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North-America 2020    Lördag 8 Augusti
     The Meadowlands

Vädret East Rutherford

   Auktions priserna för deltagarna i Hambletonian Oaks              
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Hambletonian - Hambletonian Oaks Final - Cane Pace - Shady Daisy - Sam McKee Memorial - Lady Liberty - John Cashman Memorial - Dr. John R Steele - Peter Haughton Memorial - Jim Doherty Memorial
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  Bella Bellini Blossoms Into Oaks Champion
Favourite Bella Bellini stormed home off stalled cover to deliver a winning performance in the $500,000 Hambletonian Oaks for three-year-old trotting fillies during Saturday’s Hambletonian Day card at The Meadowlands....read on
   Hambletonian Oaks 96 - Final
 3 Year Old Filly    1.609 m auto   Purse: $500 000 (250,000 - 112,500 - 54,000 - 36,000 - 22,500 till övriga 5,000)
 Pris pengarna fördelas på 50% - 22,5% - 10,8% - 7,20% - 4,50% - Resterande $10,000 var eller 1%
RACE 14 - Meadowlands - NJ - August 7, 2022
Conditions: HAMBLETONIAN OAKS NO. 96 - FINAL 3 Year Old Fillies (NO LASIX - STAKES BARN - 7 pm Friday) (Elimination Winners draw 1-5) (6-last after winners 50%)
Gait: Trot  Purse: 500,000  Class: Oaks F  Distance: 1 Mile  Post Time: 4:46 PM (Detention Fri 7:00 PM) 
PP  Horse Med 2021 North America YTD  Driver  Trainer    
    Equip Sts  Time  Earnings     Stable Seg Rek Intjä 
1  Darlene Hanover
 3, Chapter Seven-
 Danielle Hanover
  5   1   2   0   1:54.3S   $80520   Todd McCarthy  Brett Bittle 1.10,7a 320 462
2  Flawless Country
 3, Southwind Frank-
 Aleah Hanover
  6   0   0   2   -   $32156   Ake Svanstedt  Ake Svanstedt 1.10,2a 462 579
3  Awesome Trix
 3, Trixton-Awesome Chrissy
†  10   3   3   3   1:52.4M   $64141   Scott Zeron  Christopher Beaver 1.10,1a 106 611
4  Lady Chaos
 3, Cantab Hall-
 Strong Legacy
  8   2   3   2   1:52.4M   $125074   David Miller  Linda Toscano 1.10,1a 690 395
5  Bella Bellini
 3, Bar Hopping-Bella Dolce
  10   6   4   0   1:52.1M   $132585   Dexter Dunn  R. Nifty Norman 1.09,7a 136 983
6  Piper Hanover
 3, Father Patrick-
 Personal Style
†  7   4   0   2   1:52.4F   $63899   Andrew McCarthy  Tony Alagna 1.10,1a 93 439
7  Hot As Hill
 3, Muscle Hill-
 Smarty Pants
  10   2   2   3   1:53.0M   $72300   Yannick Gingras  Ron Burke 1.10,2a 154 599
8  Contested Hanover
 3, Chapter Seven-
 Cr Calendar Girl
  7   0   1   3   Q1:57.0S   $55748   Tim Tetrick  George Ducharme 1.11,8a 87 883
9  You Ato Dream
 3, Donato Hanover-
 Dream Child
  8   4   0   2   1:52.2M   $171655   Jeff Gregory  Jeff Gregory 1.09,9a 388 698
10  Iteration
 3, Chapter Seven-
 Steamy Windows
  6   3   1   0   1:53.1S   $168783   Brian Sears  Marcus Melander 1.10,4a 483 792
HN  Horse               PP   1/4     1/2      3/4       Str     Finish   Actual    LQ   Odds  Driver           Trainer 
 5  Bella Bellini       5    6°/6H   6°/3T    5°°/4Q    2/1H    1/2H     1:52.1  26.3  *0.50  Dexter Dunn      R. Nifty Norman 
10  Iteration           10   4/4     2°/T     1/1Q      1/1H    2/2H     1:52.3  27.4  45.00  Brian Sears      Marcus Melander 
 8  Contested Hanover   8    8/7T    7/3T     8/7H      5/6     3/3H     1:52.4  26.3  97.20  Tim Tetrick      George Ducharme 
 1  Darlene Hanover     1    2/1Q    1/T      2/1Q      3/2T    4/4Q     1:53.0  28.0  16.50  Todd McCarthy    Brett Bittle 
 2  Flawless Country    2    1/1Q    3/1Q     4/3Q      4/3H    5/5Q     1:53.1  27.4  28.80  Ake Svanstedt    Ake Svanstedt 
 9  You Ato Dream       9    10/9    9/5H     10°°/9Q   10/9Q   6/6      1:53.2  26.4  26.30  Jeff Gregory     Jeff Gregory 
 7  Hot As Hill         7    3/2H    4/2H     6/5H      6/7     7/6Q     1:53.2  27.3  21.70  Yannick Gingras  Ron Burke 
 3  Awesome Trix        3    7°/7T   8°/4H    7°/6Q     9/8T    8/7Q     1:53.3  27.3   7.80  Scott Zeron      Christopher Beaver 
 6  Piper Hanover       6    9°/9    10°/5T   9°°/7T    7/8     9/7Q     1:53.3  27.1  14.20  Andrew McCarthy  Tony Alagna 
 4  Lady Chaos          4    5/5H    5°/2H    3°/2T     8/8T    10/14    1:55.0  29.3   4.70  David Miller     Linda Toscano 
1st Bella Bellini  (3, M   Bar Hopping - Bella Dolce - Kadabra)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  David Mc Duffee - FL
    Breeder(s):  David Mc Duffee - FL 
2nd Iteration  (3, M   Chapter Seven - Steamy Windows - Muscle Massive)
    Registered Owner(s):  Courant Inc - FL
    Breeder(s):  Order By Stable - SD 
3rd Contested Hanover  (3, M   Chapter Seven - Cr Calendar Girl - S J`s Photo)
    Registered Owner(s):  Ftm Racing Stable LLC - FL
    Breeder(s):  Hanover Shoe Farms Inc - PA 
  Bella Bellini Blossoms Into Oaks Champion
Favourite Bella Bellini stormed home off stalled cover to deliver a winning performance in the $500,000 Hambletonian Oaks for three-year-old trotting fillies during Saturday’s Hambletonian Day card at The Meadowlands.

