SJ's CAVIAR (US)
hingst född  1998
*1,10,7ak - $1,288,466

Starter Tot: 0: 0 - 0 - 0
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2009 Stud Fee: $ 7,500

Karriären i kort...
  2022-12-19. Finns numera i Sverige och uppstallas på Alebäck Stuteri
Äntligen finns denna stjärnförärvare tillgänglig i svensk avel!
Bokningsavgift 5000:-  Levande Fölavgift 38.000:-
Veterinäravgift och moms tillkommer.   Nominerad till Breeders Crown.

SJ's Photo
1,10,2 5 700 162 kr / 1 473 946 Usd
Photo Maker
Yankee Bambino
Sassy Jane
Kawartha Mon Ami
Lady Jane
TV Yankee
Speedy Crown
Yankee Bambi
Tarport Lady Ann

OBS! S.J.'s Caviar är såld till Italienska intressenter 2009...kommer eventuellt att stallas upp i Sverige 2010



Foals by Earnings - As of 8-24-2009
Leading Foals by Earning   Total Earning  Life Record Gender
1. MR PINE CHIP $635,875 T 3, 1:52.0 M H
2. MYTHICAL LINDY $629,104 T 3, 1:53.2 M H
3. LIKEABATOUTAHELL $513,238 T 6, 1:52.0 M G
4. HIDDEN VIGGORISH $492,754 T 3, 1:53.1 F M
5. ARLANDA HANOVER $406,545 T 2, 1:57.0 F M
6. UP FRONT HOTSEY $405,753 T 6, 1:52.4 M M
7. EURO HANOVER $276,500 T 4, 1:52.4 F G
8. LIGHT HEADED $274,037 T 5, 1:57.0 H G
9. ADONIS B $268,663 T 3, 1:54.4 M G
10. LOVIN EVERY MOMENT $262,491 T 3, 1:55.1 F H



2006 Stakes Winners & Leading Performers 

Mythical Lindy
(Myth-2004) t,2,1:57.1f $298,263 Winner of 7 races including 2YOCT Breeders Crown elimination (4th in final), $100,000 PA Championship Final 2YOCT, 3 PASS divisions, Peter Haughton Memorial elimination (2nd in final) & Keystone Classic division.

Xactly Hanover
 (Xqsmwa-2004) t,2,1:58.3s $79,374 Winner of Kindergarten Classic leg & final; 2nd in International Stallion Stake & Breeders Crown 2YOCT elimination; 3rd in Bluegrass.

(Perfect Again-2004) t,2,1:59.3 $61,560 Winner of Arden division & 2YR Filly condition at Meadowlands; 3rd in Oakville, Merrie Annabelle elimination & Reynolds Stake.

Light Headed
 (Ever So Lightly-2004) t,2,2:00.3h $39,156 Winner of 8 races including PA Fair Final and 7 PAFS; 2nd in PASS; 3rd in 2 PASS; 4th in $100,000 PA Championship Final.

Superior Judge
(Judge Judy-2004) t,2,Q2:02f $39,675 Winner of 2YO World Series at Hawthorne; 2nd in Hanover 2YOC; 3rd in Review Stake.

Real Hope
(Minnesota Carol-2004) t,2,2:00.3m $36,773 Winner of PASS & 2YO World Series divisions; 3rd in Hanover & Review Stakes.

Sudden Susan
(Ninette Hanover-2004) t,2,1:59.4f $30,524 Winner of PASS division; 2nd in PASS; 3rd in Tompkins-Geers; 4th in Arden.

Indys Lindy
(Lindianapolis-2004) t,2,2:00f $28,358 Winner of Keystone Classic 2YOFT & 2YO Filly late closer at The Red Mile; 2nd in Simpson Memorial; 3rd in PASS. 

Tis Himself
 (Moira-2004) t,2,1:58.2f $25,125 Winner of 4 races including Arden division, PASS leg & 2 2YOC&G condition races at Meadows.

Mikas Mazurka
(P Town Girl-2004) t,2,2:01.2f $25,431 Winner of PASS & Arden divisions.

Bossy Boss
 (Bossybutbeautiful-2004) t,2,1:57.4f $22,845 Winner of Arden & PASS. 

Mr Pine Chip
 (Miss Pine Chip-2003) t,3,1:52m $635,875 Winner of 7 races & $345,367 in 2006 including Stanley Dancer Memorial elimination & final, Hambletonian elimination, 3-3YOCT PASS divisions (2nd in PA Championship Final); 2nd in Old Oaken Bucket.

Hidden Viggorish
 (Tia Maria-2003) t,3,1:53.1f $246,403 Winner of 12 races in 2006 including $180,000 American National 3YOFT (elimination winner also), $100,000 PA Final, 2 PASS divisions, Arden Stake, Hudson Filly Trot elimination & Keystone Classic.  3YO & All Age World Record Holder on 5/8 mile track with a trotting mark of 1:53.1!

Lovin Every Moment

(Priceless Moment-2003) t,3,1:55.1f $241,896 Winner of Tomkins-Geers, Reynolds & PASS; 2nd in Arden & PASS; 3rd in Keystone Classic and Hanover Stake; 4th in Buckette & Goodtimes.

Gyration Hanover
 (Giant Motion-2003) t,3,1:55.2f $89,424 Winner of 4 races in 2006 including 3 PASS divisions (2nd in PA Final).

Adonis B
(Angela Lane-2003) t,3,1:54.4m $79,029 Winner of 8 races including Singer Memorial division, 2 PASS divisions & late closer at The Red Mile; 2nd in 2 PASS; 3rd in PA Final.

Santana Bluestone
 (Swiss Queen-2003) t,3,1:56.4 $61,104 Winner of 3 races in 2006 including 1 PASS; 2nd in PASS; 3rd in Reynolds; 4th in PA Final.

Swept To Victory
 (Sweepstake Hanover-2003) t,3,1:57.2f $59,238 Winner of 5 in 2006 PASS placed (3rd in PA Final).

Charlie O Charlie
(Ens Progression-2003) t,3,1:57.1f $46,251 Winner of 5 including Arden & Keystone Classi





SJs Caviar Not Exported

Published: December 18, 2022 3:53 pm ET

Published | by Standrardbred Canada

Although earlier reports had trotting stallion SJs Caviar headed overseas for stud duty in 2010, Trot Insider has learned that there has been a change in plans.

With the deal for the stallion falling through and the horse still physically located in North America, the future for the son of S Js Photo appears to keep him here on this continent for the upcoming breeding season. Where exactly the stallion will stand and what the stud fee will be remains to be determined.

From 508 foals eligible to race, SJs Caviar boasts 283 starters with 26 performers in 1:55 or better and total earnings of over $15 million. Among his 2009 standouts was near half-millionaire Triumphant Caviar, who set a world record for a three-year-old trotting colt on a half-mile track with his 1:54.2 win in the Old Oaken Bucket at Delaware.