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     Woodbine Mohawk Park
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Elimination - Final
  Crazy Wow In A Maple Leaf Shocker
Crazy Wow, piloted by Jody Jamieson, posted a barefoot 31-1 upset over favoured Marion Marauder in Saturday’s $651,000 Maple Leaf on
   Maple Leaf Trotting - Final
 FFAT   1.609 m auto   Purse: $651,000 ()
  Pris i Us dollar:  250,635 - 112,786 - 54,137 - 36,091 - 22,557 - 5,013  till övriga)
Race 10
-- Trot, purse $651,000 (EX, P3, SU, TR, Z4)
Post time: 10:35 P.M.         Lasix: 06:20 P.M.          Horses Entered: 11 
Sta Häst Kön Kusk Tränare Rek Intj Far Mor Morfar
1  CRAZY WOW h6  Jody Jamieson  Marcus Melander 09,1   2 281 508  CRAZED  NO PAN NO GAIN  MR VIC
3  MARION MARAUDER h5  Scott Zeron  Mike Keeling 09,2   2 867 594  MUSCLE HILL  SPELLBOUND HANOVER  DONERAIL
4  ARIANA G s4  David Miller  Jimmy Takter 08,6   2 238 572  MUSCLE HILL  CANTAB IT ALL  CANTAB HALL
5  WILL TAKE CHARGE v5  Tim Tetrick  Jeffrey Gillis 08,7   813 853  KADABRA  CELEBRITY ANGEL  YANKEE GLIDE
6  WARRAWEE ROO h5  Jason Macdonald  Luc Blais 09,5   458 822  MAJESTIC SON  KAROON  YANKEE GLIDE
7  HANNELORE HANOVER s6  Yannick Gingras  Ron Burke 08,0   2 759 081  SWAN FOR ALL  HIGH SOBRIETY  DREAM VACATION
8  EMOTICON HANOVER s5  Bob Mcclure  Luc Blais 08,6   1 221 421  KADABRA  EMMYLOU WHO  KEN WARKENTIN
9  GUARDIAN ANGEL AS h4  Brett Miller  Anette Lorentzon 08,9   363 553  ARCHANGEL  PROVIDE AS  ALLSTAR HALL
10  PINKMAN v6  Anthony Mccarthy  Jimmy Takter 09,0   2 672 474  EXPLOSIVE MATTER  MARGIE SEELSTER  ANGUS HALL
AE1  I KNOW MY CHIP v6  David Miller  Walter Haynes Jr 09,7   846 006  DEEP CHIP  MADELINE'S CROWN  PEGASUS SPUR
HN  Horse                  PP   1/4      1/2      3/4     Str      Finish    Actual     LQ     Odds 
 1  Crazy Wow(L)           1    1/1H     2/1T     3/1H    3/H      1/3T      1:51.1   27.3    31.10 
 3  Marion Marauder        3    5@/6T    5@/6     5@/3H   4/1T     2/3T      1:52.0   28.0     2.20 
 4  Ariana G               4    4/4T     4@/4Q    2@/1    1/Q      3/4       1:52.0   28.2     3.45 
 2  Dancer Hall            2    6/7H     6/6Q     6/5     7/3Q     4/4       1:52.0   27.3     5.90 
 7  Hannelore Hanover(L)   7    7@/9Q    7@/8Q    7@/5T   6/2T     5/5       1:52.1   27.3     4.90 
10  Pinkman(L)             10   10/13Q   10/11T   10/9    10/6T    6/6       1:52.2   27.1   117.45 
 8  Emoticon Hanover       8    2/1H     3/3T     4/3Q    5/2T     7/6Q      1:52.2   28.2    26.55 
 5  Will Take Charge(L)    5    3@/2H    1/1T     1/1     2/Q      8/6H      1:52.2   29.0     3.15 
 9  Guardian Angel As      9    9@/11T   9@/10    9@/7Q   9/5      9/7H      1:52.3   27.4    61.20 
 6  Warrawee Roo=          6    8/11     8/8H     8/7     8/4H     10/8Q     1:52.4   28.0    37.00 

