2017 Buckeye Classic Yearling Sale Entries - Hips 1-211
Tuesday, September 26

Hästarna som ska säljas finns här


Travare från $20,000 och upp
Hip Name (Sex Color) Sire-Dam Buyer Price
10     Foolmegypsy (Bay Filly) Deep Chip - Flirtified Jeff Cox, Brunswick, OH $44,500
37     Rollin In The Cash (Bay Colt) Cash Hall - Chatterly Hall Dirk Simpson, Agent, Meadowlands, PA $37,000
143     Get Back Jack (Bay Colt) Uncle Peter - Olive Warrawee Kelly O'Donnell, Agent, Sagamore Hills, OH $35,000
208     Cassius Lane (Bay Colt) Cash Hall - Winning Colors K Ken Rucker, Muncie, IN $30,000
84     Rose Run Ulala (Bay Filly) And Away We Go - Idole Normand Adam Friedland, Brooklyn, NY $23,000
72     Curious Winner (Brown Colt) Dejarmbro - Future Talent Thomas Litt, Agent, Buckeye Lake, OH $20,000

Hästarna som som såldes finns här

Fullständigt resultat
Hip Name (Sex Color) Sire-Dam Consignor Buyer Price
1     Music N Small Talk (Bay Colt) Dejarmbro - A Moment Of Music Hickory Lane Farm, Agent Ronald Wulber, Versailles, OH $4,000
2     Your Mom N Em (Bay Filly) Western Ideal - Aeterna Deo Cool Winds Farm Doug Wilker for Cool Winds Farm, St. Marys, OH $4,000
3     Forgot My Credit (Bay Filly) Dontyouforgetit - Alabama Shuffle Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Mervin Petersheim, Mt. Victory, OH $3,000
4     Rose Run Unbridald (Bay Filly) And Away We Go - Hayworth Hanover Rose Run Farm Leander Schwartz, Bluffton, IN $15,000
5     Skyway Artistic (Brown Colt) Mcardle - All Over You Winterwood Farm, Agent Joseph Nissley, Shipshewana, IN $5,000
6     Santorini Blue (Bay Filly) Western Vintage - Incredible Sharon Rose Run Farm, Agent for Ben Lee Troyer   Out
7     Striking Peter (Bay Colt) Uncle Peter - Angel Creek Rose Run Farm, Agent for Wayne Miller   Out
8     Section Line Bogo (Bay Colt) Mcardle - Armbro Alto Spring Haven Farm Nisonger Stable LLC, Lebanon, OH $12,000
9     WF Dancer (Bay Filly) Art Official - Armbro Amour Cool Winds Farm, Agent Doug Wilker for Cool Winds Farm, St. Marys, OH $5,500
10     Foolmegypsy (Bay Filly) Deep Chip - Flirtified Walnut Valley Equine Jeff Cox, Brunswick, OH 44,500
11     Trump's Wall (Brown Colt) Mcardle - Ashland Blue Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Sugar Valley Farm   Out
12     QueenAnn Triump (Brown Filly) Triumphant Caviar - Wintergreen Spring Haven Farm, Agent Jeremy Gosnell, Granville, OH $11,000
13     Cupofjoetogo (Brown Gelding) Dontyouforgetit - B Cor Tamgo Abby Stables, Agent for Levi Miller & Lynn Baker Leander Schwartz, Bluffton, IN $7,000
14     JL Rock N The Nite Away (Brown Colt) Rockin Amadeus - JL Cruise The Nite Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Hallmarke Farms Brady Galliers, Defiance, OH $15,000
15     TT Starfire (Black Filly) Winning Fireworks - Banquet Hall Trotting Traditions LLC Kurt Sugg, Polk, OH $7,500
16     Kyle's Last Star (Bay Colt) Kyle Major - Bare Legs Bear Creek Stables Hosea Williams, West Point, MS $4,000
17     Somebeachtrea Babe (Bay Filly) Beachtrea - Beachbabybeachbaby Dublin Valley Farm, Agent James Dailey, Mechanicsburg, OH $18,000
18     Victory Bells (Bay Filly) Victory Sam - Belle LeGrand Walnut Valley Equine Jeff Kirkbride, Agent, Woodsfield, OH $8,000
19     Brushy Mimi (Bay Filly) Triumphant Caviar - Mallory Brushy Acres Scotty Reed, West Farmington, OH $3,700
20     Official Line (Bay Filly) Art Official - Bikini Line Clearview Stables Brady Galliers, Defiance, OH $13,000
