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North-America 2020    Lördag 4 Juli
     Vernon Downs
        Video                   Tidigare vinnare av Nyss Elim - Nyss Final - Empire Breeders Classic              
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  Hypnotic AM, Third Shift In 'EBC'
Vernon Downs played host to a July fourth spectacular on Saturday (July 4). It featured three Empire Breeder Classic (EBC) for trotting sophomores, with Hypnotic AM winning the $207,250 final for fillies and Third Shift emerging best from the two splits for colts and on
   Empire Breeders Classic - New York Sire Stakes - 2nd leg
 3 åriga ston   1.609 m auto   Purse: $207 250 (103,625 - 81,812 - 24,870 - 16,580 - 10,362)
RACE 10 - Vernon Downs - NY - July 4, 2022
Conditions: EMPIRE BREEDERS CLASSIC 3 Year Old Fillies (Declaration Fee - $2,500 + $19.90 Starting Fee)
Gait: Trot     Purse: $207,250     Class: EBC 3YOFT     Distance: 1 Mile    Track Cond: FAST 
PP  Horse Med 2020 North America YTD  Driver  Trainer ML Base 
      Sts  Time  Earnings     Stable Odds Claim 
1  Senorita Rita   -   -   -   -   -    Scott Zeron  Linda Toscano    
2  Without A Warning   1   0   0   1   Q1:55.0S   $6600   Scott Zeron  George Ducharme    
3  Reciprocalbluechip   2   1   0   0   1:55.4F   $7500   Charlie Norris  Charlie Norris    
4  Love A Good Story   1   1   0   0   1:53.0F   $27500   Andy Miller  Julie Miller    
5  Southwind Fern   -   -   -   -   -    Jim Morrill Jr  Jenny Melander    
6  Munster   1   0   0   1   -   $6600   Tyler Buter  Per Engblom    
7  No Mas Drama   1   0   1   0   -   $13750   Joe Bongiorno  Jennifer Bongiorno    
8  Sorprese 3   1   0   0   1:57.2H   $9006   Dan Daley  Dan Daley    
9  Hypnotic Am   1   1   0   0   Q1:51.1M   $27500   Brian Sears  Marcus Melander    
[10  Seventimesalady   1   0   0   0   -   $4400   Ake Svanstedt  Ake Svanstedt    
[11  Condescending   2   0   1   1   -   $4230   Tyler Buter  Rob Harmon    
HN  Horse               PP   1/4       1/2      3/4      Str     Finish   Actual     LQ    Odds  Driver          Trainer 
 9  Hypnotic Am         9    4°/3Q     1/1H     1/1      1/H     1/1      1:53.4   28.0   *0.80  Brian Sears     Marcus Melander 
 4  Love A Good Story   4    2°/1H     2/1H     3/1Q     2/H     2/1      1:54.0   28.0    1.65  Andy Miller     Julie Miller 
 7  No Mas Drama        7    1/1H      4/2H     5/2H     3/1Q    3/1H     1:54.0   27.4   28.25  Joe Bongiorno   Jennifer Bongiorno 
 6  Munster             6    3/3       6/4Q     7/3T     4/2     4/4H     1:54.3   28.0   85.75  Tyler Buter     Per Engblom 
 2  Without A Warning   2    8°/8      8/5T     8°°/4Q   5/4     5/6Q     1:55.0   28.2   32.75  Jason Bartlett  George Ducharme 
 1  Senorita Rita       1    5/4T      5°/3Q    4°/2     7/5H    6/8H     1:55.2   29.1    5.00  Scott Zeron     Linda Toscano 
10  Seventimesalady     10   7/6H      7°/4Q    6°/3Q    6/5Q    7/8T     1:55.3   29.1   72.25  Ake Svanstedt   Ake Svanstedt 
 8  Sorprese            8    11/12H    10/8T    9/4T     9/6H    8/9H     1:55.3   28.4  194.25  Dan Daley       Dan Daley 
11  Condescending       11   10/11     9/7Q     10/5Q    8/6H    9/10     1:55.4   29.0  155.25  Jim Marohn Jr   Rob Harmon 
 5  Southwind Fern      5    6°/5      3°/2     2°/1     10/8    10/13    1:56.2   30.2   59.00  Jim Morrill Jr  Jenny Melander 
 3  Reciprocalbluechip  3    X9°°/9H   11/18T   11/15Q   11/18   11/27H   1:59.1g  30.2  116.00  Charlie Norris  Charlie Norris 
1st Hypnotic Am  (3, M   Chapter Seven - Daydream Am S - Muscle Hill)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Courant Inc - FL
    Breeder(s):  Courant A B - SD
2nd Love A Good Story  (3, M   Chapter Seven - Celebrity Lovin - Andover Hall)
    Registered Owner(s):  Pinske Stables - MN, Kentuckiana Racing Stable - KY, Daniel Plouffe - QC
    Breeder(s):  Celebrity Farms - NY 
3rd No Mas Drama  (3, M   Muscles Yankee - Massive Drama - Credit Winner)
    Registered Owner(s):  Joseph Bongiorno LLC - NJ, J&T; Silva Stables, LLC - NY, Joseph Di Scala Jr - NY, Eleven Star Stables - IN
    Breeder(s):  Peter Venturini - NJ 