Time: 27.1, 55.1, 1:23.2, 1:51.1 (Temperature: 25, Condition: FAST, Variant: 0)
1st  Crazy Wow           (b,h,6 - Crazed-No Pan No Gain-Mr Vic)
                         Owner: Our Horse Cents Stables,Melville,NY-Stable 45,Boynton Beach,FL-
                         J And T Silva Stables LLC,Long Beach,NY-Deo Volente Farms LLC,Flemington,NJ
2nd  Marion Marauder     (b,h,5 - Muscle Hill-Spellbound Hanover-Donerail)
                         Owner: Marion Jean Wellwood,Stratford-Devin W Keeling,Cambridge,ON
3rd  Ariana G            (b,m,4 - Muscle Hill-Cantab It All-Cantab Hall)
                         Owner: Marvin Katz,Toronto-Al J Libfeld,Pickering,ON 
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Crazy Wow and driver Jody Jamieson upset in a romp to win the Maple Leaf Trot.
Crazy Wow In A Maple Leaf Shocker
Crazy Wow, piloted by Jody Jamieson, posted a barefoot 31-1 upset over favoured Marion Marauder in Saturday’s $651,000 Maple Leaf Trot.

Trained by Marcus Melander for owners Our Horse Cents Stables, Stable 45, J And T Silva Stables LLC and Deo Volente Farms LLC, the six-year-old son of Crazed was first off the gate and first when it mattered most in the Canadian classic.

Will Take Charge overtook the speedy Crazy Wow and Emoticon Hanover to make the quarter in :27.1 and the half in :55.1. Ariana G moved first over with Marion Marauder following her cover, but it was Crazy Wow, sitting second late in the turn, that had the most to offer down the lane to spring the upset in 1:51.1.

While the public was surprised, Jamieson, who previously won the Maple Leaf Trot in 2012 with Mister Herbie, was not.

“I thought I was even-money,” joked Jamieson when asked what he thought of his chances going into the race. “I talked to Marcus (Melander) and he said he was real confident in the horse. We actually hooked up jogging (in the warm ups) with St Lads Neptune and this horse, Crazy Wow, and he said, ‘look at him. Look how happy he is.’ I couldn’t argue with him, the horse looked amazingly happy. When the horse saw the gate tonight he was just a different animal.”

Although it was Jamieson’s first time piloting the six-year-old, the veteran driver performed with confidence.

“I’ve watched him race plenty of times, but I didn’t realize what kind of horse he was,” said Jamieson. “That was a big trip tonight and he made it look real easy. I wasn’t sure I was going to get through. Around the last turn, I was following what I figured was the best horse in the race, Will Take Charge,” added Jamieson. “And with Ariana G out there I figured maybe I’m going to be third, maybe at the very worst, and a little slim lane opened up and I jammed myself through there like I get in trouble sometimes for doing, but he just trotted right through there. Once I got through there clean it was never in doubt that he was going to win.”

Melander made the key decision to pull Crazy Wow’s shoes for the lucrative final.

“I’ve been thinking about that since I got the horse eight weeks ago,” said Melander. “We trained him our way and then he qualified good at Pocono. He was a little short last week, of course, after just one qualifier after eight weeks break. We were actually supposed to race barefoot last week, but there were two scratches in the race and we only had to beat one horse, so we kept the shoes on and saved the feet on him. The track was amazing today and it was an easy decision.”

Like Jamieson, Melander approached the Maple Leaf Trot final with confidence noting that he wasn’t surprised at all with the winning effort.

“Not really when we got the one-hole. He showed that he’s been beating these horses before and the horse felt so sharp going into the race,” offered Melander. “He needed a race last week and I was very happy with him this week and he warmed up great. I know he has an extra gear when I pull the shoes, that’s for sure.”

Crazy Wow, bred by Peter Pan Stables Inc. of Ohio, paid $64.20 to win.
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