Walnut Hall Cup (Bluegrass)
Red Mile

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    Raceday    2022-10-01
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Walnut Hall Cup (Bluegrass)    
2 year old C&G  1.609m auto 
  Purse: 97 000 $ 

RACE 3 - The Red Mile - KY - October 1, 2022 
Gait: Trot     Purse: $84,600     Class: BLUEGRASS     Distance: 1 mile     Track Cond: FT     Temp-Allow: 59-0     Off Time: 1:10 PM 
HN  Horse                                                        Finish  Actual     LQ    Odds   Driver               Trainer
7  Shaq Is Back             Credit Winner - Vivica Hall          1/H     1:55.3   28.4    3.70   Ray Schnittker       Ray Schnittker 
3  Jetblue Volo             Yankee Glide - Blue Water Fly        2/H     1:55.3   29.0    4.80   Andy Miller          Anette Lorentzon 
5  Senor Glide              Yankee Glide - Yankee Senorita       3/2H    1:56.0   28.4   *0.70   Daniel Dube          Jimmy Takter 
6  Caviar De Vie            Sj`s Caviar - Do Ra Me               4/4H    1:56.2   29.4   19.90   Mike Lachance        Bjorn Noren
1  Cuzzin Rob               Credit Winner - Zorgwijk Emani       5/6Q    1:56.4   29.4   34.70   David Miller         Chris Ryder 
8  Whata Winner             Credit Winner - Whata Chippie        6/11H   1:57.4   29.3   13.00   Jim Doherty          Jim Doherty 
2  Pretty Boy Lindy         Cantab Hall - My Dolly`s Dream       7/26    2:00.4g  32.0   10.60   Tim Tetrick          Frank Antonacci 
4  Brother Glide            Yankee Glide - Cr Seminole Sister    8/60    2:07.3g  36.4   48.70   John Campbell        Harald Lunde 
1st Shaq Is Back  (2, H   Credit Winner - Vivica Hall - Victory Dream)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Givemethecredit Stb - NY
    Breeder(s):  Steve Jones - NY, Fair Winds Farm Inc - NJ 
2nd Jetblue Volo  (2, H   Yankee Glide - Blue Water Fly - Supergill)
    Registered Owner(s):  Acl Stuteri Ab - KY
    Breeder(s):  Kentuckiana Farms Gen Par - KY, Jorgen Jahre Jr - NO 
3rd Senor Glide  (2, H   Yankee Glide - Yankee Senorita - Yankee Paco)
    Registered Owner(s):  Christina Takter - NJ, John Fielding - ON, Frederick Hertrich III - DE
    Breeder(s):  Frederick Hertrich III - DE
RACE 5 - The Red Mile - KY - October 1, 2022 
Gait: Trot     Purse: $83,600     Class: BLUEGRASS     Distance: 1 mile     Track Cond: FT     Temp-Allow: 59-0     Off Time: 1:50 PM 
HN  Horse                                                        Finish  Actual     LQ    Odds   Driver              Trainer
6  Il Villaggio             Yankee Glide - Dance To Market       1/5Q    1:56.4   29.1   *0.20   Tim Tetrick         Erv Miller 
3  He`s Spooky              Cantab Hall - Yankee Topaz           2/5Q    1:57.4   29.1   21.30   Mike Lachance       Frank Antonacci 
2  Keystone Bernard         Cantab Hall - Balanced Action        3/5H    1:57.4   29.3   36.90   Ron Pierce          Ron Gurfein 
1  Xclusiv                  Muscles Yankee - Mostly Super        4/7T    1:58.2   30.1   14.50   David Miller        Don Swick 
4  Marquesas                Andover Hall - Southwind Palm        5/8     1:58.2   30.0   54.10   D.R. Ackerman       Doug Ackerman 
5  Doner Dream              Daguet Rapide - Donerail Dream       6/13Q   1:59.2   31.2   62.10   Jody Jamieson       Anette Lorentzon 
7  Muscle Massive           Muscles Yankee - Graceful Touch      7/34H   2:03.3g          3.10   John Campbell       Jimmy Takter 
1st Il Villaggio  (2, H   Yankee Glide - Dance To Market - Balanced Image)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Brittany Farms - KY, Blue Chip Bloodstock Inc - NY, Il Villaggio Partners - KY
    Breeder(s):  Diane Ingham - ON, Harry Rutherford - ON  
2nd He`s Spooky  (2, H   Cantab Hall - Yankee Topaz - Lindy Lane)
    Registered Owner(s):  Lindy Racing Stable - CT, Robert Rudolph - NJ
    Breeder(s):  Hanover Shoe Farms Inc - PA 
3rd Keystone Bernard  (2, H   Cantab Hall - Balanced Action - Balanced Image)
    Registered Owner(s):  Jerry Silva - NY
    Breeder(s):  George Hempt - PA
RACE 7 - The Red Mile - KY - October 1, 2022 
Gait: Trot     Purse: $84,600     Class: BLUEGRASS     Distance: 1 mile     Track Cond: FT     Temp-Allow: 59-0     Off Time: 2:30 PM 
HN  Horse                                                        Finish  Actual     LQ    Odds   Driver               Trainer
4  Wishing Stone            Conway Hall - Meadowbranch Magic     1/5     1:55.0   28.2    3.20   John Campbell        Dewayne Minor 
2  Plan B In Hd             Andover Hall - Likeable Les          2/5     1:56.0   29.4    2.40   Thomas Haughton      Ross Croghan 
7  Big Stick Lindy          Conway Hall - Peace A Pie            3/7     1:56.2   29.4   19.40   Ray Schnittker       Ray Schnittker 
8  Baximum                  Cantab Hall - Bax Machine            4/7Q    1:56.2   29.2   46.40   David Miller         Jonas Czernyson 
1  Takeachancewithme        Daguet Rapide - Catch Dream          5/10T   1:57.1   30.4    4.90   Tim Tetrick          Anette Lorentzon 
