2010-05-25   16:39
Faced Elitloppet: The couple behind the star
She: Trainer.
He: driver.
Julie and Andy Miller are a married couple with two children and a shared passion for horses. The phenomenon of Lucky Jim has brought them to Sweden and Elitloppet. On Sunday, waiting for an experience they will never forget. Bidra med en bättre översättning

Andy and Julie Miller are training frequently required by law in the mornings, before Andy goes off on competitions.  Photo: Tony Ryttar

Miller Stables is a family company with around 30 horses. Photo: Tony Ryttar

Andy Miller is aware of Lucky Jim in one easy exercise. Photo: Tony Ryttar

Andy and Julie Miller flank Elitlopp favorite Lucky Jim in the stables in New Jersey. Photo: Tony Ryttar

Lucky Jim thrives best when he can run around in a big paddock and its neigh friend The Chancellor. Photo: Tony Ryttar

This year's Elitlopp favorites is from the U.S.. His name is Lucky Jim, is five years and won last year everything that went on to win the Atlantic. To Solvalla managed to attract North America's best trotter is not unique. But for Julie and Andy Miller probably waiting a unique experience.

Perhaps also for Solvalla audience as Lucky Jim is considered to be something special. In the stable at Gaitway Farm in New Jersey, Julie Miller trains about 30 horses. She has the help of her husband who drives fast job in the mornings, but then had to go off to compete. Andy Miller is one of America's most successful drivers and runs on one or two courses six days a week. The day off is Monday.

If there is no religious reason why it is that day never comes, and whether his humble attitude characterized by growing up in an Amish community in Illinois is obviously impossible to answer. It was in all cases of this reclusive Christian communities that Andy Miller had contact with horses. One of the foundations of this orientation is believed that the abandonment of assistive technology and use horses for transportation.

Julie Miller has been with horses since childhood. She grew up on a farm in Iowa where the family trained trotters and PACER as a hobby and raced at småbanor nearby. When the results were better, she traveled to Illinois to try your luck in the race a bit more and it was in connection with these competitions as the two met in the mid 90s.

Know nothing about what to expect
Today, they have two children, twelve and ten years and runs his trains operating on the east coast where the big money is available in American sports pushchair. The team is one of the newly constructed and seemingly most well-maintained throughout the large fitness centers where many of the country's most successful coach agrees to the summer. In a large paddock runs Lucky Jim, which turns out to be a curious horse who happily inspect the strangers gathered at the fence. His favorite activity is said to be to roll in the mud, but because there is not no rain fell on several days the ground is dry and the possibility of such gone.
- We really know nothing about what to expect. Just that it'll be fun to see Sweden and to see Elitloppet, Julie responds to the question of what their expectations for the trip. Known about the small country in northern Europe, proves to be negligible. But that Elitloppet is something great and apart from the prestige and prize money to attract an atmosphere not found anywhere else in the trotting world, they seem to at least have a firm grasp. Without the rumor Solvalla would hardly have succeeded in attracting all the top American horses through the years.

Come to the realization of the Bahamas
But that was long ago, U.S. Trotting horses were by far the world's best. When Mack Lobell came to Elitloppet in 1988 and completely humiliated resistance could be argued there. And when the mighty mare Moni Maker crushed all resistance, ten years later it was further proof that the country where harness racing was first developed still sat on the throne. But since then, no US-trained horse won the Elite race. Europe has caught up and perhaps also by, at least in the case of the older piles. The image is in any case here and that is the image Lucky Jim can change.
The horse is considered to be the first in North America in the 2000s broke through when he came to Julie and Andy Miller last winter. When he was a capable but medhängare star shine, but after castration, he developed rapidly as unexpected as the greatest dominant in many years. 17 wins in 18 starts against the finest elite became record for the season and the only loss came after he had been disturbed by the Swedish Triton Sund in a storlopp in Canada and not yet moved on despite a furious wind. - We went to the Bahamas a week with the whole family in December. That's when it hit me. The idea that "we have a fantastic horse." It takes time to understand. When we were in the middle of the season I was just trying to do my job and not thinking about it, "says Julie Miller.

Unforgettable experience
The assignment to describe the characteristics of Lucky Jim's race track is best suited to the man sitting behind and Andy get a little smile on his face when he utters the following: - Athletic and strong with very good attitude to racing. He has always done exactly what I asked of him and never let down. - When he walked equaled the world record (1.08,5 / 1609 meters) in the Hambletonian Day last year so I think that there was little strength left. How fast he can trot, I know not, only that he is very quick.
Now, therefore, the fantastic Lucky Jim brought Julie and Andy Miller, on the biggest adventure of their life. - We were in Italy for a few years ago, so we have been in Europe, "says Julie somewhat apologetic and fill in: - All we've talked to has been on the Elitloppet says we will have an unforgettable experience there. That's why we'll stay a full week. Early Tuesday morning, the couple landed at Heathrow Miller. One week after Lucky Jim, which already has had time to make herself at home in coach Glen Norman on Erikssund four mile from Solvalla.
On Sunday the answers.
If Europe or North America reigns.
If the couple Miller came as tourists or happy to show who is best.
If Solvalla and its audience to live up to expectations so that all who were there can go home with the impression that Elitloppet is the world's largest horse racing event.

Robin Johansson / Translated by Raine Dahlberg