21     Luvcrunchess (Bay Filly) Dontyouforgetit - Velten Ladolcevita Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Scott Altizer, Caro, MI $4,000
22     Lady Woodhull (Bay Filly) Dragon Again - Blaze Of Color Winterwood Farm, Agent Leander Schwartz, Bluffton, IN $15,000
23     MOV Cincinati (Bay Filly) Cincinnati Kid - Blind Eye MOV Stables Ronald Wulber, Versailles, OH $3,700
24     Winter Queen (Bay Filly) Dontyouforgetit - Blizzard Warning Pine Grove Acres Jeff Moore, Senecaville, OH $4,900
25     McMaximus (Brown Colt) Mcardle - Blueridge Porcinia Winterwood Farm, Agent Richard West, Mt. Gilead, OH $4,500
26     Tap Tap Tap (Bay Colt) Mcardle - Bombilla Hanover Winterwood Farm, Agent Steve Cross, Macedonia, OH $65,000
27     Pearls N Diamonds (Brown Filly) Winning Fireworks - Bonyoldkneesofher Trotting Traditions LLC Kurt Sugg, Polk, OH $10,000
28     Broadway Bank (Bay Filly) Break The Bank K - Broadway Victory Spring Haven Farm Michael Sowers, McArthur, OH $7,500
29     Windcheer (Bay Filly) Southwind Spirit - Bronx Cheer Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Ed Birmele, S. Vienna, OH $5,700
30     No Time For Dragon (Brown Colt) Dragon Again - C R Hope Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Steven Hubbard Tye Loy, Agent, Columbia Station, OH $19,000
31     Triple Lane Mister (Bay Colt) Mister Big - Calamity Hall Triple Lane Stable Scott Ferguson, Troy, OH $6,000
32     Sakari (Bay Filly) Cash Hall - Call Them Over Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Mark Schlabach, Apple Creek, OH $6,000
33     Setit and Forgetit (Bay Colt) Dontyouforgetit - Carscot Review Ashberry Acres LLC Calvin Lamb, Waldo, OH $7,500
34     Cash Wrangler (Bay Gelding) Southwind Wrangler - Cash On The Rail Henry D. Burkholder Eric Nesselroad, Stockport, OH $5,500
35     Cravin For Cash (Bay Colt) Dontyouforgetit - Cast A Spell Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Jeff Cox, Brunswick, OH $4,700
36     Ilooklikeanallstar (Bay Colt) Ilooklikemymom - Chanteuse Eli Kauffman James Dailey, Mechanicsburg, OH $10,000
37     Rollin In The Cash (Bay Colt) Cash Hall - Chatterly Hall Emma Raber Dirk Simpson, Agent, Meadowlands, PA $37,000
38     King Georges Heart (Bay Colt) Pet Rock - Chrome Hearts Cool Winds Farm, Agent   Out
39     Kidofmanymissions (Bay Colt) Manofmanymissions - Cincinnati Star Winterwood Farm, Agent Rick Estle, Oakwood, OH $15,500
40     Delicate Class (Bay Filly) Uncle Peter - Classic Blaze Abby Stables   Out
41     Woodyoucolorwithme (Bay Filly) Woodstock - Color My World Spring Haven Farm, Agent Jim Arledge Jr., Orient, OH $7,000
42     McPosh (Brown Filly) Mcardle - Community Sprit Hickory Lane Farm, Agent for Spurwood Farm Herman Hagerman, Navarre, OH $14,000
43     Cornerd Beach (Bay Filly) Beachtrea - Corner Cruiser Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Stephen Sexton, Xenia, OH $10,000
44     The Art of Change (Chestnut Colt) The Art Of Lindy - Costume Change Sunrise Farm, Agent Chris Shaw, Meadowlands, PA $4,200
45     Kyle's Last Shot (Bay Colt) Kyle Major - Croquette Hanover Bear Creek Stables James Dodson, Maurertown, VA $6,000
46     Trot'n Thunder (Bay Colt) Southwind Wrangler - Crystal Rayne Henry D. Burkholder Kent Hess, Montrose, MI $7,000
47     TC's Best (Bay Colt) Triumphant Caviar - Curvature Hanover Spring Haven Farm Christopher Beaver, Delaware, OH $7,000
48     Decisive Power (Bay Filly) Triumphant Caviar - Rose Power Abby Stables   Out
49     Your Treasure (Bay Colt) Beachtrea - Delightfully Yours Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Mark Schlabach, Apple Creek, OH $6,500
