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200.000 (100.000, 50.000, 26.000, 12.000, 6.000, 4.000, 2.000)





Sire - Dam


Reduc. Time

Price Money

  6 5 Meaulnes Du Corta FR Workaholic - Goulette Steed Pierre Levesque 1.11,0 100 000 €  
  9 3 Brioni DE Timberland - Armbro Edith Joakim Lövgren 1.11,1  50 000 €  
  8 2 Priscilla Blue FR Extreme Dream - Ivilla Blue Louis Baudron 1.11,1   25 000 €  
  2 1 Nouba Du Saptel FR Canada - France Douce Jos Verbeeck 1.11,2  €  
  5   Premiere Steed FR Workaholic - Goulette Steed Franck Nivard 1.11,3  €  
  3   Lisa America IT Varenne - Zagabria Dei Jorma Kontio 1.11,5  €  
  4   Paradis Cordiere FR Historien - Esther Jean Louis Labigne 1.11,5  €  
  7   Simb Chaplin SE Pearsall Hanover - Moonie Ås Giampaolo Minnucci 1.11,6  €  
  1   Fabrice Axe IT Ganymede - Zebra Del Pri Jean-Michel Bazire dg  €  
  10   Ode Mesloise FR Ideal de L'Iton - Heroique Mesloise Manuel Criado dg  €  

Meaulnes du Corta on Sunday took his second consecutive victory in the Grand Criterium de Vitesse (€ 200,000) in Cagnes-sur-Mer. Joakim Lövgren Brioni sprinted very well for second place.

Meaulne du Corta (e Voici du Niel) and Pierre Levesque took over the lead from Premiere Steed after barely half the distance and had then no direct problems to keep away to victory in a swift conclusion.

- We had to take over the lead in the other war clearly, just like last year, since everything was under control. He ran a 1.11-time easily. If everything looks good with the horse, it is clear that we are in Europe, "said Pierre Levesque after the race.

Meaulne du Corta won last year's Grand Criterium de Vitesse at 1.11,2. This year's settlement was victory time, two tenths quicker, 1.11,0 a/1.609 meters.

From the rear tracks ended up Brioni (by Timberland) and Joakim Lövgren naturally in the field's rear areas. In the final turn attacked the dog from third outer traction without the help of the third track and finish at the top for a while it looked like the German-born, but Swedish coach, seven years old would be able to challenge the leading Meaulne du Corta. But Pierre Levesque horse stretched, and Brioni had to settle for second place at 1.11,1, which must be considered a clear success in the first meeting of the European small absolute.

Brionis runners were paid 50,000 euros.

Priscilla Blue (by Extreme Dream) and Louis Baudron finished good from the other outer third place, while Nouba you Saptel (by Canada) trick fourth place with Jos Verbeeck after a trip in the third inside.

Premiere Steed (e. Workaholic) and Franck Nivard took direct charge of the lead, and then let you Nouba Saptel to the front - only to return shortly after taking over command. After releasing Meaulne du Corta the tip of the middle of the race despite the force in the final stages and Premiere Steed fell back to fifth place.

Jorma Kontio drove Jerry Riordan-trained Lisa America (by Varenne) and the dog was then positioned fluctuations in the lead end of the fourth inner. Lisa America sprinted in the final stage proper, which was enough for sixth place.

Paradis Cortiere (e. Historien) but was back in the other tracks in the middle of the race and got tired. Swim Chaplin (e. Pearsall Hanover) was from köposition not take so much täthästarna in the final stages and was added to eight.