6  Celebrity Bluechip       Credit Winner - Precious Lindy       6/30H   2:01.0   33.4  117.80   Marcus Johansson     Staffan Lind 
5  Holiday Road             Yankee Glide - Jambo                 7/35T   2:02.1g         *1.40   Brian Sears          Greg Peck 
3  Folk Tail                Conway Hall - Fairy Tail               8/37  2:02.2g         33.30   George Brennan       Robert Bencal 
1st Wishing Stone  (2, H   Conway Hall - Meadowbranch Magic - Valley Victory)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Cowboyland Aalborg - MI
    Breeder(s):  Brittany Farms - KY, Daisy Acres - NY 
2nd Plan B In Hd  (2, H   Andover Hall - Likeable Les - Yankee Glide)
    Registered Owner(s):  Renee Holstein - NY, Thomas Haughton - PA
    Breeder(s):  Deanna Dumain - NY, Carlo Lattinelli - NY 
3rd Big Stick Lindy  (2, H   Conway Hall - Peace A Pie - Valley Victory)
    Registered Owner(s):  Ray Schnittker - NY, K R Breeding LLC - CT, Steven Arnold - NY, Jerry Silva - NY
    Breeder(s):  K R Breeding LLC - CT
RACE 9 - The Red Mile - KY - October 1, 2022 
Gait: Trot     Purse: $84,600     Class: BLUEGRASS     Distance: 1 mile     Track Cond: FT     Temp-Allow: 59-0     Off Time: 3:10 PM 
HN  Horse                                                        Finish     Actual     LQ    Odds   Driver                 Trainer
5  Priority Photo           Classic Photo - She`sa Priority      1/1T       1:57.4   29.1   10.40   Trond Smedshammer      Trond Smedshammer 
1  Sailaway Dream           Daguet Rapide - Splashabout          2/1T       1:58.1   30.3   *0.90   Tim Tetrick            Anette Lorentzon 
8  Chimon                   Sj`s Caviar - Gildone                3/4Q       1:58.3   30.4    6.50   Marcus Johansson       Jimmy Takter 
7  Cross Island King        Broadway Hall - Pine Schooner        4/4T       1:58.4   29.1    5.90   Brian Sears            Jim Campbell 
3  Eye On The Prize         Yankee Glide - Victory My Way        5/6H       1:59.0   30.4   48.50   Ray Schnittker         Ray Schnittker 
4  Kash`s Caviar            Sj`s Caviar - O`cala Kash            X7P6/37    2:05.1g  37.0    3.60   Chip Noble             Danny Collins 
2  Olla Podriga             Andover Hall - Chili Con Carne       6DQP7/31H  2:04.0g  36.1   11.20   Dewayne Minor          Dewayne Minor 
6  Kenseth Hanover          S J`s Photo - Keystone Impala        8/87T      2:15.2g         44.80   Mike Lachance          Bjorn Noren 
1st Priority Photo  (2, H   Classic Photo - She`sa Priority - Catch A Thrill)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  American Viking Rc Stb - NJ, Theodore Gewertz - NY, Robert Feldman - PA
    Breeder(s):  Mary Smith - MI, Richard Uhle - MI
2nd Sailaway Dream  (2, H   Daguet Rapide - Splashabout - Yankee Glide)
    Registered Owner(s):  Anette Lorentzon - KY
    Breeder(s):  Scuderia Bolgheri - IT 
3rd Chimon  (2, H   Sj`s Caviar - Gildone - Muscles Yankee)
    Registered Owner(s):  Christina Takter - NJ, John Fielding - ON, Goran Anderberg - SD
    Breeder(s):  L&L; Devisser LLC - MI
RACE 11 - The Red Mile - KY - October 1, 2022 
Gait: Trot     Purse: $84,600     Class: BLUEGRASS     Distance: 1 mile     Track Cond: FT     Temp-Allow: 59-0     Off Time: 3:50 PM 
HN  Horse                                                        Finish  Actual     LQ    Odds   Driver              Trainer
1  Lucky Chucky             Windsong`s Legacy - Aerobics         1/T     1:56.2   27.3   *0.30   John Campbell       Chuck Sylvester 
4  Winning Fireworks        Credit Winner - Fireworks Hanover    2/T     1:56.3   28.0    5.00   Ron Pierce          Noel Daley 
2  Flashback                Classic Photo - Sole Mate            3/3H    1:57.0   27.4   51.80   Andy Miller         Erv Miller 
3  Empire Hanover           Broadway Hall - Emma Hanover         4/5     1:57.2   28.3   25.80   Mike Lachance       Garth Gordon 
5  Temple Of Doom           Yankee Glide - Armbro Temple         5/5Q    1:57.2g  27.3   12.90   David Miller        Jonas Czernyson 
7  Champion Hill            Muscles Yankee - Gypsy Balance       6/8     1:58.0   28.3   72.20   Brian Sears         Ron Gurfein 
6  Adrion Dream             Daguet Rapide - Adri Di Jesolo       7/9Q    1:58.1   29.1   74.60   Jody Jamieson       Anette Lorentzon 
8  Break The Bank K         Revenue - American Misty             8/11T   1:58.4   29.1    6.60   Tim Tetrick         Rich Gillock 
1st Lucky Chucky  (2, H   Windsong`s Legacy - Aerobics - Muscles Yankee)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Chuck Sylvester - NJ, Neal Goldman - NJ, Amy Stoltzfus - NJ
    Breeder(s):  Perretti Farms - NJ 
2nd Winning Fireworks  (2, H   Credit Winner - Fireworks Hanover - Muscles Yankee)
    Registered Owner(s):  Adam Victor & Son Stble LLC - NY, Lindy Farms Of Conn - CT
    Breeder(s):  Adam Victor & Son Stble LLC - NY 
3rd Flashback  (2, H   Classic Photo - Sole Mate - Self Possessed)
    Registered Owner(s):  H Wright - IL, Geis Enterprise LLC - IL
    Breeder(s):  Kentuckiana Farms Gen Par - KY


