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North-America 2019     Lördag 2 November
     The Meadowlands
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  Kindergartens Complete At Meadowlands
With the Fall Final Four approaching, two-year-olds of each sex and gait competed in one of the Grand Circuit's late-season staples: the Kindergarten Classic Finals at the Meadowlands Racetrack on Saturday, Nov. on
   Kindergarten Classic -  Final
 2 åriga ston   1.609 m auto   Purse: $251 020 (119,235 - 59,617 - 28,616 - 19,077- 11,923 - 2,510 till övriga)
RACE 6 - Meadowlands - NJ - November 2, 2022
Conditions: KINDERGARTEN CLASSIC - FINAL 2 Year Old Fillies (Declaration Fee - $2,282)
Gait: Trot     Purse: $251,020     Class: Kndrgrtn F     Distance: 1 Mile    Track Cond: FAST 
PP  Horse Med 2019 North America YTD  Driver  Trainer ML Base 
      Sts  Time  Earnings     Stable Odds Claim 
1  Hall Of Am S
 Muscle Hill-
 Hall Of Face
  4   2   1   0   1:55.2M   $13500   Tim Tetrick  Marcus Melander    
2  Scorched Romance
 Kadabra-Tequila Slammer
  10   3   1   2   1:57.1S   $54516   Dexter Dunn  R. Nifty Norman    
3  Word Of Honor
 Father Patrick-
 Honor Thy Daughter
  8   2   2   3   1:55.2M   $41162   Andy Miller  Julie Miller    
4  Confidante
 Father Patrick-
 Anywhere With You
  3   0   0   1   Q1:57.3M   $1200   Andrew McCarthy  Tony Alagna    
5  Jula Beauty Am
 Muscle Hill-
 Beauty Of Gray
  5   0   2   0   Q2:00.2M   $11300   Yannick Gingras  Per Engblom    
6  Creature Of Habit
 Donato Hanover-
 Habit`s Best
  11   2   2   1   1:54.4M   $38750   Dexter Dunn  R. Nifty Norman    
7  Senorita Rita
 Chapter Seven-
 Lindys Head Nurse
  6   4   2   0   1:54.0M   $65200   Scott Zeron  Linda Toscano    
8  Molto Bene
 Father Patrick-
 Bene Bene
  10   2   1   0   1:57.4F   $19221   David Miller  R. Nifty Norman    
9  Heaven
 Father Patrick-
 Blue Diamonds
15   1   4   1   1:55.1M   $54742   Marcus Miller  Erv Miller    
10  Dip Me Hanover
 Donato Hanover-
 Dancing For Money
  11   2   1   2   1:55.1S   $189124   David Miller  Linda Toscano    
AE1  Rebecca Clark
 Muscle Hill-
 About To Bee
  10   2   2   1   1:57.1F   $44386   Yannick Gingras  Per Engblom    
AE2  Common Sense S
  11   5   1   2   1:53.3M   $130924   Ake Svanstedt  Ake Svanstedt    
HN  Horse              PP  1/4     1/2      3/4      Str      Finish     Actual     LQ    Odds  Driver           Trainer 
 7  Senorita Rita      7   1°/1Q   1/1Q     1/2      1/1H     1/2        1:53.2   28.1   *0.50  Scott Zeron      Linda Toscano 
10  Dip Me Hanover     10  3/2H    3/2T     4/3Q     4/3T     2/2        1:53.4   28.0    9.90  David Miller     Linda Toscano 
 6  Creature Of Habit  6   4/3T    4/4      3°/2Q    3/3      4P3/3      1:54.0   28.2    7.00  Dexter Dunn      R. Nifty Norman 
 1  Hall Of Am S       1   2/1Q    2/1Q     2/2      2X/1H    X3XP4/2Q   1:53.4g  28.1    2.80  Tim Tetrick      Marcus Melander 
 5  Jula Beauty Am     5   8/9Q    8/7      7°/6     6/8      5/8Q       1:55.0   28.3   88.80  Yannick Gingras  Per Engblom 
 3  Word Of Honor      3   6/6H    6°/5H    5°/3T    5/6H     6/9        1:55.1   29.1   39.20  Andy Miller      Julie Miller 
 8  Molto Bene         8   9/10T   9/8Q     8/7Q     7/9H     7/10       1:55.2   28.4  128.50  Victor Kirby     R. Nifty Norman 
 9  Heaven             9   10/12   10°/8Q   9/8H     8/11     8/11Q      1:55.3   28.4   79.70  Marcus Miller    Erv Miller 
 4  Confidante         4   7/8     7°/7     10°/9H   9/14H    9/19       1:57.1   30.1   64.90  Andrew McCarthy  Tony Alagna 
 2  Scorched Romance   2   5/5     5/5H     6/5Q     X10/16H  10/28T     1:59.1g  33.0   75.20  Brian Sears      R. Nifty Norman 
1st Senorita Rita  (2, M   Chapter Seven - Lindys Head Nurse - Donato Hanover)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Kenneth Jacobs - NY
    Breeder(s):  Our Horse Cents Stables - NY 
2nd Dip Me Hanover  (2, M   Donato Hanover - Dancing For Money - Muscles Yankee)
    Registered Owner(s):  Camelot Stable Inc - NJ, Dreamville Stable - ON, R-And-I Farms LLC - NY
    Breeder(s):  Hanover Shoe Farms Inc - PA 
3rd Creature Of Habit  (2, M   Donato Hanover - Habit`s Best - Muscles Yankee)
    Registered Owner(s):  Melvin Hartman - ON, David Mc Duffee - FL, Diamond Creek Racing - PA
    Breeder(s):  Fredericka Caldwell - KY 
Lisa photo
Senorita Rita.
Kindergartens Complete At Meadowlands
With the Fall Final Four approaching, two-year-olds of each sex and gait competed in one of the Grand Circuit's late-season staples: the Kindergarten Classic Finals at the Meadowlands Racetrack on Saturday, Nov. 2.

