Flaming Yankee (US)

 Family of Mary
     Flaming Yankee          
   Speedy Crown
 född 1968
 $545,945 12,8a
Speedy Scot
född 1960
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  Missile Toe
född 1962
  Mod Yankee
född 1973
$6,882  20,3a
Hickory Pride
född 1956
  Petite Yankee
född 1964
    Flaming Yankee  sto född 1979  $84,749  17,8a            
Född Häst Na Kön Auto Inkört Val Far Notiser
1985 YANKEE AVENGER US V       Joie De Vie  
1986 FLIRTATIOUS YANKEE US S       Joie De Vie  
1989 GLAMOROUS YANKEE US S       Speed Bowl  
1991 FEDERAL YANKEE US V 10,9a  216,155    Valley Victory Som 3-åring tvåa i Horseman Futurity. Som 5-åring trea i Su Mac Lad.
1992 YANKEE RYDER US H       Valley Victory  
1993 ATE THE TOWEL US S 14,2a  190,058  Valley Victory Winner of 5 races and $190,058 at 2 and 3. At 2, 18-3-2-6; seasonal earnings of $103,683; winner of 2 MSRF and final of Whiteland Rosemary Series; second in Merrie Annabelle elim. (to Act Of Grace) and NJSS; third in $114,550 Kentucky Stbd. S. (to Continentalvictory), 2 NJSS and 2 legs of Whiteland Rosemary Series; timed in 1:57.4. At 3, winner Arden Downs S. and MSRF; second in $100,000 Helen Smith Trot and 2 NJSS; third in MSRF, NJSS; timed in 1:56.3. From 5 foals (including 1 foal injured as a yearling, untrained and bred), dam of 4 winners, including
1995 YANKEE FRISCO US S       Baltic Speed  
  FLIRTATIOUS YANKEE f 1986                              
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1991 WHIPPET PASS M ALL US S       Lakewater Glory    
1992 FLIRTATIOUS GLORY US H       Lakewater Glory    
1993 THE PACKS IS BACKS US S       Lakewater Glory    
1994 YANKEES GLORY US H       Lakewater Glory    
1997 HANKY YANKEE US S       Defiant Yankee    
1998 POTENTIAL YANKEE US S       Profit Potential    
2000 ZORGWIJK DUNAMITE US S       Valleymeister    
2002 ZORGWIJK FABULOUS US H       Valleymeister    
2004 OOLYMPIC FLIRT US H       Hes In The Shower    
Född Häst Na Kön  Auto Inkört Val Far Notiser
2001 TENNESSEE RIVER NL S       General November  
  ATE THE TOWEL   sto född 1993       1.14.2a   190 058 USD  e. Valley Victory (US) u. Flaming Yankee (US)        
Född Häst Na Kön Auto Inkört Val Far Notiser Auk-
1999 YANKEE FRESNO US S       American Winner    
2000 YANKEE FISSION US V       Balanced Image    
2003 FAIR YANKEE US S       Balanced Image    
2005 PROPHECY US V       Yankee Paco    
2006 YANKEE ELIZABETH US S       S.J.'s Photo