CANADA / USA                                  
  Adioo Volo Mea     *Canadian Breeders 3 filly Moh     James M. Lynch Memorial PcD     Monument Circle HoP     Roses Are Red Moh  
  Allerage Farms Open Pace Lex     Canadian Pacing Derby Moh     Jim Ewart Memorial HoP     Nadia Lobell Lex     S.B.O.A Stakes Wdb  
  Art Rooney YR     Cane Pace Fhld     Joe Gerrity Jr. Memorial Stga     Nassagaweya Moh     Sagamore Hill Series YR  
  Artiscape       Champlain Stakes, c/g Moh     Jugette Dela     *New Jersey Classic M     Shady Daisy Fhld  
  *Battle of the Brandywine Chst     Champlain Stakes, filly Moh     Kentuckiana Indy     New Jersey Futurity Fhld     Shes A Great Lady Moh  
  Battle of Lake Erie Nfld     Circle City HoP     Kin Pace Clntn     *Next Door Claiming Series YR     Simcoe Stakes, c/g Moh  
  Battle of Waterloo Grvr     City of London Lon     Lady Liberty M     North America Cup Moh     Simcoe Stakes, filly Moh  
  Ben Franklin Chst     Confederation Cup FlmD     Lady Maud YR     *Northlands Filly Nfld     Snowshoe Series Moh  
  Betsy Ross Chst     Courageous Lady Nfld     Lawrence B Sheppard YR     Ohio Breeders' Championships 2 Dela     Somebeachsomewhere Moh  
  *Blossom Series Wdb     Dan Patch HoP     Lismore YR     Ohio Breeders Championships 3 Dela     Tattersalls Pace Lex  
  Blue Chip Matchmaker YR     Delvin Miller Adios Mea     Little Brown Jug Dela     Pennsylvania Stallion Series 2 c/g       The Madison County HoP  
  Bluegrass Stakes 2 c/g Lex     Donna Dunn Memorial Mea     *Lou Babic Memorial Fhld     Pennsylvania Stallion Series 2 filly       The Standardbred c/g Dela  
  Bluegrass Stakes 2 filly Lex     *Ellamony FlmD     *Lou Babic Memorial Filly Fhld     Pennsylvania Stallion Series 3 c/g       The Standardbred filly Dela  
  Bluegrass Stakes 3 c/g Lex     Empire Breeders Classic Tgdn     Madison County HoP     Pennsylvania Stallion Series 3 filly       The Unlocked Pace Mea  
  Bluegrass Stakes 3 filly Lex     Eternal Camnation Moh     Matron Stakes 2 c/g DD     Petticoat Series YR     Three Diamonds Wdb  
  Bobby Quillen Har     Fan Hanover Moh     Matron Stakes 2 filly DD     *Princess Series Final Moh     Tompkins-Geees 2 Tgdn  
  Bobby Weiss Series PcD     Florida Breeders, 2 final PPk     Matron Stakes 3 c/g DD     Prix d'Ete TrRvs     Tompkins-Geees 3 Tgdn  
  Breeders Crown 2 c/g       Florida Breeders, 3 final PPk     Matron Stakes 3 filly DD     Progress Pace DD     *Town Pro Series Moh  
  Breeders Crown 2 filly       Fox Stakes Ind     Max Hempt Memorial PcD     *Review Stakes 2 Spfld     U.S. Pacing Championship M  
  Breeders Crown 3 c/g       George M Levy YR     Meadowlands Pace M     *Review Stakes 3 Spfld     Valedictory Series Moh  
  Breeders Crown 3 filly       Glen Garnsey Memorial Lex     Messenger Stakes YR     Reynolds Memorial 2 c/g       Walter Russell Memorial Mea  
  Breeders Crown Mare       Golden Girls M     Metro Pace Moh     Reynolds Memorial 2 filly       Van Rose Memorial PcD  
  Breeders Crown Open       Governor's Cup M     Milton Stakes Moh     Reynolds Memorial 3 c/g       *WEGZ Pacing Series Wdb  
  Breeders Crown, elim       Hoosier Park Pacing Derby HoP     Mistletoe Shalee M     Reynolds Memorial 3 filly       Western Canadian Derby NP  
  British Columbia Breeders FrD     International Stallion Stakes, c/g Lex     Mohawk Gold Cup Moh     *Robert J. Kane Memorial Btva     William Haughton Memorial M  
  *Canadian Breeders 3 c/g Moh     International Stallion Stakes, filly Lex     Camluck Classic / Molson Pace Lon     Roll With Joe Tgdn     Virginia Breeders Cnl  
  Great Northeast Open       Scarlet & Gray Invitational Mvr     Kindergarten M     Director's Award       Whenuwishuponastar Moh  
  Great Northeast Mare       Dream Maker Moh     Gord & Illa Rumpel Memorial A     Time Dancer       Niagara Series Moh  
  Alberta Sires Stakes       Carl Milstein Memorial Nfld     Ralph Klein Memorial A     Dudley Hanover       Blizzard Series Moh  
  Elevation Hop     Myron Charna President’s Pace Nfld     Sobey's Gold Cup & Saucer       Governor's Cup       Kindergarten Series    
  Allerage Farms Open Mare Lex     Florida Stallion Stake PPk     The Meadows 3-åringsserie 3 ston     The USS Indianapolis Memorial Hop     Coupe de l'Avenir   2
          Clara Barton       The Meadows 3-åringsserie 3 h&v     The Incredible Finale Championship Haw     Coupe des Eleveurs   3
          Dan Ingram Memorial       Dayton Trotting Derby       The Incredible Tillie Championship Haw     Jenna's Beach Boy Hop  
          The Fraser Miss       Sam "Chip" Noble Memorial Mvr     The Plum Peachy Championship Haw     Dan Rooney Invitational Pace YR  
          The Star Destroyer Hop     Golden Receiver M     The Robert F. Carey Memorial Championship Haw     Liberty Bell Phl 2-3
          The Thanksgiving Classic Serie HoP     Rainbow Blue M     The Robert S. Molaro Championship Haw     Tvg Free For All M  
          New Brunswick Breeders Stakes Nytt     Breeders’ Stake - Brad Gunn       The Tony Maurello Championship Haw     Harwest Serie Moh 2-3
          Don Byrne Memorial       Cardinal 2     Lucien Bombardier Stakes Haw     The Wiggle It Jiggle It M 3
          Renaissance - Final Fhld     Violet 2     Atlantic Breeders Crown Final       Pennsylvania Fair, final   2
          Hoosier Cup HoP     Cardinal 3     TVG Free For All M     Pennsylvania Fair, final   3
                  Violet 3     Pennsylvania All-Stars       John Simpson Memorial 2 c/g   2
                  Graduate Series M     Potomac Pace Inviational       John Simpson Memorial 2 filly   2
                  Buckeye Stallion Series       James Hackett Memorial       John Simpson Memorial 3 c/g   3
                  Penny Bath Memorial Fd     Virginia O'Brien Memorial Sar     John Simpson Memorial 3 filly   3
                  Keith Linton Memorial Fd     J.P. Morel Memorial Sar     Minnesota Sired Championship    
                  Tom Tharps Memorial       Maryland Standardbred Race Fund       Maryland Sire Stakes   4-5
    Wendell Smith Memorial Fra  
  *=Inte körd på några år     Marian Young Memorial Fra  
    Commodore Barry Phl  
    Moores Mile