CANADA / USA             Usa - Canada                                
  Allerage Farms Open Lex   *Charles Singer Memorial M     *Harold Dancer Memorial Fhld     Landmark Stake Gosh     Reynolds Memorial 2 filly PcD       The Crossroads of America Hop 3 s  
  Arden Downs 2 c/g Mea   Charlie Hill Memorial ScD     Helen Smith Memorial FlmD     Maple Leaf Trotting Classic Moh     Reynolds Memorial 3 c/g PcD       Great Northea t Open Trot      
  Arden Downs 2 filly Mea   Circle City Indy     *Historic Acorn M     Marion Dancer Memorial Fhld     Reynolds Memorial 3 filly PcD       Scarlet & Gray Invitational Mvr 3  
  Arden Downs 3 c/g Mea   City of London Lon     *Historic Coaching Club M     Mary Wohlmuth Memorial Mea     S.B.O.A Stakes Wdb       Define The World Moh 2  
  Arden Downs 3 filly Mea   Cleveland Classic Npf     *Historic Dickerson Cup M     Matron Stakes 2 c/g DD     Sam "Chip" Noble Memorial ScD       Pure Ivory Moh 2  
  Armbro Flight Stakes Moh   *Colonial Chst     *Historic Harriman M     Matron Stakes 2 filly DD     Shiaway St Pat M       Pronto Don      
  Arthur J. Cutler Memorial M   *Connors Memorial HP     Hoosier Stake Ind     Matron Stakes 3 c/g DD     Simcoe Stakes filly Moh       Shawnee      
  Balanced Image Hnvr   Conway Hall VD     Horseman Stake 2 Year Ind     Matron Stakes 3 filly DD     Simcoe Stakes Open Moh       Windy Skeeter      
  Bluegrass, 2 Year c/g Lex   Crawford Farms Trot VD     Horseman Stake 3 Year Ind     Maxie Lee Memorial Chst     SOA Bonus Trotting Series YR       Darn Safe      
  Bluegrass, 2 Year Filly Lex   Currier And Ives Mea     Hudson YR     Meadowlands FFA M             Coupe de l'Avenir   2  
  Bluegrass, 3 Year c/g Lex   Currier And Ives filly Mea     International Stallion Stakes 2 c/g Lex     Meadowlands Maturity M     Stanley Dancer M       Coupe des Eleveurs   3  
  Bluegrass, 3 Year Filly Lex   Dayton Trotting Derby Dayt     International Stallion Stakes 2 filly Lex     Merrie Annabelle M     *Super Bowl M       Beulah Dygert Memorial Haw    
  Bobby Weiss Series PcD   Delvin Miller Memorial M     International Trot    "VM-loppet" YR     Miami Valley Distaff Miami     The Carl Erskine Indy       Erwin F Dygert Memorial Haw    
  Breeders' Crown 2 c/g     Dexter Cup Fhld     John Cashman, Jr. Memorial M     Miss Versatility Series Dela     The Centaur Trotting Classic         Fox Valley Flan Haw    
  Breeders' Crown 2 filly     Dream of Glory Hnvr     John Simpson Memorial 2 c/g VD     Moni Maker Lex     The Madison County HoP       Kadabra Haw    
  Breeders' Crown 3 c/g     Duenna M     John Simpson Memorial 2 filly VD     *New Jersey Futurity Fhld     The Standardbred c/g Dela       Plesac Championship Haw    
  Breeders' Crown 3 filly     Earl Beal Jr. Memorial PcD     John Simpson Memorial 3 c/g VD     Ohio State Fair, 2 year ScD     The Standardbred filly Dela       Harry Harvey Invitational Trot YR    
  Breeders' Crown Mare     Earl Rowe Memorial GeoD     John Simpson Memorial 3 filly VD     Ohio State Fair, 3 year ScD     Tompkins-Geers 2 Year Tgdn       Liberty Bell Phl 2-3  
  Breeders' Crown Open     Elegantimage Stakes Wdb     Ken Weaver Memorial Mea     Old Oaken Bucket Dela     Tompkins-Geers 3 Year Tgdn       Minnesota Sired Championship      
  Breeders' Crown, elim.     Empire Breeders Classic 3 c/g VD     Kentuckiana Stallion Indy     Peaceful Way Moh     Townsend Ackerman M       Meadowlands Open Trot      
  Buckette Dela   Empire Breeders Classic 3 filly VD     Kentucky Futurity Lex     Pennsylvania All-Stars PcD     TVG Free For All Championship M       Mohawk Open Trot      
  *Canadian Breeders 3 c/g Moh   Excelsior Series, final, 2 year       Kentucky Futurity filly Lex     Pennsylvania Stallion Series 2 c/g       Valley Victory Wdb       Yonkers Open Trot      
  *Canadian Breeders 3 filly Moh   Excelsior Series, final, 3 year       Keystone Classic 2 c/g Mea     Pennsylvania Stallion Series 2 filly       William Wellwood Moh       The Spirit of Massachusetts Trot      
  Canadian Trotting Classic Moh   Fresh Yankee M     Keystone Classic 2 filly Mea     Pennsylvania Stallion Series 3 c/g       Vincennes Invitational M       Jim Derue Memorial Trotting Series      
  Casual Breeze Moh   Goldsmith Maid Wdb     Keystone Classic 3 c/g Mea     Pennsylvania Stallion Series 3 filly       Virginia Breeders         The Star Destroyer Hop    
  **Celias Counsel Wdb   Goodtimes Stakes Wdb     Keystone Classic 3 filly Mea     Peter Haughton Memorial M     Yonkers Trot YR       Maryland Standardbred Race Fund      
  Champlain Stakes filly Moh   Graduate Series       Kindergarten Series c/g       *Review Stakes Spfld     Zweig Memorial Tgdn       Maryland SireStakes   4-5  
  Champlain Stakes Open Moh   Hambletonian M     Kindergarten Series filly       Reynolds Memorial 2 c/g PcD     Zweig Memorial filly Tgdn       Ray Paver Sr Memorial Series Mia    
  Charles I Smith Memorial Fhld   Hambletonian Oaks M     Lady Suffolk Fhld     Buckeye Stallion Series       Harwest Serie Moh 2-3     Nj Garden State Trot M 2  
        Florida Stallion Stake PPk     The Meadows 3-åringsserie 3 h&v     The Walner M     Mr Muscleman M       Nj Garden State Trot M 3  
  * = Inte körts på flera år   The Phil Langley Memorial Ho     The Meadows 3-åringsserie 3 ston     Cardinal 2     Wine & Roses Trotting Serie         Sun Invitational PcD    
  The Thanksgiving Classic Serie Ho     Landmark Stake       Cardinal 3     Pepsi Trotting Serie         The Sebastian K Invitational PcD    
          Dr. Dan Farwick Memorial Series       Violet 2     Hambletonian Maturity M            
          The Delmonica Hanover Pcd     Violet 3     James Hackett Memorial