valack född 2010  (1.10,7a)  1:53.4   $ 234 932
 23 starter:  16 - 2 - 0

Tränare: Mike Brink


Vinnare av The Su Mac Lad


Powerful Emotion (US)
f. 01
1.11,1a  36 202 USD

Self Possessed (US)
f. 96
1.09,3a 1 671 544 USD

 Victory Dream (US)


Breeder: Jerry Graham - IL, Mystical Marker Farms LLC - IN
Owner: H Wright - IL, Mystical Marker Farms LLC - IN Auktionspris:  $
 2013: Vinnare av bl.a.  Betzotic, Betzotic, Brandenburg, The Cardinal, Hanover Stake, Iggy Magoo, The Kadabra, The Mikes A Mystery, The Southern Rocketop, The Su Lac Lad, The Su Mac Lad Elim, The Pronto Don, Circle City,

King Mufasa won the 13th in 14 starts this season as he knocked off five other ICF 3-year-old trotting colts in Sunday's $12,000 Betzotic Stake at Balmoral Park.
 ‘Mufasa’ Named Illinois Horse Of The Year
Kull född 2010 HÄR
Friday, August 05, 2022
- King Mufasa to retire Sunday at Brown County Fair
 Feeling Great (US)

Prime Mistress (US)
f. 95
1.13,6a 93 301 USD

 Super Bowl (US)
 Me Maggie (US)

Foxy N Diamonds (US)
f. 04
1 250 USD


Muscles Yankee (US)
f. 95
1.09,9a 1 711 698 USD

 Valley Victory (US)
 Maiden Yankee (US)

Coolgardie Girl (US)
f. 98

 Garland Lobell (US)

 Season's Victory (US)

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