50     JD's Modest Man (Bay Colt) Panspacificflight - Designer Gal Jacob L. Miller Pasko Vucinaj, Shelbyville, IN $10,000
51     MOV Diana (Bay Filly) Cincinnati Kid - Diane Hall MOV Stables Norman Miller, Winchester, OH $4,200
52     Triple Lane Dancer (Bay Colt) We Will See - Dirty Dancer Triple Lane Stable Mike Sweeney, Davison, MI $6,200
53     Count On Bensyn (Bay Colt) Full Count - Donna's Victory Marvin Raber Farms Bryan Weaver, Stoutsville, OH $14,500
54     Staunch Supporter (Black Filly) The Panderosa - Downwyn Kate Marvin Raber Farms Kurt Sugg, Polk, OH $11,500
55     Peter's Dream (Brown Filly) Uncle Peter - Dream Of Royalty Winterwood Farm, Agent Jacob Miller, Salesville, OH $10,000
56     Big See (Bay Colt) Big Bad John - Eagle See Spring Haven Farm, Agent Nisonger Stable LLC, Lebanon, OH $11,000
57     Lastnopunintended (Bay Filly) No Pan Intended - Early Sensation Henry D. Burkholder Andy Malone, Waterford, OH $5,700
58     Hate The Rules (Bay Colt) And Away We Go - Easter El Paso Dublin Valley Farm Marvin Craft, Jackson, MI $7,000
59     Storminaroundtrack (Chestnut Colt) Stormin Normand - Eikos Electra Michael I. Miller Thomas Litt, Agent, Buckeye Lake, OH $7,000
60     Whatshegonnado (Bay Filly) Big Bad John - Elite Sorority Trotting Traditions LLC, Agent for Aaron Schlabach Jimmy Lupton, Agent, Marengo, OH $8,000
61     Erika's Emilene (Bay Filly) Neely Dunn - Erika's First Lady Andy Burkholder Farm Curt Massie, Sycamore, OH $5,500
62     Devoted Spirit (Brown Colt) Southwind Spirit - Escadilla Abby Stables   Out
63     Rocky's Wedding (Bay Colt) Dontyouforgetit - Marjorie Hall Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Troyer Farms Roger Hughes, Jamestown, OH $5,700
64     Uncle Amos (Bay Colt) Uncle Peter - Europass Spring Haven Farm Danny Collins, Columbus, OH $10,000
65     Royals Victory (Bay Filly) Victory Sam - EW Royal Pain Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Tom Davis, Agent, Eighty Four, PA $7,500
66     Eye For Cash (Bay Colt) Cash Hall - Eyeolite Rose Run Farm, Agent for Ben Lee Troyer Allan Vorhees, Celina, OH $11,000
67     Vintage Ladysinger (Bay Filly) Western Vintage - Fat Lady Sings LMN Bred Stables Scott Mogan, Lockborne, OH $10,000
68     Forget It Hall (Bay Colt) Dontyouforgetit - Flanery Hall Double Spring Farm Sean McGhee, Swanton, OH $7,500
69     Shadow Of Tomorrow (Black Filly) Dragon Again - Armbro Bittersweet Walnut Valley Equine James P. Webb Jr., Pittsburgh, PA $15,000
70     U Won't Forget It (Brown Filly) Dontyouforgetit - For Heathers Sake Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Kurt Sugg, Polk, OH $5,500
71     South Queen (Bay Filly) Southwind Wrangler - Fresco's Candy Henry D. Burkholder Gerald Mijal, Westland, MI $5,700
72     Curious Winner (Brown Colt) Dejarmbro - Future Talent Winterwood Farm, Agent for Cornerstone Stock Farm Thomas Litt, Agent, Buckeye Lake, OH $20,000
73     Gabby's Rose (Brown Filly) We Will See - Gabrielle's Girl Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Matthew Miller, Millersburg, OH $7,500
74     Brushy Tigger (Bay Colt) Dontyouforgetit - Genna Brushy Acres Jim Arledge Jr., Agent, Orient, OH $7,000
75     Forgotten Treasure (Bay Colt) Dontyouforgetit - Victory Connection Ashberry Acres LLC Roger Hughes, Jamestown, OH $6,200
76     Beachesbeckonme (Brown Colt) Beachtrea - Grandma Helen Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Henry J. Miller Jimmy Smith, Agent, Massillon, OH $8,000
