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Canada 2014    Lördag 13 September
     Mohawk Raceway

Vädret Guelph

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  Shake It Cerry Equals Canadian Record
The Jimmy Takter-trained three-year-old trotting filly Shake It Cerry turned in a dazzling 1:52.1 stakes, track and Canadian record equalling performance on the undercard in the $409,000 Elegantimage Stakes...read on
   Elegantimage Stake - Final
 3 åriga ston   1.609 m auto   Purse: $409 000
 Us dollar (184,050 - 80,982 - 38,871 - 25,915 - 16,196)
Race 7
-- Trot, purse $409,000 (EX, P3, SU, TR)
Post time: 08:05 P.M.         Lasix: 03:50 P.M.          Horses Entered: 11
Sta Häst Kön Kusk Tränare Rek Intj Far Mor
2  TOSCA S  Per Henriksen  Per Henriksen 12,6   76 920  MUSCLE MASS  SOUTHERN SENORITA
3  RIVETING ROSIE S  Paul MacDonell  John Bax 11,8   528 074  MUSCLE BABE  ROSE DE VIE STENA
4  VANITY MATTERS S  Scott Zeron  Jonas Czernyson 10,4   94 076  EXPLOSIVE MATTER  VANITY PLATES
5  CHIVAREE HANOVER S  Doug Mcnair  R Mcnair 11,4   128 843  MUSCLE HILL  CELEBRITY NIKE
6  SCREAM AND SHOUT S  Brett Miller  Jimmy W Takter 10,4   230 047  MUSCLES YANKEE  EXAMINATION
7  SHAKE IT CERRY S  Ron Pierce  Jimmy W Takter 10,2   1 222 805  DONATO HANOVER  SOLVEIG
8  SWEETIE HEARTS S  Randy Waples  R Parsons 11,1   225 817  ANGUS HALL  SWEETHEART K
9  HEAVEN'S DOOR S  Åke Svanstedt  Åke Svanstedt 09,6   202 380  MUSCLE HILL  GIRLIE TOUGH
10  MUSCLE BABE S  Jason Macdonald  D Menary 10,6   231 151  MUSCLE MASS  OAKLEA ODESSA
11  DESIGNED TO BE S  Sylvain Filion  Julie Miller 09,4   587 485  DONATO HANOVER  SHEER SOUL
Horse                       HV PP    1/4     1/2     3/4     Stretch  Finish     Time    1/4  Driver           Odds   Trainer
7   Shake It Cerry              7    4@/3    1/2Q    1/3Q    1/5T     1/9Q       1:52.1  27.3 R Pierce         0.80*  J Takter
3   Riveting Rosie              3    1/NK    3/4     4/5T    3/8      2/9Q       1:54    28.1 P Macdonell     28.85   J Bax
6   Scream And Shout(L)         6    2@/NK   2/2Q    2/3Q    2/5T     3/9H       1:54    28.4 Y Gingras       10.45   J Takter
4   Vanity Matters              4    8/6T    7@/9    5@/7    5/9T     4/10Q      1:54.1  28.1 S Zeron         55.50   J Czernyson
8   Sweetie Hearts              8    9/8T    9/11    7@/8T   7/11H    5/10H      1:54.1  27.4 Ra Waples       33.00   R Parsons
11  Designed To Be              11   7/5     5@/6T   3@/4T   4/8      6/10H      1:54.1  28.3 S Filion         1.90   J Miller
10  Muscle Babe                 10   10/10H  6/8     8/10T   8/14H    7/15       1:55.1  28.2 Ja Macdonald   174.85   D Menary
1   Demanding Sam=              1    5/3H    4/5H    6/8     6/11H    8/17       1:55.3  29.2 D Miller        57.65   S Mceneny
9   Heavens Door                9    6@/4H   X8@/10T 9@/11   9/15T    9/20       1:56.1  29.2 A Svanstedt      8.50   A Svanstedt
2   Tosca=                      2    3X/1T   10/18   10/19H  10/21H   10/29      1:58    29.3 P Henriksen    161.40   P Henriksen
5   Chivaree Hanover=           X5X  11/DIS  11/DIS  11/DIS  11/DIS   11/DIS                  D Mcnair        98.80   R Mcnair
Time: 27, 55.4, 1:24.3, 1:52.1 (Temperature: 11, Condition: FT, Variant: 0)
1st  Shake It Cerry      (b,f,3 - Donato Hanover-Solveig-Yankee Glide)
                         Owner: Solveigs Racing Partners,East Windsor,NJ
2nd  Riveting Rosie      (b,f,3 - Muscle Mass-Rose De Vie Stena-Balanced Image)
                         Owner: Parkhill Stud Farm,Peterborough-Don A Allensen,Wyoming-J And T Stable Newmarket-John F Hayes,Sharon,ON
3rd  Scream And Shout    (b,f,3 - Muscles Yankee-Examination-Sjs Caviar)
                         Owner: Christina Takter,East Windsor,NJ-John D Fielding-Jim H Fielding,Toronto,ON

Shake It Cerry cruised to a 9¼ length victory in a Track, Stakes and Canadian record
Shake It Cerry Equals Canadian Record
The Jimmy Takter-trained three-year-old trotting filly Shake It Cerry turned in a dazzling 1:52.1 stakes, track and Canadian record equalling performance on the undercard in the $409,000 Elegantimage Stakes.

The Canadian record is co-held by former Elegantimage Stakes winners Check Me Out and Bee A Magician along with Lifetime Pursuit, who equalled the mark in the Casual Breeze Stakes in August.

Last year's Peaceful Way Stakes champion Riveting Rosie and Paul MacDonell established the early lead during a :27-second opening quarter, but the parked out Scream And Shout worked her way to the top in rein to Yannick Gingras and then her favoured stablemate, Shake It Cerry, rolled by. Shake It Cerry and Ron Pierce cleared to command just before the :55.4 half-mile mark and opened up three lengths on top by the 1:24.3 third quarter station. Down the stretch, the 4-5 favourite continued to draw away from the field for the nine and a quarter length victory with Riveting Rosie and Scream And Shout chasing her home in second and third.

"I figured I'd just take it as easy as I could early and follow Yannick to the top," said Pierce of his racing strategy. "We just kind of had a breather that third quarter. I asked her to go a little bit turning for home and she responded well and was just full of trot. I never turned the whip around and I never pulled her earplugs. I just kind of sat there, I was just a passenger. Jimmy had her tuned up. She's an amazing filly. I just love her."

Owned by the Solveigs Racing Partners, the millionaire Donato Hanover-Solveig filly has won nine of her 11 races and nearly $600,000 this year.

"I've always said this is the best three-year-old filly of this crop," said Takter. "Lifetime Pursuit is quite good too, but I know this filly, she had a tough run in the Hambletonian [Oaks where she finished fourth] and she's just a fantastic horse and she bounces back every time. I think she earned all the respect she gets."

Shake It Cerry returned $3.60 to her backers at the betting windows.
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