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Canada 2018    Lördag 15 September
     Woodbine Mohawk Park
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  Crystal Fashion Clicks In Canadian Trotting Classic
The post was poor, the trip was beautiful and the payday was big for Crystal Fashion in the final of the Canadian Trotting on
 3 åriga  1.609 m auto   Purse: CA$ 665 000 ()
 Us dollar (256,025 - 115,211 - 55,301 - 36,868 - 23,042 - 5,121 till övriga för utom Winning American som fick $0)
Race 7
-- Trot, purse $665,000 (EX, P3, SU, TR)
Post time: 09:31 P.M.         Lasix: 05:16 P.M.          Horses Entered: 11 
Sta Häst Kön Kusk Tränare Rek Intj Far Mor Morfar
1  MISSLE HILL H  David Miller  Tony Alagna 11,2   103 315  MUSCLE HILL  INDIA HALL  GARLAND LOBELL
2  MET'S HALL H  Andy Miller  Julie Miller 09,6   789 043  CANTAB HALL  MET'S INN  MUTINEER
3  YOU KNOW YOU DO H  Yannick Gingras  Jimmy Takter 10,5   456 926  MUSCLE HILL  YOU WANT ME  CREDIT WINNER
4  FOR A DREAMER H  Jason Macdonald  Bob Stewart 10,7   65 140  CANTAB HALL  FOR A DANCER  CONWAY HALL
5  LAWMAKER H  Anthony Macdonald  Andrew Harris 10,6   286 247  MUSCLE MASSIVE  PRETTY AMIGO  AMIGO HALL
6  ALARM DETECTOR H  Trev Henry  Benoit Baillargeon 10,1   308 839  CHAPTER SEVEN  FINAL COUNTDOWN  YANKEE GLIDE
7  RUN DIRECTOR H  Sylviain Filion  Benoit Baillargeon 10,9   163 250  KADABRA  KEEP THE SPIRIT  REVENUE
9  WINNING AMERICAN H  Louis Roy  Paul Reid 12,8   122 578  KADABRA  WIN MISSY B  CONWAY HALL
10  CRYSTAL FASHION V  Tim Tetrick  Jim Campbell 08,5   813 474  CANTAB HALL  WINDOW WILLOW  TAGLIABUE
11  ZEPHYR KRONOS H  Jimmy Takter  Jimmy Takter 09,6   102 228  READY CASH  ORANGE KRONOS  YANKEE GLIDE


HN   Horse                PP    1/4         1/2       3/4      Str      Finish     Actual    LQ     Odds 
10   Crystal Fashion      10    1/1H        2/1H      2@/1H    2/Q      1/H        1:52.1  27.0     2.95 
 2   Mets Hall=           2     2@/1H       1/1H      1/1H     1/Q      2/H        1:52.1  27.1     0.70* 
 8   Fiftydallarbill(L)   8     6@/7Q       5@/6      4@/3T    3/3Q     3/2Q       1:52.3  26.4     9.65 
 5   Lawmaker             5     3/1T        3/3       3/3      4/3H     4/5        1:53.1  27.3    61.30 
 1   Missle Hill=(L)      1     5/6H        6/6       5/4T     5/5Q     5/6Q       1:53.2  27.2    57.35 
 7   Run Director         7     10/13T      8/8H      8/7Q     8/9H     6/7Q       1:53.3  27.1    11.55 
 6   Alarm Detector       6     9@/12Q      10@/11H   9@@/8H   9/11     7/9        1:54.0  27.2    11.25 
11   Zephyr Kronos        11    8/10T       9@/9T     7@@/6T   6/7Q     8/9T       1:54.1  27.4    51.15 
 4   For A Dreamer=       4     7/9         7@/7T     6@/5H    7/8H     9/13Q      1:54.4  28.4   106.80  
 3   You Know You Do      3     4/4T        4@/3T     X10/20   10/DIS   10/DIS                     16.80  
 9   Winning American=    EX9   PULLED UP                               DNF                           RE 

Time: 27.3, 56.2, 1:25, 1:52.1 (Temperature: 25, Condition: FAST, Variant: 0)
1st  Crystal Fashion     (b,g,3 - Cantab Hall-Window Willow-Tagliabue)
                         Owner: Fashion Farms LLC,New Hope,PA
2nd  Mets Hall           (b,c,3 - Cantab Hall-Mets Inn-Mutineer)
                         Owner: Stroy Inc,Allentown-Andy Miller Stable Inc,Millstone Township,NJ
3rd  Fiftydallarbill     (br,c,3 - Swan For All-Cr Dixie Chick-Royal Troubador)
                         Owner: John E Barnard,Miami,FL 
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Crystal Fashion and driver Tim Tetrick win the $665,000 Canadian Trotting Classic.
Crystal Fashion Clicks In Canadian Trotting Classic
The post was poor, the trip was beautiful and the payday was big for Crystal Fashion in the final of the Canadian Trotting Classic.

Tim Tetrick utilized Crystal Fashion’s great, gate speed to settle into the pocket in the rich final, and the Jim Campbell trainee parlayed the sweet ride into a 1:52.1 triumph.

Crystal Fashion flew to the lead and hit the opening marker in :27.3 before taking a back seat to Mets Hall. The race favourite led through middle splits of :56.2 and 1:25, but Crystal Fashion wore her down in the lane thanks to her :27-second, final quarter kick. Crystal Fashion edged out Mets Hall by a half-length margin in 1:52.1. Fiftydallarbill, who was parked every step of the mile, was a gutsy third.

“It worked out good today,” said Tim Tetrick. “We got out of there good and got on the right foot. He crossed over well, in-hand, and the favourite came and we had to let him go, so I got a dream trip.

“I went ahead and pulled the pocket at the top of the lane,” he added. “We had a horse race to the wire, but today my horse outgrinded him. With Crystal, you never know for sure. He always gives a pretty good effort, but sometimes he can look at butterflies.”

"Timmy did a great job getting him out of there to put him in good position," said trainer Campbell. "The horse, he digs. If he’s got a target to go at, he goes after it. He’s just been a tremendous horse to train this year.

“He’s been good at both two and three,” added Campbell. “He seems to get better. He’ll go down to Lexington and have two races there and then he’ll go to the Breeders Crown.”

Fashion Farms LLC of New Hope, PA owns the three-year-old son of Cantab Hall-Window Willow who won for the ninth time this season and for the 13th time in his career. The victory bumped his overall cash stash to $1,145,974.
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