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    Raceday    2022-07-21
  Tidigare vinnare av Canadian Breeders
                Elimination - Final
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Canadian Breeders    Final
3 year old C&G 1.609m auto 
  Purse: $159 058

N:r Plac. Häst                Kön Härstamning                    Kusk                Tränare             Tid Dist. Odds    Pris 
 5   1    Knows Nothing       h   Kadabra - Sawy Yankee          Jody Jamieson       Jeffrey Gillis   1:54.3 1609    20  79 529   
 3   2    Cold Certified      v   Kadabra - I Like Stephanie     Jason Brewer        Gary Lance       1:54.4 1609   337  39 764   
 2   3    Delcrest Julian     v   Kadabra - Vintage Chip         Mario Baillargeon   Rick Zeron       1:55.0 1609   267  19 086   
 7   4    Mikey Hanover       v   Majestic Son - Minky Hanover   Paul MacDonell      Mark Steacy      1:55.2 1609   308  12 724   
 8   5    Victim Of Changes   h   Kadabra - Speed Mirror         Rick Zeron          Björn Norén      1:56.0 1609   917   7 952   
 1   0    Il Mago             h   Kadabra - Northern Style       Randy Waples        Rod Boyd         1:56.0 1609   111       
 6   0    Heres The Magic     v   Kadabra - Blackberry Hanover   Scott Zeron         Richard Norman   1:56.3 1609   514       
 9   0    Reckon Im Ready     v   Kadabra - Hawaiian Viva        Mike Vanderkemp     Mike Vanderkemp  1:56.3 1609   190       
 4   d    Prestidigitator     h   Kadabra - She'sa Priority      Sylvain Filion      Norm Jones           dg 1609    22       
10   d    Jetcrest            v   Pegasus Spur - Spilled Milk    Anthony MacDonald   Garth Gordon         dg 1609  1399   
Time: 12.4, 27.2, 56.4, 1:25.4, 1:40.1, 1:54.3 (Temperature: 21, Condition: FT, Variant: 0)
1st  Knows Nothing       (b,c,3 - Kadabra-Savvy Yankee-Balanced Image)
                         Owner: Al J Libfeld,Pickering-Marvin Katz,Toronto-Mac T Nichol,Burlington-J Gillis G Stay,Hillsburgh,ON
2nd  Cold Certified      (br,g,3 - Kadabra-I Like Stephanie-Ilooklikemymom)
                         Owner: Trevor R Lance-Sandy L Moulton,Port Perry-Brian T Samis,Uxbridge-GL Racing Inc,Port Perry,ON
3rd  Decret Justiciale   (b,g,3 - Justice Hall-Supersfinalcatch-Promising Catch)
                         Owner: Jules Sigler,Ottawa,ON-Danielle Levac,St-Augustin-Mirabel,QC
övriga lopp på Mohawk denna dag

Knows Nothing wins CB

Knows Nothing delivered as the even-money favourite in the $159,058 three-year-old trotting colt division in 1:54.3 for driver Jody Jamieson and trainer Jeff Gillis prior to their big win in the Maple Leaf Trot.

Leaving from the nine-hole, Reckon Im Ready (Mike Vanderkemp) marched to the top spot while outsider Jetcrest (Anthony MacDonald) and elimination winner Prestidigitator (Sylvain Filion) broke stride early on. Reckon Im Ready led the way to the first quarter mark in :27.2, but then gave way to Decret Justiciale (Mario Baillargeon), who brushed up from fourth down the backstretch.

The new leader hit the half in :56.4 and proceeded to three-quarters in 1:25.4 with Cold Certified (Jason Brewer) flushed first up by Il Mago (Randy Waples) while third over Knows Nothing began to rally three-wide.

Down the stretch, Knows Nothing came flying home on the outside to prevail by a length over Cold Certified and Decret Justiciale.

"I thought I had the best horse when the sheet came out," commented Jamieson after the victory. "Obviously, Prestidigitator has been awesome, he just hasn't faced Knows Nothing yet and hopefully he stays good."

Knows Nothing, who received a bye to the final, paid $4 to win for the sixth time in seven career starts. The near perfect Kadabra-Savvy Yankee colt is now Hambletonian-bound for Ontario owners Al Libfeld of Pickering, Marvin Katz of Toronto, Mac Nichol of Burlington and the J Gillis G Stay partnership of Hillsburgh.

"It's going to be a lot of fun for an Ontario-sired horse to go down there and mix it up with the big boys," added Jamieson.

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