes record upset performance.

As the gates folded in front of the field of six sophomore pacers, favourites Roll With Joe (Ron Pierce) and Big Jim (Phil Hudon) both showed early speed along with Hugadragon (Yannick Gingras). Big Jim was three-deep into the first turn as Roll With Joe made the front and Pierce kept Big Jim to the outside and made him work from the lead through a :26.1 opening quarter. The speed continued through a :52.2 half as the field tightened up. Pierce made his move, pulling pocket before the 1:19.4 three-quarter station as Shadyshark Hanover started his move from the back into contention.

Into the stretch, Big Jim gave way to Roll With Joe but the backfield wasn't put away just yet. Morrill tipped three-wide and took dead aim at Roll With Joe, while Gingras tipped Hugadragon to the inside. Shadyshark Hanover was able to power past the leader and hold off Hugadragon for a dazzling 1:47.4 lifetime best and stakes record win. Roll with Joe held on for third while Big Jim faded to sixth.

"It was a torturous trip," said Big Jim's pilot, Phil Hudon. "I thought [Ron] Pierce was going to go a little cheap and let me come back, but that obviously wasn't in the game plan. This was a tough journey."

"They were mixing it up enough on the front," said Morrill after the race. "He felt great the whole way. This colt got good late last year, and Erv said he trained better this week. He might be returning to his form from last year."

Trainer Erv Miller noted that the Cams Card Shark son got a bit sick while in Canada and the expectations have been high for him.

"The expectations take their toll as you try a bit harder with him and he likes to come a little easier," said Miller. "Jim did a great job with him today."

Owned by the Shadyshark Stable of Illinois, Shadyshark Hanover (Cams Card Shark - Shady Past) now has two wins in eight starts this season.

$100,000 Perretti Farms Matchmaker – Free For All Mares

One of the hottest trainers on the planet, Anette Lorentzon, added to her impressive stats thanks to an off-the-pace upset with Jersey AS in a career-best of 1:51.4. The five-year-old daughter of Muscles Yankee-Superlou AS got up in the final strides to for the 7-1 surprise for driver George Brennan.

Mystical Starlight was hustled to the lead and supplied the field with a :28.1 opening panel before Autumn Escapade sprinted out of the three-hole and brushed to the top before the half. She hit the half in :55.4 and then zipped by the three-quarter pole in 1:24 while feeling first-over pressure from Action Broadway. Race favourite Buck I St Pat was perfectly poised on second-over cover. Buck I St Pat flipped off cover and gained a short lead in the lane before being hauled down in the final strides by Jersey AS. Buck I St Pat held on for the runner-up award, with the show dough going to Autumn Escapade.

"I've raced this mare a lot and I'll follow Buck I St Pat any day of the week," said driver George Brennan. "My mare had a ton of trot today. The track is super today. It's firm and I think you'll see some good miles today."

The homebred, owned by ACL Stuteri AB of Paris, KY, is now a four-time winner this season from eight tries. The 12-time winner upped her lifetime earnings to $259,157 with the win. The victory also earned the mare’s connections a free breeding to the Perretti Farms’ stallion of their choice.

$50,000 Townsend Ackerman – 1st division for three-year-old trotting colts and geldings

Orlando laid down all the speed in the opener, but he weakened late and left the door wide open for a host of backfield challengers. Whatever It Takes vaulted off cover for driver Andy Miller and drew clear to win in a career-best clocking of 1:52.4.

Fractions of :28.1, :56 and 1:24.1 were thrown down by Orlando, but he was swarmed by a number of foes at the head of the stretch. Miller, who was positioned third over with Whatever It Takes fed the three-year-old son of Credit Winner-Caper Caillie racetrack and the gelding did the rest. The even-money favourite drew off to win comfortably over Evil Urges, with The Evictor finishing third.

Julie Miller trains the sophomore, who was a $125,000 purchase from the 2009 Lexington Select Yearling Sale, for the partnership of Brittany Farms, Blue Chip Bloodstock Inc, Little E LLC and Credit Caper Partners. After going winless in two starts as a rookie, Whatever It Takes now boasts a 4-3-1 record in 10 starts this season. The lion’s share of the purse lifted his bankroll to $192,437.


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