Hingst född 1997   1:57.4   $ $264,025 



f.86  1.11.8a 485 307 USD 

f.81    1.12.1a 1 271 764 USD

 SPEEDY SOMOLLI  f.75  1,11,5ak - $427 550


 BONEFISH  f.72  1,13,5ak - 309 375$
 VICTORIOUS LOU   f.72  1.14.0a 48 836 USD

f. 90 1.09.5a  303 178 USD

f.78 1.13.5a 172 290 USD

 SPEEDY CROWN  f. 68  12,8ak - $545 495


 LINDY´S CROWN  f.76  1,11,4ak - 262 048$
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 e Valley Victory  u Beat The Wheel

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 2000- Vinnare av
Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings
2   10  3  0  4   $173,967
3    8  0  1  1    $90,058
    18  3  1  5   $264,025
• Stakes winner at 2 and Hambletonian finalist at 3, Berndt Hanover is by the trotting
Super Sire Valley Victory and is the first foal from world champion Beat The Wheel
4,1:51.4 ($303,178). That’s a line that’s hard to beat.
• “Berndt Hanover had the desire, pedigree and conformation to be a world champion
like his mother. Berndt Hanover never achieved his potential due to an injury.”--Bob

At 2, winner NJSS (final) at The Meadowlands and Campbellville T. at
Mohawk; third in Peter Haughton Memorial (elim.), Champlain S. and
Breeders Crown (elim.). At 3, second in Hambletonian S. (elim.); third in
Canadian Trotting Derby (elim.; fourth in final). Timed in 1:54.4.

By VALLEY VICTORY 2,1:57.2; 3,1:55.3 ($485,307). Sire of
Continentalvictory 3,1:52.1, Muscles Yankee 3,1:52.2, Act Of Grace
3,1:52.3, Lindy Lane 3,1:53, Armbro Mascara 4,1:53, Bullville Victory
3,1:53.1, Victory Dream 3,1:53.2, Must Be Victory 3,1:53.2, Victory Cruise
4,1:53.3, Southwind Allaire 3,1:53.4, Astrea Hanover 3,1:54, Marita’s
Victory 3,1:54, Southwind Lustre 4,1:54, Federal Yankee 4,1:54, Victory
Sam 3,1:54.1, Lifelong Victory 3,1:54.1, Pathway To Victory 3,1:54.2, Mr.
Vic 3,Q1:54.2, Magnificentvictory 4,1:54.2, Valet Victory 4,1:54.2, etc.

1st dam
BEAT THE WHEEL 2,2:03.2f; 3,1:58.3f; 4,1:51.4 ($303,178) by Defiant
Yankee. World champion. At 2, winner Tompkins-Geers S. and PASS;
second in Reynolds Mem. and PASS; timed in 2:00.4f. At 3, winner 2
PASS at The Meadows, PASS at Pocono; second in Currier & Ives T.
(elim.), Keystone Classic and Greenville Futy. (heat); third in Buckette,
Reynolds Mem., Tompkins-Geers S., Currier & Ives (final). At 4, set
world record of 1:51.4 to become fastest racing trotter ever (currently
the fastest female trotter ever); winner American-National and invitational
and FFA events; second in Hanover S. At 5, winner Open and
Invitationals. Dam of only 4 foals of racing age:
BERNDT HANOVER 2,1:57.4 $264,025 (Valley Victory). As above.
LADY LUCK HANOVER (M) 2,T1:58.3 $6,712 (Donerail). At 2, second in
Late Closer at Lexington; third in John Simpson Sr. S. at Hoosier Park.
BEAUMONT HANOVER 2,2:00f $31,745 (Muscles Yankee). At 2, winner
Tompkins-Geers S.; third in NJSS.

2nd dam
BEAT THE BAND by Lindy’s Crown. From 9 foals, dam of 8 winners,
BEAT THE WHEEL (M) 2,2:03.2f; 3,1:58.3f; 4,1:51.4 $303,178 (Defiant
Yankee). As above.
BEAT THE GOAL Q1:57.2 $63,883 (Armbro Goal). At 3, timed in 1:58. At
4, third in Kenny Ross Chevrolet Series at The Meadows.
BEATS DEFEAT 2,2:05.3h; 3,2:01.3h $40,831 (Lakewater Glory). At 2,
winner Ohio Breeders Championship Consolation and 3 Ohio Fair S.;
third in Ohio Sires S. at Raceway; timed in 2:03.1f. At 3, winner Northfield
Grand Circuit S. and Ohio Fair S.; second in Success Acres Series
(final) at Northfield, Ohio Fair S.; third in Ohio Sires S. at Northfield and
Ohio Fair S. at Canfield and Medina.
BAND OF GLORY 2,2:04.1h; 3,2:03.3h; 4,Q2:02f $30,890 (Lakewater
Glory). At 2, winner Summit Sweepstakes and Ohio Breeders Consolation
at Delaware; second in Ohio Sires S. at Northfield; third in
Tompkins-Geers S. and Ohio Fair S. At 3, winner 2 Ohio Fair S.
BEAT THE WHIP 2,2:02.4h; 4,Q2:02.1h $34,180 (Lakewater Glory). At 2,
second in Night Of Champions S. and 3 Ohio Fair S.; third in Ohio Fair
S. At 3, winner Ohio Fair S.; second in Ohio State Fair S. and 3 Ohio
Fair S.; third in Ohio Sires S. at Raceway and 4 Ohio Fair S.
Beat The Rail 2,Q2:02 $20,962 (Donerail). At 2, second in Bluegrass S.
and Post Printing S.; timed in 1:58.3.
Beat The World (M) 3,2:00.2 $3,597 (Armbro Iliad).
Beat The Yank 2,2:03f $2,253 (Defiant Yankee).