77     Hall N Bro (Bay Colt) Dejarmbro - Hall N Flori Double Spring Farm Russell Sutherland, Morenoi, MI $14,000
78     Tugboat Tuffy (Black Gelding) Break The Bank K - Haveyoubeentoparis Abby Stables, Agent for Windswept Valley Farm Bucky Troute, Washington C.H., Ohio $10,000
79     Rose Run Ulysses (Chestnut Colt) Western Vintage - Alcyon Semalu Rose Run Farm James Dailey, Mechanicsburg, OH $19,000
80     Highheeled Sally (Bay Filly) Cash Hall - High Gear Sahbra Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent David DePaulo, Wooster, OH $5,500
81     Creekside Mack (Bay Colt) Mcardle - Hikari Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Tim VanHorn, Malta, OH $6,500
82     Wegohmmm (Bay Colt) And Away We Go - Hmm Is That Right Trotting Traditions LLC Jack Marsh, Rawson, OH $5,500
83     Goin Home Again (Bay Filly) Dragon Again - Home Wrecker Cool Winds Farm, Agent for Mitchell Standardbreds, Inc. Jim Pollock Jr., Ashville, OH $8,000
84     Rose Run Ulala (Bay Filly) And Away We Go - Idole Normand Rose Run Farm Adam Friedland, Brooklyn, NY $23,000
85     Aunt Percilla (Bay Filly) Uncle Peter - Ilazue Rose Run Farm and Martz Creek Farm James Eaton, Crete, IL $15,000
86     Katawna (Bay Filly) Dontyouforgetit - In The Grippers Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent John Wengerd, Agent, Wooster, OH $10,500
87     Allamerican West (Bay Colt) Western Vintage - Allamerican Raquel Rose Run Farm, Agent for Ben Lee Troyer Dirk Simpson, Agent, Meadowlands, PA $15,000
88     Phantom Pro (Bay Colt) Dontyouforgetit - Ivory Pearl Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Kurt Sugg, Polk, OH $7,200
89     Youwontforgetme (Brown Colt) Dontyouforgetit - Jailhouse Jenny Walnut Valley Equine David Brumbaugh, Arcanum, OH $8,000
90     JD's Wite Out (Bay Filly) Panspacificflight - JD's Bluribbonrose Jacob L. Miller James Dodson, Maurertown, VA $3,000
91     JD's Cashew Crunch (Brown Filly) Panspacificflight - JD's Hot Bunny Jacob L. Miller Ronald Chapman, Walkerton, IN $3,000
92     JD's Underrated (Brown Gelding) Panspacificflight - JD's Underestimated Jacob L. Miller Harry Horowitz, Eaton, OH $6,000
93     Southern Spirit (Bay Filly) Southwind Spirit - JH Jessica Double Spring Farm Joe Putnam, Pendleton, IN $19,500
94     Bad Girls Don't Cry (Bay Filly) Big Bad John - Bad Girls Club Spring Haven Farm Mel Rose Stable, Hopewell, OH $24,000
95     Don't Forget Denise (Bay Filly) Dontyouforgetit - Just Plain Denise Double Spring Farm John Konesky III, Pemberville, OH $9,000
96     Flippin Zippin (Bay Colt) Shark Gesture - Karrydale Charm Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Riceland Acres LLC Russell Swartz, Spring Valley, OH $4,500
97     Diablu Ladi (Bay Filly) Western Vintage - Keladi Bluechip Abby Stables   Out
98     Caviar Charlie (Brown Colt) Southwind Wrangler - Kelpie Hanover Henry D. Burkholder Jason Shaw, Scenery Hill, PA $5,200
99     Oh Marianna (Bay Filly) Uncle Peter - Keystone Ariana Spring Haven Farm, Agent Greg Bateson, Agent, Toledo, OH $8,700
100     Twilight Mission (Bay Colt) Manofmanymissions - Keystone Twilight Abby Stables, Agent for Windswept Valley Farm Chris Wohnhas, Heath, OH $7,500
101     UB Cruisin (Brown Colt) Dontyouforgetit - Kris's Legacy Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Bruce Soulsby, Powell, OH $12,000
102     Broadway Tag (Brown Colt) Broadway Hall - Lady Taggetha Spring Haven Farm Brady Galliers, Defiance, OH $10,500
103     Rockin N Thinkin (Bay Colt) Rockin Amadeus - Lavish Liz Cool Winds Farm David Wills, Newark, OH $12,000