Trainer Linda Toscano claimed the top two spots in the $251,020 Kindergarten Classic Filly Trot Final—sponsored by Svanstedt Stable—with 1-2 favourite Senorita Rita winning in a career-best mile of 1:53.2 over stablemate Dip Me Hanover.

Driver Scott Zeron sent Senorita Rita for the lead as Hall Of Am S protected position from the pylon post and Dip Me Hanover secured a spot from post 10 in third circling the first turn. Trotting the first quarter in :27.4, Senorita Rita held an uncontested lead to a :56.3 half and past three-quarters in 1:25.1.

Creature Of Habit mounted a mild first-over bid around the final turn but lost ground through the stretch, leaving room for Hall Of Am S to vacate pocket and challenge the leader late. However Senorita Rita kept her lead intact while Hall Of Am S lost stride nearing the finish, giving Dip Me Hanover second while Creature Of Habit took third via placing. Hall Of Am S, with a lapped-on break finishing third, was disqualified to fourth.

“Tonight I let her see what we can do and down the lane asked her and she maintained her speed right to the wire,” Zeron said after the race. “She’s really a sensational horse. Linda’s been patient with her all year. I’ve been on the front end but that’s just because she’s so easy to drive and I just want to stay out of trouble, but she’s versatile. I’m excited for next year and maybe she’ll have a little bit more left this year.

With five victories from seven starts, Senorita Rita has banked $190,710 for owner Kenneth Jacobs. Though she started her career late, Toscano left open the possibility of sending her two-year-old Chapter Seven filly deeper into the Grand Circuit with the Goldsmith Maid coming up at the Meadowlands.

“I think they either have or they don’t, and she has it,” Toscano said after the race. “I believe she’s a quality filly—I’ve believed all along she’s a quality filly. If she comes out of this race well, that’s where she’ll be going.

Senorita Rita paid $3.00 to win.
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