Hypnotic AM


Third Shift

Hypnotic AM, Third Shift In 'EBC'
Vernon Downs played host to a July fourth spectacular on Saturday (July 4). It featured three Empire Breeder Classic (EBC) for trotting sophomores, with Hypnotic AM winning the $207,250 final for fillies and Third Shift emerging best from the two splits for colts and geldings.

The card also included two divisions of the New York Sire Stakes (NYSS) for freshman pacing fillies. These five races combined for more than half a million dollars in purse money.

A wild start in the EBC filly final saw No Mas Drama lead to the first quarter in :27.2, but Love A Good Story soon took the top spot before Hypnotic AM took control into the backstretch. Southwind Fern was parked first over and put slight pressure on Hypnotic AM as she hit the half first in :56.1. The field was two-by-two following Hypnotic AM as they charged around the final turn hitting three-quarters in 1:25.4.

Hypnotic AM led as they made the turn for home. Love A Good Story was trapped in the box and finally got free as they reached the stretch but Hypnotic AM was too strong and won in 1:53.4. Love A Good Story settled for second. No Mas Drama finally got free in the stretch as well and finished third.

Hypnotic AM is a three-year-old filly by Chapter Seven owned by Courant Inc. and trained by Marcus Melander. She is now two-for-two in 2020 with nine wins in 11 starts. Brian Sears drove the $3.60 winner.

Third Shift dominated the $97,750 second division of the EBC for three-year-old colts & geldings.

Berkery J and Chaptiama battled for the early lead with Chaptiama taking over just before hitting the first quarter in :27.2. Chaptiama then led to the half in :57.1 with Berkery J in the pocket and Third Shift sitting patiently in third. As they headed to three-quarters in 1:25.3, Ballcapsnbluejeans came first up and flushed out Third Shift.

Third Shift moved into second and went a little wide as they made the turn for home. Berkery J tried to split the leaders but went off-stride. Meanwhile Third Shift had another gear and forged to the front to win by over five lengths in a lifetime-best 1:52.4. Ballcapsnbluejeans came up to finish second with Sir Cromwell getting awarded third place.

Third Shift is a three-year-old colt by Chapter Seven owned by trainer Svanstedt and Melby Gard Inc. He is two-for-two in 2020 with five wins overall. Ake Svanstedt drove the $2.90 winner.

Hobbs went three-wide to gain upset victory in $97,750 first division of the EBC for sophomore trotting colts & geldings.

Hobbs went straight to the front and led to the first quarter in :27.2. Barn Holden then circled to the lead as they went around the clubhouse turn with Hobbs settling for the pocket. Barn Holden hit the half first in :56.3. Take The Credit was the first to make a move on the backstretch, going first-over from fourth and inching up to the leader to challenge for command heading to three-quarters in 1:24.3.

Hobbs came out of the pocket and came at them three wide as they reached the stretch. In deep stretch Take The Credit muscled his way to the front, but Hobbs wore him down and went by just before the wire, trotting a lifetime-best mile of 1:53.3. Take The Credit had to settle for second money with Barn Holden hanging on for third.

Hobbs is a three-year-old gelding by Credit Winner. Owned by Runthetable Stables and trained by Jim Campbell, he won for the first time this season and the second time in his career. Jason Bartlett drove the $17.20 winner.

Easy To Please (Roll With Joe-Lorrie Please) and Test Of Faith (Art Major-Cannae Cammie) each took the $53,100 divisions of the NYSS for freshmen pacing fillies.

Easy To Please took over just before the half and never looked back to win in a lifetime best of 1:53.2. She is owned by trainer Michael Hall, Our Three Sons Stable, Brad Grant, and Howard Taylor. She is now two-for-two in her young career. She paid $2.60 for the win.

Test Of Faith took her NYSS division going wire-to-wire in 1:52.2. She is trained by Brett Pelling for owners Melvin Segal and Kentuckiana Racing Stable and paid $11.00 to win in her maiden-breaking bow.
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