104     I Get It (Bay Colt) Dontyouforgetit - Less Stress Norman A. Miller Russell Sutherland, Morenoi, MI $6,500
105     Winchester Walley (Bay Colt) Pet Rock - Life Uptown Dublin Valley Farm, Agent David Pirnstill, Bueyrus, OH $10,000
106     Permission (Bay Filly) Manofmanymissions - Lima Simplicity Spring Haven Farm Freeman Detweiler, Bristolville, OH $4,000
107     Diamond Turbo (Bay Filly) Cayenne Turbo - Linda's Diamond Lil Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Ammon Yoder, Hillsboro, OH $3,700
108     Gonnawishonastar (Bay Colt) Wishing Stone - Lipey Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent David DePaulo, Wooster, OH $5,500
109     Lonesomeisonfire (Bay Colt) Winning Fireworks - Lonesome Pride Trotting Traditions LLC, Agent for Aaron Schlabach Ryan Miller, Greenville, OH $14,500
110     Racing Flicka (Brown Filly) Racing Naked - Los Al Hanover Matthew J. Byler Steven Hurley, Dublin, OH $4,200
111     Cash Photo (Bay Filly) Cash Hall - Lost Photo Cool Winds Farm, Agent Steve Cross, Macedonia, OH $12,000
112     Readyforthebeach (Bay Colt) Beachtrea - Love Your Style Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Henry J. Miller Thomas Litt, Agent, Buckeye Lake, OH $9,000
113     Dawnna Marie (Bay Filly) Mcardle - Lovely Dawn Hickory Lane Farm, Agent Dustin Arledge, Agent, Mt. Sterling, OH $12,000
114     Jenny's Lucky Day (Bay Filly) Dejarmbro - Lovetotalkgottarun Hickory Lane Farm, Agent Martin Hilty, Monroe, IN $9,500
115     Again A Pam (Brown Filly) Dragon Again - Luck's Mistress Clearview Stables Peter Dora, Crawford, MS $6,700
116     Don't Forget Caide (Bay Filly) Dontyouforgetit - Lucky W LMN Bred Stables Nisonger Stable LLC, Lebanon, OH $4,500
117     Creekside Pete (Bay Colt) Uncle Peter - Luxury Bi Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Kevin Young, Byesville, OH $9,000
118     Machs Dragon (Bay Filly) Dragon Again - Machs Delicacy Cool Winds Farm, Agent for Mitchell Standardbreds, Inc. Ron Potter, Agent, Delaware, OH $13,000
119     Don't Forget Muscle (Brown Filly) Dontyouforgetit - On The Muscle Spring Haven Farm Brian Roebuck, Northlewisburg, OH $6,000
120     Brushy Tiger (Bay Colt) Dontyouforgetit - Betty Jean Brushy Acres Eli Miller, Huntsburg, OH $7,200
121     Brushy Sassy Kassy (Bay Filly) Stormin Normand - Maria Brushy Acres Dee Hotton, Agent, Wooster, OH $8,500
122     You Got Credit (Bay Colt) Dontyouforgetit - Playful Credit Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Troyer Farms Joseph Kramp, Northfield Ctr, OH $4,500
123     See You In Tuscany (Bay Colt) We Will See - McDance Desire Cool Winds Farm, Agent Thomas Litt, Agent, Buckeye Lake, OH $10,000
124     Blue Hottie (Bay Filly) Thin Blue Line - Mid West Hottie Bear Creek Stables Steven Hurley, Dublin, OH $3,700
125     Conner Conway AM (Bay Colt) Fox Valley Iliad - Miss Conway AD Aaron I. Miller Jayne Weller, Republic, OH $4,200
126     Tequila Peanut (Bay Filly) Art Official - Miss Parker Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Steven Hurley, Dublin, OH $3,500
127     MJ's Pegs Pepper (Bay Colt) Cayenne Turbo - MJ's Pegomyheart Spring Haven Farm, Agent for MJ Farms Eric Nesselroad, Stockport, OH $5,000
128     Peterbuild (Bay Colt) Uncle Peter - Moneys Finest Trotting Traditions LLC Joe Putnam, Pendleton, IN $10,500
129     Princess Riley (Bay Filly) Manofmanymissions - My Day To Play Spring Haven Farm Susan Brown, Parksville, KY $10,000
