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Red Mile

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    Raceday    2022-10-04
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Allerage Farms Mare Trot    
3+ year old Filly  1.609m auto 
  Purse: 00 000 $ 

RACE 2 - The Red Mile - KY - October 4, 2022 
Gait: Trot     Purse: $85,500     Class: ALLERAGE     Distance: 1 mile     Track Cond: FT     Temp-Allow: 73-0     Off Time: 12:50 PM 
HN  Horse                                                     Finish  Actual     LQ     Odds   Driver              Trainer            
 6  Bruschette            (Andover Hall - Foot Bowl)          1/1H    1:53.1   28.4    *2.60   Ron Pierce          Jan Johnson 
11  Brigham Dream         (Kaisy Dream - Crystas Image)       2/1H    1:53.2   29.3     2.70   Luc Ouellette       Trond Smedshammer 
10  Falls For You         (Yankee Glide - Armbro Niagara)     3/2     1:53.3   30.0     3.40   Brian Sears         Trond Smedshammer 
 8  Wishful Me            (Yankee Glide - Pine Hill Vogue)    4/2H    1:53.3   29.0   216.50   Mark O`Mara         Don Swick 
 1  Exotic Destination    (Dream Vacation - Tahitian Tasha)   5/6H    1:54.2   30.3     4.60   Tim Tetrick         G. Buzzy Sholty 
 3  Susie`s Magic         (Dream Vacation - Kash Echo)        6/7T    1:54.4   31.1     4.90   David Miller        Tony O`Sullivan 
 7  Flash Lightning       (Dream Vacation - Foxy Victory)     7/8Q    1:54.4   30.2   177.50   Mike Lachance       Anthony Mannino 
 2  Vulcanize             (Muscles Yankee - My Starchip)      8/19H   1:57.0   32.2    15.60   John Campbell       Robert Mc Intosh 
 4  Up Front Hotsey       (S.J.'s Caviar - Dixiland Jazz)     9/21    1:57.2g  33.2   100.80   Michael Vanderkemp  Noel Daley 
 5  Tilly Bomb            (Chip Chip Hooray - Aunt Tilly)     10/26   1:58.2   32.4   192.80   Ray Paver           Ray Paver 
 9  Lavec Dream           (Enjoy Lavec - Bullville Angie)     11/34H  2:00.0g          34.70   Yannick Gingras     Peter Kleinhans  
1st Bruschette  (4, M   Andover Hall - Foot Bowl - Valley Victory)
    Registered Owner(s):  Caroline Gerry - NY
    Breeder(s):  Peninsula Farm Inc - KY, Arden Homestead Stable - NY
2nd Brigham Dream  (4, M   Kaisy Dream - Crysta`s Image - Balanced Image)
    Registered Owner(s):  Deo Volente Farms, LLC - NJ
    Breeder(s):  Dream With Me Stable - PQ 
3rd Falls For You  (4, M   Yankee Glide - Armbro Niagara - Balanced Image)
    Registered Owner(s):  Fair Winds Farm Inc - NJ, Theodore Gewertz - NY, Willow Pond LLC - NY
    Breeder(s):  Kentuckiana Farms Gen Par - KY
  V�lf�rtj�nt "F:et"

Jan Johnson-tr�nade Brushette och Ron Pierce vann Allerage Filles & Mares ($85.500) f�r �ldre ston p� Red Mile idag och det var andra �rssegern f�r det fyra�riga stoet.

Bruschette (e. Andover Hall-Foot Bowl) och Ron Pierce satt l�ngt ner i k�n och slapp vara med i det tuffa �ppningstempot. Attacken kom ute i tredjesp�r 450 meter f�re m�l och 50 kvar kopplade Bruschette segergreppet p� ledande Falls For You (e. Yankee Glide) och h�ll undan f�r Brigham Dream (e. Kaisy Dream).

Segertiden var nya rekordet 1.10,3a/1.609 meter och andra segern f�r �ret p� 13 starter. Brigham Dream var tv�a och Falls For You trea

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