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  France 2016    Söndag 3 Januari
Paris / Frankrike

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 Prix de Bourgogne
  Prix de Bourgogne - (European Trotting Masters Series 2016 Groupe II Course Internationale)
  4-10 åriga lägst €160,000     2.100 meter auto    Purse: €120 000 (54.000, 30.000, 16.800, 9.600, 6.000, 2.400, 1.200.)

Sta Häst Kön Kusk Tränare Rek Intj Far Mor
1  MOSAIQUE FACE (SE) H  Lutfi Kolgjini  Lutfi Kolgjini 09,0   1 253 276  CLASSIC PHOTO  IONA L.B.
2  UP AND QUICK H  Jean Michel Bazire  Franck Leblanc 10,6   1 921 060  BUVETIER D'AUNOU  FICHTRE
3  TIMOKO H  Björn Goop  Richard Westerink 09,9   3 469 993  IMOKO  KISS ME COULONCES
4  TEXAS CHARM H  Julien Dubois  Philippe Moulin 09,9   1 244 130  CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE  KAMELA CHARM
5  VISION INTENSE S  Jean Philippe Dubois  Philippe Moulin 11,6   874 700  PRODIGIOUS  INTENSE ACTION
6  UNIVERS DE PAN H  Philippe Daugeard  Philippe Daugeard 10,0   1 450 910  KENYA DU PONT  GYPSILORE
7  UN MEC D'HERIPRE H  Roberto Andreghetti  Fabrice Souloy 10,3   1 024 880  ORLANDO VICI  I LOVE YOU DARLING
8  UHLAN DE VAL H  Cedric Megissier  Cedric Megissier 10,5   1 059 390  ISLERO DE BELLOUET  INDIANA BEAUTIFUL
9  TIEGO D'ETANG H  Christian Bigeon  Christian Bigeon 10,4   1 666 680  CHAILLOT  HAROLENE
10  VILLAGE MYSTIC H  Daniel Bonne  Louis Badron 11,1   827 620  LOVE YOU  NETCHKA D'ORGERES
11  MOSES ROB (IT) H  Pierre Levesque  Salvatore Carro 11,3   680 233  GANYMEDE  ETOILE ROB
12  AMIRAL SACHA H  Gabriele Gelormini  Florent Lamare 10,8   527 930  GANYMEDE  NOSTALGIQUE SACHA
13  KADETT C.D. (SE) H  Robert Bergh  Robert Bergh 09,8   820 722  SCARLET KNIGHT  KISS OF FIRE
14  VIKING DE VAL H  Eric Lambertz  Eric Lambertz 11,5   610 490  BACCARAT DU PONT  LA FORGE DE VAL

1. Timoko 11,7 (33)
2. Amiral Sacha 12,2 (120)
3. Univers De Pan 12,3 (190)
4. Up And Quick 12,3 (60)
5. Un Mec d'Héripré 12,3 (75)
6. Uhlan De Val 12,3 (490)
7. Mosaique Face 12,4 (90)
Opl: Tiego D'Etang 12,5 (110), Village Mystic 12,6 (150), Vision Intense it (180), Moses Rob dg (340),
Kadett C.D. dg (760), Viking De Val dg (000)
Strukna: Texas Charm.
Prix de Bourgogne - Timoko an impressive winner

January 3, 2023 - The barefoot Timoko (9m Imoko-Kiss Me Coulonces) rallied to score impressively in the Gr. II International Prix de Bourgogne (purse €120,000, 2100 meters autostart, 14 entrants with 13 at the start after Texas Charm was scratched) for harness racing driver Bjorn Goop and trainer/owner Richard Westerink.

Timed in 1.11.7kr over the rain soaked Paris-Vincennes cinders Timoko was off the 1.3/1 favorite.

11.3/1 Amiral Sacha (6m Ganymede-Nostalgique Sacha) was a good second for Gabriel Gelormini, Ecurie Sidere and trainer Florent Lamare. Moses Rob was third but disqualified for being rough-gaited and that placed 18.4/1 Univers de Pan (8m Kenya du Pont-Gypsilore) third for trainer/driver Philippe Daugeard.

Placed fourth was the 2015 Prix d’Amerique winner Up And Quick (8m Buvetier d’Aunou-Fichtre) driven by J-M Bazire with fifth placed to Un Mec d’Heripre (8m Orlando Vici-I Love You Darling) for Roberto Andreghetti.

Uhlan de Val was placed sixth.

The race was the day’s Quinte+ with a jackpot of €5.25 million and the win/place handle alone exceeded €1.1 million.

The gala event this Sunday showed that Timoko has the Prix d’Amerique in sight.

From the start, Mosaique Face (1 - Lutfi Kolgjini) moved ahead and then Timoko (3 - Björn Goop) took the lead into the wind.

Then, Up And Quick (2 - Jean-Michel Bazire) provided a big effort to reach the front until the final phase when detached from his rivals for an open-lengths victory.

Timoko’s trainer Richard Westerink was quoted after the race: "My pupil was really good at work. Björn Goop has chosen to shift the soon enough. He knew what he was doing. It always surprises me. He knows some inexplicable success. The Prix d'Amérique looks good. We will try to do better than third. He is ready. "

Thomas H. Hicks

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