130     Night Prowler (Bay Filly) We Will See - Mystic Player Winterwood Farm, Agent Craig Crawford, Plainfield, IL $8,000
131     Nimble Tiger (Bay Colt) Mcardle - Mystic Returns Hickory Lane Farm, Agent Levi Bontrager, Forest , OH $6,000
132     Bi A Man (Bay Colt) Manofmanymissions - Myura Bi Lloyd Wittmer, Agent for Rollin Acres Ryan Householder, Junction City, OH $8,500
133     Miss Peewee Valley (Bay Filly) Triumphant Caviar - Nannina Ambrosio Donna Murphy Kevin Manley, Beavercreek, OH $10,500
134     Rose Run Ultimate (Bay Filly) Western Vintage - National Gallery Rose Run Farm Black Magic Racing, Reynoldsburg, OH $14,000
135     Woodie's Pearl (Bay Filly) Woodstock - Native Black Pearl Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Kirk Sparks, Agent, Marion, OH $6,000
136     He'll Rock Your World (Bay Colt) Rockin Amadeus - Native Hanover Dublin Valley Farm Steven Perkins, Hilliard, OH $6,000
137     Blooming Sunflower (Bay Filly) Rockin Amadeus - Naughty Sunflower Clearview Stables Brady Galliers, Defiance, OH $5,000
138     See You Again (Bay Colt) Big Bad John - Nina Coleada Spring Haven Farm, Agent Stephen Sexton, Xenia, OH $7,500
139     Rainin Purple Rain (Chestnut Filly) The Panderosa - No Picnic Henry D. Burkholder Norman Rae Racing LLC, Xenia, OH $19,000
140     Pixel Art (Chestnut Colt) Amigo Hall - Norhtern Pixie Christopher Spellmire David Brumbaugh, Arcanum, OH $5,000
141     Clockin Brenda (Bay Filly) Clocked At Eighty - Northeast Philly Aden A. Miller William Coblentz, Punxsutawney, PA $3,000
142     Northern Rock (Bay Colt) Pet Rock - Northmedo Tam Clearview Stables Nisonger Stable LLC, Lebanon, OH $17,000
143     Get Back Jack (Bay Colt) Uncle Peter - Olive Warrawee Winterwood Farm, Agent for Cornerstone Stock Farm Kelly O'Donnell, Agent, Sagamore Hills, OH $35,000
144     Pompano Pete (Bay Colt) Uncle Peter - On Sail Winterwood Farm, Agent Thomas Sicuro, Ravenna, OH $12,000
145     Twentyfour K Magic (Brown Filly) Dontyouforgetit - Magic Memory Spring Haven Farm Tye Loy, Columbia Station, OH $7,000
146     Zally F (Bay Filly) Dontyouforgetit - Over Baked Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent David DePaulo, Wooster, OH $7,000
147     Salisbury Road (Bay Filly) The Panderosa - Pacific Bay Henry D. Burkholder Ron Steck, Agent, Marengo, OH $8,500
148     Princess Starlette (Black Filly) We Will See - Paper Princess Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent David DePaulo, Wooster, OH $7,500
149     Snap Chattin (Bay Filly) Cash Hall - Par Avion Hanover Cool Winds Farm   Out
150     McPearlody (Bay Filly) Mcardle - Pearls Melody Rose Run Farm, Agent for Andrew Troyer Ryan Angus, Sagamore Hills, OH $10,000
151     Neely Caviar (Bay Colt) Neely Dunn - Perceptive Caviar Andy Burkholder Farm Thomas Barrett, Novi, MI $8,000
152     Trainer Neely (Bay Colt) Neely Dunn - Personal Trainer Andy Burkholder Farm Johnny Shrock, Munfordville, KY $6,000
153     Amigo Land (Brown Colt) Amigo Hall - Photo Land Henry D. Burkholder Jeffrey Miller, Agent, Haviland, OH $6,200
154     Get It Lena (Bay Filly) Dontyouforgetit - Photo Queen Rose Run Farm, Agent for Mark E. Yoder Ronald Wulber, Versailles, OH $4,200
155     Treaspass Hunting (Bay Filly) Dontyouforgetit - Pine Career Double Spring Farm EG Trot LLC, Findlay, OH $5,000
156     Lying Hillary (Bay Filly) Cash Hall - PJ's Princess Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Douglas DeRocco, Caro, MI $6,700
