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  Peter Haughton
Purse: $280 500
    Hambletonian Purse: $1 500 000      
försök fredag 25 juli       Hambletonian Oaks Purse: $500 000    
Merrie Annabelle
Purse: $321 700
      FINALER lördag 2 augusti          
FINALER lördag 2 augusti äldre John Cashman Memorial FINAL lördag 2 augusti Purse: $250 000        
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     Statistik kull född 2012   - Stakes record for Centurion ATM in Peter Haughton          
                                                                 Resultat från försöken          
   Peter Haughton - Final
  2 åriga h&v   1.609 m auto   Purse: $355 500 (177,750 - 88,875 - 42,660 - 28,440 - 17,775)
(auktions för korningar: Har= Harrisburg (The Black Book). Lex= Lexington.  Ken=Kentucky)
Sta Häst Kön Kusk Tränare Rek Intj Far Mor Morfar Auk,Pris
1  CENTURION ATM H2  Åke Svanstedt  Åke Svanstedt 11,1  29 614  SJ'S CAVIAR  ENS TAG SESSION  TAGLIABUE 100 000
2  CANEPA HANOVER H2  Jimmy W Takter  Jimmy W Takter 12,2  32 500  MUSCLE HILL  CRESSIDA HANOVER  MR LAVEC 300 000
3  CRUZADO DELA NOCHE H2  David Miller  Nancy Johansson - 7 266  MUSCLE MASSIVE  ALIDADE  CREDIT WINNER 28 000
4  HONOR AND SERVE H2  David Miller  Jim Campbell 13,0  27 475  DONATO HANOVER  HONORABLE DAUGHTER  MALABAR MAN 75 000
5  GUESS WHOS BACK H2  Brian Sears  Nikolas Drennan 12,1  70 250  MUSCLES YANKEE  SHES GONE AGAIN  SJ'S CAVIAR 90 000
6  SS POSEIDON H2  Marcus Miller  Erv Miller 15,1 4 250  MUSCLE HILL  SILVERSTAR VOLO  ANDOVER HALL -
7  UNCLE LASSE H2  Ron Pierce  Jimmy W Takter 12,7  26 368  DONATO HANOVER  SOLVEIG  YANKEE GLIDE -
8  GIFTED WAY H2  Scott Zeron  Tony Alagna 13,1  17 328  CANTAB HALL  RARE GIFT  MUSCLES YANKEE 170 000
9  SPECIAL ACTION H2  Yannick Gingras  Jimmy W Takter 13,1  26 217  YANKEE GLIDE  SPECIAL APPEAL  CANTAB HALL -
10  AMICUS H2  Mike Lachance  Åke Svanstedt -  2 370  DONATO HANOVER  SOUTHWIND AMIGA  CHOCOLATIER 20 000
AE1  BROKEN RECORD H2  Ray Schnittker  Ray Schnittker 14,7  21 690  MUSCLES YANKEE  MISS GARLAND  GARLAND LOBELL -
1. Centurion Atm  1.10,5  (12)
2. Uncle Lasse 1.11,0  (57)
3. Cruzado Dela Noche  1.11,4  (231)
4. Gifted Way  1.11,6  (229)
5. Guess Whos Back 1.14,5g  (21)
Opl: Amicus 1.16,2g (1431), Honor And Serve 1.17,4g (425),
Canepa Hanover 1.19,7g (77)
Strukna: 9, Special Action

Time:  28.0 56.4  (28.4) 1:25.0  (28.1) 1:53.2  (28.2) 
1st Centurion Atm  (2, H   SJ`s Caviar - Ens Tag Session - Tagliabue)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Courant A B - SD, Knutsson Trotting Inc - FL
    Breeder(s):  Eliezer Solomon - MD 
2nd Uncle Lasse  (2, H   Donato Hanover - Solveig - Yankee Glide)
    Registered Owner(s):  Solveig`s Racing Partners - NJ
    Breeder(s):  Solveig`s Breeders - NJ 
3rd Cruzado Dela Noche  (2, H   Muscle Massive - Alidade - Credit Winner)
    Registered Owner(s):  Courant A B - SD
    Breeder(s):  Hanover Shoe Farms Inc - PA 

Stakes record for Centurion ATM in Peter Haughton
Centurion ATM made a statement to be the early favorite for next year’s Hambletonian by winning Saturday’s (Aug. 2) $355,500 Peter Haughton Memorial for 2-year-old male trotters by 3-3/4 lengths over Uncle Lasse, stopping the timer in a stakes- and track-record 1:53.2 at the Meadowlands.

Trained and driven by Ake Svanstedt, Centurion ATM took the lead on the backstretch and never looked back.

Canepa Hanover and Guess Whos Back, both among Centurion ATM’s challengers heading toward the final turn, went off stride, as did longshot Amicus.

Cruzado Dela Noche finished third. Centurion ATM, the even-money favorite, paid $4.20 to win.

A son of stallion SJ’s Caviar out of the mare ENS Tag Session, Centurion ATM has won two of four starts for owners Knutsson Trotting and Courant A B. He was purchased for $100,000 at the 2013 Standardbred Horse Sale and is a full brother to stakes-winner Triumphant Caviar.

Centurion ATM has won $207,364 in his career.

“It’s awesome, absolutely fantastic,” co-owner Michael Knutsson said. “Especially on this day. It’s fantastic.”

Last week, Centurion ATM won the single elimination for the Haughton Memorial by 3-1/2 lengths over Uncle Lasse in 1:54.2. It was Centurion ATM’s first victory after second-place finishes in his first two races.

“He’s a racehorse,” Svanstedt said prior to the final. “He trained from the beginning and he was a normal horse until he qualified. Then he was something special. Before the qualifier, he did the job and was a nice and friendly horse, but he was nothing special. He loves to race.”

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