Pilot Jr.      kommer från linje nummer U909 - Nancy Pope linjen.  Läs om döttrarna till Pilot jr.

Old Pilot (NS)
1826 - U1160
Untraced sire (USA)
18** -

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- -
Jeanne D'Arc (thor)
1818 - U1160
Voyageur (thor)
1808 -
- -
- -
Dam of Jeanne D'arc (thor)
18-- - U1160
Danserau (thor) -
U1160 U1160
Nancy Pope
183- - U909
Funk's Havoc (thor)
182- -
Sir Charles (thor)
1816 -
Sir Archy (thor) -
Dam of Sir Charles (thor) -
Priestly (thor)
1805 -
Chanticleer (thor) -
Camilla (thor) -
Nancy Taylor (thor)
18-- - U909
Craig's Alfred (thor)
18-- -
Medley (thor) -
- -
2130 - U909
- -
- -


The Daughters of Pilot Jr.

The daughters of Pilot Jr. are credited with fourty performers in the 2:30 list. These performers came from nineteen different, more or less known, mares. Many of them carried a lot of Thoroughbred blood and many of them were gray. Maybe it was an inherit from their sire.

These nineteen mares were also more or less notable but among those that was truly outstanding you find names like Miss Russell, Waterwitch, Midnight, Kathleen, Dahlia and Tackey. Midnight and Kathleen are well known foundation mares but some less noted mares may have maternal lines that are still active today.

Sally Russell was a mare by Thoroughbred Boston that was bred to Pilot Jr. and in 1865 she produced the gray filly Miss Russell. Miss Russell became an absolutely great broodmare with seven foals in the 2:30 list. She was a mare of unusual fertility since she got seventeen foals. But Miss Russell was but one of the very notable mares at A.J. Alexander's Woodburn Farm in Kentucky. She died at the age of thirty-two.

Another gray Pilot Jr.-mare was Midnight. She was out of Twilight, a Thoroughbred daughter of Lexington, son of Boston. Midnight got three foals in the 2:30 list and one of them was also world record holder. The gelding Jay-Eye-See was the first ever to trot in 2:10 but that record was beaten the next day by the Miss Russell-daughter Maud S. Jay-Eye-See also took a pacing record of 2:06 1/4. (Read more about Midnight here)

Waterwitch was a bay mare by Pilot Jr. and foaled in 1859. She was out of Fanny Fern, by Kinkead's St. Lawrence and second dam was Brenda, a Thoroughbred. Just like Miss Russell, Waterwitch was a very fertile mare and she produced nineteen foals that lived. Six of these foals took records of 2:30 or better. However, it was mostly her foals with no records that carried on the genes by producing standard performers.

Kathleen is the second mare that ranks as a foundation mare. She was also by a Thoroughbred mare called Little Miss, by Sovereign. Although she only produced one performer in the standard list her two other daughters manage to make this a great maternal line. Of course, Ethelwyn had more to do with the fact that this mare became famous than the other daughter Katrina. (Read more about Kathleen here)

Another daughter of Pilot Jr. was Juliet. She was out of a Webster-mare, Thoroughbred son of Medoc. Juliet produced a bay foal by Mambrino Chief 11 in 1859 that was named Mambrino Pilot 29. He took a record of 2:27 1/2 under saddle in 1866 and can still be found in a lot of pedigrees of trotters today. Juliet is also known as the great grandam of Bellini 2:13 1/4.

Jenny Lind, by Bellfounder, was another important mare since she was sent to Woodburn Farm in Kentucky to be bred to Pilot Jr. She got three foals by him, Dixie (f.1858), Tackey (f.1859) and one that died young. Tackey and Dixie were sold to Charles McHatton of St. Louis. He had them broken but a couple of years later, he sold them to Robert and Bent Carr. They had the mares trained and Dixie took a record or 2:30, while Tackey became the fastest daughter of Pilot Jr. with a record of 2:26. And Tackey was a great race mare, said to have had the courage of a bulldog. No race was too long for her. But when she was fourteen years old she was sold East and her name was changed to Polly. Tackey, or Polly, was first bred in 1874 and she produced six foals during the years 1875 to 1881. All of them were bred by Alexander Davidson of Williamsport, Pa. and three of them is to be found in the 2:30 list.
Dixie was never bred regularly but in 1877, at nineteen years old, she gave birth to a filly, Dixie Sprague, by Governor Sprague. Dixie Sprague became a member of the 2:30 list, just like her dam, and she was also a great broodmare. Dixie ended her days in 1878 at the age of twenty.