157     Easter Lilly (Bay Filly) Cayenne Turbo - Esta Kash Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Troyer Farms Richard Griffith, Richwood, OH $5,000
158     DaBing DaBing (Bay Filly) Rockin Amadeus - Princess Jay Winterwood Farm, Agent Andy Malone, Waterford, OH $4,700
159     Beach Pursuit (Brown Colt) Beachtrea - Pursuit Of Happiness Spring Haven Farm Dean Miller, Ohio City, OH $6,500
160     R My Ted (Bay Colt) My MVP - R Valerie Henry D. Burkholder Ron Merton, Hinsdale, NH $9,500
161     Baby Rhino (Bay Filly) Big Bad John - Rain Dance Kim Winterwood Farm, Agent Dustin Arledge, Agent, Mt. Sterling, OH $16,000
162     We Will Ramble (Bay Colt) We Will See - Ramblin Rosie Daryl Paddock Dirk Simpson, Agent, Meadowlands, PA $19,000
163     Perfect Mistake (Bay Filly) Fox Valley Iliad - Real Jinx Jacob I. Miller Ronald Randall, Berlin Center, OH $5,500
164     Kiss This (Bay Filly) Ghee's House - Really Dawling Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Riceland Acres LLC James Coan, Marietta, OH $3,200
165     Devious Dame (Bay Filly) Art Official - Dangerous Forever Abby Stables   Out
166     Dazzling Spirit (Bay Colt) Southwind Spirit - Rosemary's Best Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Reuben M. Hershberger James Dailey, Mechanicsburg, OH $15,000
167     Urban Buzz (Brown Filly) Full Count - Royal Two Marvin Raber Farms Mike Sweeney, Agent, Davison, MI $6.500
168     Let's Go Vacation (Black Filly) And Away We Go - Short Vacation Rose Run Farm, Agent for Ben Lee Troyer Jimmy Lupton, Agent, Marengo, OH $15,000
169     JP Power (Bay Colt) Southwind Spirit - Shouda Cuda Wuda Dublin Valley Farm Sherman Farms, Independence, OH $12,000
170     I'm A MVP (Bay Filly) My MVP - Sierra's Jesse Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Samuel Shrock, Munfordville, KY $6,000
171     Treacherous Beach (Brown Filly) Beachtrea - Sister Pippa Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Andrew Troyer Don Brake, Marysville, OH $5,500
172     Count's Chip (Brown Colt) Full Count - Smartchip Abby Stables, Agent Adam Friedland, Brooklyn, NY $9,000
173     Grenadine (Brown Filly) Rockin Amadeus - Society Brat Sunrise Farm Jeffrey Miller, Agent, Haviland, OH $8,000
174     Dylan MBK (Bay Colt) We Will See - Softtothetouch Abby Stables   Out
175     Mister Gelato (Brown Colt) Wishing Stone - Sorbet Hall LMN Bred Stables Jeff Conger, Agent, Hudson, OH $12,000
176     All Piped Up (Bay Colt) Dragon Again - Southwind Piper Marvin Raber Farms, Agent Kelly O'Donnell, Agent, Sagamore Hills, OH $22,000
177     Spring In The Air (Black Filly) Big Bad John - Spring Joy Spring Haven Farm Jason Shaw, Scenery Hill, PA $6,700
178     Up All Nite Long (Bay Colt) Dejarmbro - Starlet Dream Don Longfellow Brian Roebuck, Northlewisburg, OH $6,000
179     Nikki Star (Bay Filly) I'm Gorgeous - Stipple Hanover Rose Run Farm, Agent for Mark E. Yoder Jason Peli/Hold The Line Stable, Pittsburgh, PA $4,700
180     Stolen Amadeus (Bay Filly) Rockin Amadeus - Stolen Halo Winterwood Farm, Agent for Dave Yoder Kirk Nichols, London, OH $28,000
181     Triumphant Girl (Bay Filly) Triumphant Caviar - Strike N Hop Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for David Kempf Benjamin Schwartz, Bluffton, IN $4,700
182     Grasshopper (Brown Colt) Dontyouforgetit - Super Katrina Walnut Valley Equine Hugh Beatty, Agent, Orient, OH $19,000
183     Metalicana (Bay Colt) Dragon Again - Ashlee's Girl Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Sugar Valley Farm Crist Hershberger, Parma, OH $8,000
