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North-America 2017    Lördag 2 September
     Yonkers Raceway
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Yonkers Trot
Top Flight Angel (Brian Sears) was a nose the best in the $580,000 Yonkers Trot in 1:56.3 for 3-year-olds...read on
   Yonkers Trot - Final
 3 åriga   1.609 m auto   Purse: $500 000 (250,000-125,000-60,000-40,000-25,000)
RACE 5 - Yonkers Raceway - NY - September 2, 2022
Conditions: THE $580,000 YONKERS TROT FINAL 3 YO OPEN F.S.F. $2,500 + $18.80 NYS STARTING FEE
Gait: Trot     Purse: $500,000     Class: YR TROT     Distance: 1 Mile    Track Cond: FAST  
Sta Häst Kön Kusk Tränare Rek Intj Far Mor Morfar
1  DEVIOUS MAN H  Andy Miller  Julie Miller 09,9   1 048 600  CREDIT WINNER  MISS GARLAND  GARLAND LOBELL
2  DI OGGI H  Montrell Teague  Archie Kohr 11,7   50 704  CRAZED  CON DOLCEZZA  CANTAB HALL
4  GUARDIAN ANGEL AS H  Jason Bartlett  Anette Lorentzon 11,0   151 593  ARCHANGEL  PROVIDE AS  ALLSTAR HALL
5  SOUTHWIND HYDRO H  Marcus Johansson  Nancy Johansson 11,1   22 724  MUSCLE HILL  SENSUAL HALL  GARLAND LOBELL
6  YES MICKEY V  Åke Svanstedt  Åke Svanstedt 09,2   243 087  MUSCLE HILL  MY FAVORITE CHIP  PINE CHIP
7  MONEY MACINTOSH H  Jordan Stratton  Julie Miller 12,2   201 731  CREDIT WINNER  APPLE PLUSH  SJ'S CAVIAR
9  TOP FLIGHT ANGEL H  Brian Sears  Julie Miller 11,5   123 421  ARCHANGEL  TOP PHOTO  S J'S PHOTO
HN  Horse              PP   1/4       1/2      3/4     Str     Finish   Actual     LQ    Odds 
 9  Top Flight Angel   9    3/3       3/4      3°/2    2/1     1/NS     1:56.3   28.3    7.10 
 6  Yes Mickey         6    2/1H      2/2      2/2     3/1T    2/NS     1:56.3   28.3    1.90 
 1  Devious Man        1    1/1H      1/2      1/2     1/1     3/1H     1:56.4   29.1   *1.00 
 3  Southwind Cobra    3    4/4T      4/6Q     4/4     4/3T    4/5H     1:57.3   29.1  105.75 
 5  Southwind Hydro    5    5/6Q      5°/7T    5°/4    5/3T    5/6Q     1:57.4   29.2   57.00 
 7  Money Macintosh    7    6/7T      6/9T     6°/6    6/5Q    6/8      1:58.1   29.2   85.25 
 8  Another Chapter    8    7/9T      7/12     7°X/9   7/25Q   7/29T    2:02.3   33.1  151.25 
 2  Di Oggi            2    XIP8/11   8/32     8/29    8/33Q   8/DIS                    66.50 
 4  Guardian Angel As  4X   9/31      X9X/32   9/DIS   9/DIS   9/DIS                     3.95 
1st Top Flight Angel  (3, H   Archangel - Top Photo - S J`s Photo)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Legendary Standardbred Farm - NY
    Breeder(s):  Alan Hainsworth - NY 
2nd Yes Mickey  (3, G   Muscle Hill - My Favorite Chip - Pine Chip)
    Registered Owner(s):  Mellby Gard Inc - FL
    Breeder(s):  Steve Stewart - KY, Junior Yutzy - OH 
3rd Devious Man  (3, H   Credit Winner - Miss Garland - Garland Lobell)
    Registered Owner(s):  Stroy Inc. - NJ, Andy Miller Stable Inc - NJ
    Breeder(s):  Winbak Farm - MD  
Mike Lizzi Photo
Top Flight Angel.
Yonkers Trot
Top Flight Angel (Brian Sears) was a nose the best in the $580,000 Yonkers Trot in 1:56.3 for 3-year-olds.

Devious Man and Andy Miller got away with the lead off the gate to hit the quarter mile mark in :28.4 and held that lead to the :58.4 half, with Yes Mickey (Ake Svanstadt) along the rail in second racing with a new Murphy Blind on the left side and Top Flight Angel in third.

Devious Man was still on the lead at the 1:27.3 three-quarters, but there was a gathering storm behind him, with both Yes Mickey along the inside and Top Flight Angel on the outside. In the end it was a win by a nose for Top Flight Angel over Yes Mickey, with Devious Man in third.

The win earns Top Flight Angel an automatic invitation for the Yonkers International, to be held Oct. 14 and improved his seasonal slate to 12-3-1-3.

Top Flight Angel by Archangel is owned by Legendary Standardbred Farm of New York and trained by Julie Miller.

“I was hoping Brian could get out of there from the two-hole,” said Miller. “It’s a huge accomplishment, Andy [her husband] and I work very hard and I’m glad Brian got it done.”

“It wasn’t the way we drew it up but we got out of there the best we could,” said Sears. “I sat as long as I could but by the three-quarter pole, I was pretty happy. The horse went a great mile tonight.”

Also part of the evening's events were the Hudson Filly Trot and Lady Maud Pace.
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