3rd dam
LIVELINESS by Speedy Scot. From 5 foals, dam of:
RESTLESS HEART (M) 2:02f in Germany (Defiant Yankee). Exported and
a stakes winner in Germany and Finland.
RAISE A BID 3,2:10.2f; 2:05.4f (Cornstalk). Exported and a multiple stakes
winner in Belgium and Holland

4th dam
HASSIE HANOVER 3,2:10.2 by Star’s Pride. From 13 foals, dam of:
ARNIE’S EXCHANGE 2,T1:59.2 $5,109 (Arnie Almahurst).
HASSIE BLAZE (M) 2,2:06.4h; 3,2:06.1h; 2:00.4f $110,515 (Blaze Hanover).
At 2, winner Parshall Memorial Futurity and Ohio Colt Sweepstakes;
second in Ohio State Fair S. At 3, winner Ohio Fair S. at Celina, Kenton
and Lancaster. Dam of HASSIE SCOT 2:04f.
HERO ALMAHURST 3,2:02.3; 4,2:02.3f $78,849 (Speedy Scot). At 3,
winner Topline S.; second in Champaign Futy.; third in Allwood Stable
S. and Arden Homestead S. At 4, winner Realization Trot. Exported to
Holly Almahurst (M) 3,2:07.1; 4,2:02.4f $24,030 (B.F. Coaltown). At 3,
second in Great Midwest S. Dam of Holly’s Valentine 3,T2:03.1.
Grandam of HEAVENLY BLESSING 1:59.2f.
Happy Time (M) 3,2:08f; 2:07.1f $27,936 (Blaze Hanover). At 3, second
in Oakville Filly S. Dam of HAP’S CROWN 1:57.4f ($198,440).
Grandam of MEADOW TIFFANY 3,T1:57.3, DAKOTA SPUR 3,1:57.4
and GET YOUR PROGRAM 3,1:58.1f.
High Treason 3,2:09.4f; 2:09.2f $5,700 (Blaze Hanover). At 3, third in
Mohawk State T.
Speedy Hassle (M) (Speedy Scot). Dam of STEALL THE MONEY 4,1:57.3
($178,177). Grandam of YANG 1:57.1 and FORTUNA 3,Q1:58.3f-’03.
Has Speed (M) (Speedy Scot). Grandam of DIVORCE ATTORNEY 1:56.3
5th dam
HIGHLAND LASSIE 2,2:08.4; 4,T2:05.4 ($1,650) by Scotland. From 16
foals, dam of 14 winners, including:
HORTON HANOVER p,3,1:59.3; 1:56.3 $473,122 (Star’s Pride).
ANCHORA HANOVER (M) 2,2:12.1h; 3,2:07h; T2:01 $86,156 (Dean
Hanover). At 2, winner Bostwick Filly S. Dam of CROCKETT p,1:59.1f;
t,4,2:00.3f ($141,588). Grandam of former world champion
OSBORNE’S FIRST p,1:55.2f ($254,640), ANCHOR MILLER
p,4,1:59h ($120,569), OSBORNE’S GOLD p,4,1:59.1h, ANCHOR
NELL p,3,T1:59.2 and CHRISSY OSBORNE p,4,1:59.3f.
STAR DEXTER 2:01.2f; p,3,2:04.4 $191,781 (Star’s Pride).
HALIFAX HANOVER 2,2:04.3; 3,2:04.1h $185,450 (Hickory Smoke). At
2, winner Arden Downs S., American-National, etc. In europe, second
in heat of Elitlopp T.
HARLAN 2,2:06.5; 3,1:59.4 $84,145 (Bill Gallon). At 2, winner Hoosier Futy.
At 3, winner Kentucky Futy., etc.
HERCULES HANOVER 2,2:06.1h; 3,2:04.4f $66,658 (Star’s Pride). At 2,
winner Bloomsburg Fair S, etc.
Hilary Hanover 3,T2:04.3 $5,463 (Hickory Smoke). Dam of HONKIN
HANOVER 4,1:54.1 ($263,768), HILTON HANOVER 1:57 ($509,723),
Harmonia Hanover (M) (Star’s Pride). Dam of Worthy Friend 2:03.3.
Grandam of BAR TUNE p,1:56.3 ($178,036), CANDLELIGHT FUZZY
p,1:58.1h ($172,323), HAPPY MARK p,2:00.2f ($101,121), etc.

Berndt Hanover’s oldest foals are 2-year-olds in 2004.