184     Brushy Sailor (Bay Colt) Triumphant Caviar - Susannah Brushy Acres Dan Walski, Agent, Transfer, PA $11,000
185     Swing Twister (Bay Filly) Winning Fireworks - Swing Anna Miss Trotting Traditions LLC Charles Vigneron, Williamstown, WV $11,500
186     Tagliabuetwo (Bay Colt) Triumphant Caviar - Tag Me For Riches Abby Stables, Agent for Allen Raber Ronald Wulber, Versailles, OH $4,200
187     Zayn (Bay Colt) Neely Dunn - Talented Sahbra Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Bill Malady, Sandy Lake, PA $6,000
188     MJ's Mojo Mission (Bay Colt) Manofmanymissions - Taveta Spring Haven Farm, Agent for MJ Farms Wayne Mast Jr., Dundee, OH $14,000
189     Adorable One (Bay Colt) Cayenne Turbo - Tequisha Jesse Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Susan Robbins, Republic, OH $5,500
190     MOV Tracy (Bay Filly) Cincinnati Kid - The Glimmer Girl MOV Stables Jay Weller, Republic, OH $5,200
191     WF Dougie (Bay Colt) Rockin Amadeus - Ticket Counter Cool Winds Farm, Agent Phil Carroll, Miamisburg, OH $10,000
192     Just A Passenger (Bay Colt) Cayenne Turbo - Trainedfordancin Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Riceland Acres LLC Mark Christian, Avolla, PA $6,500
193     Tricky Trendy (Bay Filly) Pine Valley - Trendy Tradition Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Daniel Miller, Agent, Orrville, OH $4,000
194     Trotslikenoother (Bay Filly) Uncle Peter - Trotslikethewind Spring Haven Farm Brian Georges, Wilmington, OH $10,000
195     We Will Shuffle (Brown Colt) We Will See - Truffle Shuffle Ashberry Acres LLC, Agent for Rebecca Thomas   Out
196     Betty Barley (Bay Filly) Charley Barley - Tu Sei Bella Lloyd Wittmer Sherman Farms, Independence, OH $16,000
197     MOV Peter (Bay Colt) Uncle Peter - TV Mom MOV Stables Robert Johnson, Imlay City, MI $10,000
198     Don't Front Me (Bay Colt) Dontyouforgetit - Upfront Carol Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Troyer Farms Russell Swartz, Spring Valley, OH $7,500
199     Front Beach (Bay Colt) Beachtrea - Upfront Dragons West Dublin Valley Farm, Agent   Out
200     Rocky Mission (Bay Colt) Manofmanymissions - Ura Hanover David M. Byler Garry Martin, Aurona, OH $6,000
201     Vanishing Act (Bay Colt) Cash Hall - Vamp Hall Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Brian Georges, Wilmington, OH $7,000
202     Lottie B (Bay Filly) Southwind Wrangler - Vanilla B Henry D. Burkholder Joe Miller, Atlantic, PA $5,000
203     Luvkelsey (Bay Filly) Dontyouforgetit - BK's Luv Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Amber Anderson, Utica, OH $5,200
204     Jo Jo's Turbo (Bay Colt) Cayenne Turbo - Get Back Jojo Ashberry Acres LLC, Agent for Joseph S. Yoder   Out
205     Beach Royalty (Bay Filly) Beachtrea - Western Royalty Pine Grove Acres Pierce Henry, Leipsic, OH $5,500
206     Sandy's Rock (Bay Colt) Rockin Amadeus - White Sand Pleasant Hill Farm Mark Ater, Grove City, OH $10,000
207     Lexiwonagain (Bay Filly) Dragon Again - Win D Won Spring Haven Farm, Agent Nisonger Stable LLC, Lebanon, OH $9,500
208     Cassius Lane (Bay Colt) Cash Hall - Winning Colors K Winterwood Farm, Agent for Autumn Lane Farm Ken Rucker, Muncie, IN $30,000
209     unnamed (Bay Colt) Big Bad John - Sure Thing Mindale Spring Haven Farm   Out
210     Broadway Wonder (Bay Colt) Stormin Normand - Wyndridge Prancer Abby Stables, Agent for Allen Raber Leroy Coblentz, Punxsutawney, PA $4,000
211     Bet You I'm Rockin (Bay Filly) Rockin Amadeus - Zabette Cool Winds Farm Bruce Soulsby, Powell, OH $12,000