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  Peter Haughton
Purse: $280 500
    Hambletonian Purse: $1 000 000      
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Merrie Annabelle
Purse: $321 700
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   Merrie Annabelle
  2 åriga ston   1.609 m auto   Purse: $321 700 (160,850 - 80,425 - 38,604 - 25,736 - 16,085)
(auktions för korningar: Har= Harrisburg (The Black Book). Lex= Lexington.  Ken=Kentucky)
Sta Häst Kön Kusk Tränare Rek Intj Far Mor Morfar Auk,Pris
1  STEPPIN OUT S2  Harry Landy  Blake MacIntosh - 2 400  YANKEE GLIDE  QUANTUM DARLING  ANDOVER HALL  Har 15 000
2  HEAVEN'S DOOR S2  Brian Sears  Ross Croghan 13,0 2 400  MUSCLE HILL  GIRLIE TOUGH  CONWAY HALL  Har 90 000
3  LIFETIME PURSUIT S2  Yannick Gingras  Jimmy W Takter 11,7 50 858  CANTAB HALL  QUEEN OF GRACE  YANKEE GLIDE  Lex 60 000
4  CEE BEE YES S2  Andy Miller  Juli Miller 12,5 84 500  MUSCLES YANKEE  ENBEECEE  ENJOY LAVEC  Har 45 000
5  STRUCK BY LINDY S2  David Miller  Richard Norman 12,6 42 458  EXPLOSIVE MATTER  LINDY OF MY DREAMS  ANGUS HALL  Har 32 000
6  SHAKE IT CERRY S2  Ron Pierce  Jimmy W Takter 11,4 40 858  DONATO HANOVER  SOLVEIG  YANKEE GLIDE  -
7  LOVE DETECTIVE S2  Jimmy W Takter  Jimmy W Takter 13,3 12 628  KEN WARKENTIN  NICOLE KRAFT  MUSCLES YANKEE  Har 11 000
8  MOONLIGHT IN MIAMI S2  Johnny Takter  Jimmy W Takter 12,8 0  MUSCLES YANKEE  BEDTIME SONG  WINDSONG'S LEGACY  Har 100 000
9  FORTUNES OF FABLES S2  Ray Schnittker  Brett Bittle - 1 950  MUSCLE HILL  FLAWLESS BLUESTONE  DONERAIL  Har 60 000
10  COOLER SCHOONER S2  John Campbell  Jim Campbell 12,2 13 000  BROADWAY HALL  PINE SCHOONER  PINE CHIP  -
1. Shake It Cerry 10,6 (25)
2. Lifetime Pursuit 10,7 (30)
3. Cee Bee Yes 12,7 (77)
4. Steppin Out 13,0 (998)
5. Love Detective 13,5 (1099)
Opl: Moonlight In Miami 13,6 (392), Heaven`s Door 17,2g (55), Cooler Schooner 17,9g (156),
Struck By Lindy 19,9g (174), Fortunes Of Fables 20,3g (1766)

1st Shake It Cerry  (2, M   Donato Hanover - Solveig - Yankee Glide)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Solveig`s Racing Partners - NJ
    Breeder(s):  Solveig`s Breeders - NJ 
2nd Lifetime Pursuit  (2, M   Cantab Hall - Queen Of Grace - Yankee Glide)
    Registered Owner(s):  Brittany Farms - KY
    Breeder(s):  Brittany Farms - KY 
3rd Cee Bee Yes  (2, M   Muscles Yankee - Enbeecee - Enjoy Lavec)
    Registered Owner(s):  Jason Allen - NJ, Douglas Allen - NJ
    Breeder(s):  Perretti Farms - NJ 

Shake It Cerry
Shake It Cerry wires field in Merrie Annabelle
Shake It Cerry went the fast and easy way around the track to win the $321,700 Merrie Annabelle Trot for 2-year-old trotting fillies on Saturday afternoon at Meadowlands Racetrack in a track record time of 1:53.3.

With Ron Pierce driving. Shake It Cerry (Donato Hanover-Solveig) was first to the lead at the :28.3 first quarter with Lifetime Pursuit (Yannick Gingras) behind them. Those two led the field to the :56.4 half and the 1:25.2 three-quarters.

The full sister to Hambletonian contender Dontyouforgetit had a momentary challenge at the head of the stretch from stablemate Lifetime Pursuit, but that one, coming up the inside path, could not advance and Shake It Cerry won by a length. Cee Bee Yes (Andy Miller) was third.

Jimmy Taker trains both the first and second place finishers. The filly is owned by Solveig’s Racing Partners, which includes Jimmy's wife, Christina.

“Having two amazing fillies like those two is a great thrill,” said Takter. “Both of these fillies have been standing out in my eyes the last six or seven weeks here. Solveig was a great horse that John (Fielding) and I owned and she’s named after my mother and Shake It Cerry is actually named for my sister.”