Bella Bellini came from mid-pack on the backstretch, advanced three-wide around the final turn, and stormed home to victory in 1:52.1 in Saturday’s (Aug. 7) $500,000 Hambletonian Oaks, for 3-year-old female trotters, at The Meadowlands.

Iteration finished second, 2-1/2 lengths behind, and Contested Hanover was third.

Dexter Dunn drove Bella Bellini for trainer Richard “Nifty” Norman and breeder-owner David McDuffee. It was Dunn’s first Oaks triumph and third for Norman, who won with Personal Style in 2012 and Bee A Magician in 2013. McDuffee was part of the Bee A Magician ownership group.

“It doesn’t get old, I’ll tell you that,” Norman said. “Hopefully, we win many more. It’s great fun. I love it. I love this race.”

Flawless Country led the field to the opening quarter in :26.4 before Darlene Hanover took the top spot in a :56.4 half. Iteration, who started from post 10, came first-over and was the leader at three-quarters in 1:24.4.

Lady Chaos and Bella Bellini followed Iteration in the outside flow, with Dunn timing his charge to victory.

“She’s so fast; I just didn’t want to do too much with her early,” Dunn said. “I knew even third-over that she’s got so much speed, I was confident she could pick them up. There was a bit of shuffling the first quarter. I followed Lady Chaos everywhere and it worked out. I was out of trouble, out of that early speed, and she felt great.

“Coming around the last turn, I was just telling myself to be patient. Lady Chaos started to get tired, so we made our move. She picked them up within a furlong, and the rest is history.”

Bella Bellini’s last quarter was :26.3, equaling the fastest last quarter in the race’s history. Last week, she finished second to Lady Chaos by a head in their Oaks elimination.

“The trip worked out great,” Norman said. “We just wanted to be in a position where she could use her speed, and that’s exactly what happened. I think the whole team did a better job having her ready today. She was more comfortable on the track and Dexter drove her great. It was a team effort.”

Bella Bellini, who paid $3.00 to win as the 1-2 favorite, is a daughter of Bar Hopping out of Bella Dolce. She was winless in seven starts at 2 and has won seven of 11 starts this year. She is the first filly to go without a victory as a 2-year-old and win the Oaks since Jalopy in 2005.

“Nifty Norman is probably the perfect guy to train for me because we both have a lot of patience,” McDuffee said. “We knew she had some ability, and Nifty did a tremendous job with her. I’m as happy for him as I am for myself.”

With the Oaks win, Bella Bellini pushed her career earnings to $386,983.

“I don’t do a lot of breeding, but when I do, I follow my families pretty closely, the ones I like,” McDuffee said. “This family has been so good to me over the many, many years. So, this is pretty special.

“I’ve been in the business for a long time, and you know it’s the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. You don’t always get the jubilation we had today. It’s a very special feeling.”
Auktions priserna för deltagarna i Hambletonian Oaks 
Darlene Hanover         130,000 
Flawless Country        100,000 
Awesome Trix             13,000 
Lady Chaos              125,000 
Bella Bellini          Homebred 
Piper Hanover           120,000 
Hot As Hill             100,000 
Contested Hanover       160,000 
You Ato Dream            45,000 
Iteration               250,000 
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