The line from Dahlia seemed to have great potential. She was also bred by R.A. Alexander in Kentucky and she produced three standard performers. Her maternal line seemed to grow very fast with at least five daughters that carried on producing foals that ended up in the 2:30 list. Although not much have been heard of the line today it is still living and in 1990 it produced the Swedish star trotter Zoogin.

Other mares, not as well known, are Crop, Santa Maria and Molly Trussell. Crop is credited with three standard performers and her daughter Gauntlette produced four foals that made it to the list of her own. Santa Maria seemed to have a good maternal line in a daughter named Josie Railey and the Molly Trussell-line seemed strong in the 1920th and could still be alive today.

The fourty standard performers produced by daughters of Pilot Jr.

Miss Russell gr. m. f.1865, by Pilot Jr. dam Sally Russell, by Boston 297
Bred and owned at Woodburn Farm, Spring Station, Ky.
6 trotters, 1 pacer
Cora Belmont gr.m. 2:24 ½, by Belmont 64
Maud S. ch.m. 2:08 ¾, by Harold 413
Nutwood 600 ch.h. 2:18 ¾, by Belmont 64
Russia gr.m. 2:28, by Harold 413
Rustique b.m. 2:21, by Electioneer 125
Pistachio ch.h. 2:21 ¾, by Belmont 64
Sclavonic 16173 gr.h. 2:23 ¼, by King Wilkes 1867

Waterwitch b.m. f.1859, by Pilot Jr. dam Fanny Fern, by Kinkead’s St. Lawrence
Bred by F.P. Kinkead, Midway, owned by A.J.Alexander, Woodburn Farm, Ky.
6 trotters
Mambrino Gift 584 ch.h. 2:20, by Mambrino Pilot 29
Scotland bl.g. 2:22 ½, by Bonnie Scotland
Viking ch.h. 2:19 ¼, by Belmont 64
Waterloo b.h. 2:27, by Belmont 64
Wavelet b.m. 2:24 ½, by Belmont 64
Warder ch.h. 2:29 ¼, by Belmont 64

Midnight gr.m. f.1865 by, Pilot Jr. dam Twilight, by Lexington 4491
Bred by R.A. Alexander, Woodburn, Ky., owned 1878 by Dr. H.Y. Simpson, Worcester, Mass.
3 trotters, (1 pacer)
Electricity b.h. 2:17 ¾, by Electioneer 125
Jay-Eye-See bl.g. 2:10, pacing record 2:06 ¼, by Dictator 113
Noontide gr.m. 2:20 ¼, by Harold 413

Dahlia gr.m. f.1863, by Pilot Jr. dam Madam Dudley, by a Bashaw horse
Bred by R.A. Alexander, Ky.
3 trotters
Dacia bl.m. 2:29 ½, by Woodford Mambrino 345
Daireen gr.m. 2:21 ½, by Harold 413
Davenant 1095 gr.h. 2:29 ¾, by Belmont 64

Crop ch.m. f.1861, by Pilot Jr. dam a Canadian pacing mare
Bred by Andrew Gilmore, Fayette Co., Ky., owned by Col. R. P. Pepper, South Elkhorn Stock Farm, Frankfort, Ky.
3 trotters
Blanche Amory br.m. 2:26, by Clark Chief 89
Code b.h. 1834 2:22 ¼, by Dictator 113
Counsellor 1842 b.h. 2:24, by Onward 1411

