Hambletonian Champion

TAGLIABUE 3,1:54; 4,1:53.3
BAY HORSE, FOALED 1992, 16.3 Hands.
Se tävlings karriären HÄR
Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings
3 13 5 5 2 $869,600
4 5 2 0 0 35,000

- 18 7 5 2 $904,600

At 3, voted U.S.T.A. 3-year-old trotting colt of the year and winner Hambletonian (elim. & final) and Zweig Mem. (div.); second in World Trotting Derby (elim. & final) and Beacon Course T. (final). At 4, winner Titan Cup.


By SUPER BOWL 2,1:59.4;3,1:56.2($601,006). Triple Crown winner. Sire of American Winner 3,1:52.3, Somatic 3,1:53, Savage Hanover 4,1:53, Express Ride 4,1:53, Napoletano 3,1:53.2, Bowlin For Dollars 4,1:53.2-'98, Supergill 3,1:53.3, Tagliabue 4,1:53.3, Keystone Harem 3,1:53.4, Giant Destiny 1:54, SuperArnie 3,1:54.1, Sandy Bowl 4,T1:54.1, Take Chances 3,1:54.2, Probe 3,1:54.3, Armbro Keepsake.3,1:54.3, Giant Victory 3,1:54.4, Padre Hanover 1:54.4, Noxie Hanover2,T1:55, Uconn Don 3.1:55. etc.


1st dam

DOUBLE COVERAGE 2,2:01.3;3,1:57($320,961) by Speedy Crown. At 2, winner NYSS (div.) at Yonkers, Batavia and Syracuse and Champlain S.; second in NYSS(div.) et Monticello, Lexington Filly S. (final) and Batavia Downs Filly S., etc. At 3, winner NYSS (div.) at Monticello, Buffalo, Vernon, Saratoga and Syracuse, Reynolds Mem. S., and Bluegrass Series (final); second in Currier & Ives T. (div.), Hanover-Hempt S., etc. From 6 foals, dam of 5 winners, including:
TAGLIABUE 3,1:54;4,1:53.3 $904,600 (Super Bowl). As above.
UCONN DON 2,Q2:01.1;3,1:55 $1,600,000 (Super Bowl). At2, winner PASS (div.) at Pocono and Hanover S. (div.) at Rosecroft; third in International Stallion S. (elim. & final) at Lexington. At 3, winner Colonial S. (div.), Simcoe S. (div.), HanoverColt S. (div.) and Speedy Scot (div.); second in Matron S. and Hambletonian (elim.); third in Hambletonian (final). At 4, winner Premio Cassa di Risparmino, Premio dei Venti and Gran Premio della Lotteria (final), Gran Premio Costa Azzura, Premio San Paulo, Gran Premio della Repubblica (twice), Premio Ponte Vecchio, etc.
HERSCHEL WALKER 2,2:01.3f;3,1:56.1 $600,000 (Super Bowl). At 2, winner PASS (div.) at Pocono and Arden Downs S. (div.); second in PASS (2 dive.) at The Meadows and Horseman S. (2 heats), third in Breeders Crown at Pompano, International Stallion S. (elim.) and Review S. (heat). At 3, winner Colonial S. (div.), PASS (div.) at Pocono and Beacon Course (elim.), second in American National S. Hambletonian (elim.), Review S. (heat), Historic Cup (div.), Kentucky Futy. (heat), etc.; third in Hambletonian (final) and Gran Premio Orsi Mangelli T. At 4, winner Premio Perugia; second in Premio Renzo Orlandi, Premio Bellino, etc.
WarrenMoon 2,Q2:02.4;3,2:00.4h;4,2:00.1-'98 $85,145 (SuperBowl). At 2, third in Bluegrass S. (div.) and Review S. (div.). At 3, second in PASS (div.) at The Meadows; third in Keystone Classic at The Meadows.

2nd dam

BEAT THE CLOCK 2:04f ($32,661) by Nevele Pride. From 9 foals, dam of 6 winners, including:
BOB GRIESE 2,2:03.2f;3,2:01.3h;4,T1:57.2 $54,421 (Florida Pro).
MINNESOTA VIKING 2,2:05.1h;3,2:02h;4,T1:57.3 $47,599 (Speedy Crown). At 2, winner NYSS (div.) at Buffalo; third in NYSS (div.) at Saratoga and Syracuse. At 3, third in NYSS (div.) at Saratoga and Yonkers.
TWO MINUTE DRILL 4,1:59 $33,520 (Speedy Crown).

12,3ak - $601 006
1,12,8ak - $140 699
T , 3 2:02½M $ 25,688
T , 2:03.0M
T , 3 2:11.1H $ 1,119
T , 5 T 1:57.2M $ 111,176
T , 4 T 2:03.4M $ 33,025
T , 3 1:57.0M $ 320,961
12,8ak - $545 495
T , 3 1:56.4M $ 650,909
T , 3 2:05.2H $ 22,362
T , 5 2:04.0F $ 32,661
11,4ak - $873 350
T , 3 2:04.2H $ 15,833

PLAY ACTION 3,1:59.1 $234,409(NobleVictory).At2, second in NYSS at Syracuse; third in NYSSatYonkers. At 3, winner Founders Gold Cup and NYSS at Roosevelt and Yonkers; second in Historic Cup (div.) and NYSS at Monticello, third in Yonkers T. (elim.).
Hail Mary (M) 3,T2:05 $3,489 (Noble Victory). Dam of KOSAR 3,1:56 ($748,771) and DIVINEINTERVENTION 2,2:03.4h ($120,367). Grandam of UNITAS2,2:00.4f.

3rd dam

EXCITING SPEED 2,2:09.2f;3,2:04.2h ($15,833) by Speedster. At 3, winner Atlantic City S., etc. From 16 foals, dam of 13 winners, including:
PANTY RAID (M) 2,1:58.3;3,1:57 $473,932 (Nevele Pride). Former world champion. At 2, winner Hoosier Futy., Arden Downs S., Castleton Farm S., etc. At 3, voted "Trotter of the Year", winner World Trotting Derby (heat & final), Martha Washington T., Lady Suffolk S., etc. Grandam of GIANT VICTORY 3,1:54.4 ($1,252,243) and SUPER NICE 3,Q1:58 ($333,158).
KINGFISH 2,2:06.2f;3,1:59.3h;Q1:58 $90,313 (Nevele Pride).
BONEFISH 2,2:00.4;3,1:58.1 $309,375(Nevele Pride). At2, winnerVan Riddell T., Walnut Hall Cup, Castleton T., etc.; second in T.W. Murphy Mem., etc. At 3, winner Hambletonian, Empire State T., Founder's Gold Cup, Greenwood T., American National S., etc.
CHEETAH 2,2:06.4f;3,1:58.2 $4,030 (Nevele Pride).
IMAGERY (M) 2,2:04.1 h; 3,1:58.4 $218,246 (Nevele Pride). At 2, winner Lou Dillon T., Nancy Hanks T., etc.; second in Merrie Annabelle T., etc. At 3, winner Lady Suffolk T., Reynolds Mem., Celia's Counsel T., Hudson T., etc. Dam of ALTHEA 3,T1:58. Grandam of STRONG GALE 4,1:57.1-'98, CAPT. HARRY 4,1:57.4f in Denmark, PETROUCHKA 3,Q1:58.2f, SOCIAL VISION 3,1:59.1 and ALSTROMERIA 2,2:00.4f ($220,191).
KING COBRA 3,1:59f $52,119 (Nevele Pride).
Shotgun Wedding (M) (Nevele Pride). Grandam of MR. CHIN 3,1:54.4f ($450,159).

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