Tackey gr.m. f.1859 2:26, by Pilot Jr. dam Jenny Lind, by Bellfounder
Bred by C.G. McHatton, St. Louis, Mo., owned some years by C.B. Carr, St. Louis, sold 1873 to A.Davidson, Williamsport, Pa.
3 trotters
Class Leader gr.g. 2:22 ¼, by Warwick Boy 3368
Naiad Queen b.m. 2:20 ¼, by Champion 808
Pilot Boy gr.g. 2:20, by Edward H. [Maj. Lucas]

Diana gr.m. f.1862, by Pilot Jr. dam Grey Goose, by Norman 1777
Bred by R.A. Alexander, Woodford Co., Ky.
2 trotters
George A. Ayer gr.g. 2:30, by Woodford Mambrino 345
Lady Kelso gr.m. 2:29, by Belmont 64

Minerva br.m. f.1863, by Pilot Jr. dam Bacchante Mambrino, by Mambrino Chief 11
Bred by R.A. Alexander, Woodford Co., Ky.
2 trotters
Meander 1311 b.h. 2:26 ½, by Belmont 64
Nugget 1398 ch.h. 2:26 ¾, by Wedgewood 692

Santa Maria gr.m. f.18-, by Pilot Jr. dam by Roebuck
Owned by Geo. W. Ogden, Paris, Ky.
2 trotters
Hylas 831 ch.h. 2:24 ½, by Alcalde 103
Billy Hoskins gr.g. 2:26 ¼, by Edwin Forrest 49

Dixie gr.g. f.1858 2:30, by Pilot Jr. dam Jenny Lind, by Bellfounder
Bred by C.G. McHatton, St. Louis, Mo.
1 trotter
Dixie Sprague b.m. 2:25 ¼, by Gov. Sprague 444

Kathleen b.m. f.1865, by Pilot Jr. dam Little Miss, by Sovereign
Bred by M.C. Nesbitt, Ky., sold to Col. R.P. Pepper and Major H.C. McDowell. Later owned only by the latter at Woodlake Farm, Ky. Later on moved to Ashland, Ky.
1 trotter
Eager b.h. 2:28, by Aristocrat 9862

Bruna, by Pilot Jr. dam by Black Snake (Canadian)
Owned by by A.J. Alexander, Woodburn Farm, Ky.
1 trotter
Woodford Pilot 1640 br.h. 2:23 ¼, by Woodford Mambrino 345

Grace, by Pilot Jr. dam by Orphan Boy
Owned by B.J. Treacy, Lexington, Ky.
1 pacer
Pilot Wilkes 2987 b.h. 2:23, by George Wilkes 519

Molly Trussell f.186-, by Pilot Jr. dam Vic, by Mambrino Chief 11
Bred by Dr. A. Hunt, Midway, Ky. Owned by Rody Patterson, Jr., Lexington, Ky.
1 trotter
Trousseau ch.m. 2:28 ½, by Nutwood 600

Juanita f.1860, by Pilot Jr. dam Fanny Dawson, by Stump the Dealer
Bred by Dr. Wm. Williams, East Nashville, Tenn. Owned by R.F. Pattersson, Lexington, Ky.
1 trotter
Eula Lee br.m. 2:29 ½, by Gen. George H. Thomas 530

Pilot Anna, by Pilot Jr. dam Puss, by Drennon
Owned by J.H. Bryan, Lexington, Ky.
1 trotter
Emperor Wilkes 15937 b.h. 2:20 ¾, by William L. 4244

Grey Fanny, by Pilot Jr.
Owned by John Harding, Nashville, Tenn.
1 trotter
Stonecutter b.g. 2:28 ¾, by Enfield 128

Juliet, by Pilot Jr. dam by Webster
Owned by Thomas Hook, Scott Co., Ky.
1 trotter
Mambrino Pilot 29 br.h. 2:27 ½, by Mambrino Chief 11

Finley, said to be by Pilot Jr.
1 trotter
May Bird b.m. 2:23, by Blue Bull 75

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