Fem divisioner av Walnut Hall Cup ($84.600) f�r tv��riga hingstar och valacker h�lls idag p� Red Mile och Il Villaggio r�knade in sin sj�tte seger i karri�ren p� sju starter n�r han vann f�r Tim Tetrick.

Il Villaggio hade lekstuga f�r Tim Tetrick och duon kom enkelt till ledningen efter 700 meter. D�rifr�n kunde ingen hota och �ver upploppet f�rsvann sonen till Yankee Glide och Dance To Market ifr�n till en �verl�gsen seger p� 1.12,6 trots att han tappade aktionen mitt p� m�lrakan.

- Vi tog av Il Villaggio skorna och jag tror inte att banan passade honom idag. Han var lite vild i b�rjan av karri�ren, men har lugnat ner sig och blivit allt b�ttre de senaste tre-fyra starterna, sade Tim Tetrick.

Anette Lorentzons Doner Dream tog ledningen efter 200 meter, sl�ppte till Il Villaggio, men var slagen redan vid ing�ngen till upploppet och slutade oplacerad. Jimmy Takters superl�fte Muscle Massive togs lugnt fr�n start av John Campbell, men galopperade 750 kvar n�r han l�g jumbo i f�ltet.

Il Villaggio, som tr�nas av Ervin Miller, st�tar med sex raka segrar och bland triumferna m�rks i f�rsta hand finalerna i William Wellwood Memorial (C$515.000) och New Jersey Sire Stakes ($200.000).

Serverat fr�n vinnarh�let

Inledde Walnut Hall Cup gjorde Ray Schnittker och Shaq Is Back (e. Credit Winner-Vivica Hall) p� 1.11,9. Duon snabbstartade till ledningen, men sl�ppte till svensk�gde Caviar de Vie och Mike Lachance efter 450 meter.

Inne p� upploppet tog Anette Lorentzon-tr�nade och utv�ndige Jetblue Volo �ver kommandot samtidigt som ledande Caviar de Vie br�t ut 250 meter f�re m�l.

Den man�vern betydde fritt spurtutrymme f�r Shaq is Back fr�n vinnarh�let som avgjorde med hals f�re Jetblue Volo (e. Yankee Glide) och till tredjeplatsen spurtade Jimmy Takters Senor Glide (e. Yankee Glide). Fyra slutade Bj�rn Nor�n-tr�nade Caviar de Vie (e. SJ's Caviar).

Fr�n vinnarh�let vann ocks� Lucky Chucky (e. Windsong's Legacy-Aerobics) och John Campbell. Explosive Matters lillebror Winning Fireworks satt i ledningen och luckan kom 200 kvar. Ledaren v�xlades ner sista 50 meterna och Lucky Chucky vann p� 1.12,4.

Jonas Czernysons Temple Of Doom galopperade i starten och svarade f�r en storstilad upph�mtning till femteplatsen. D�remot slutade Anette Lorentzons Adrion Dream oplacerad efter ha attackerat i tredjesp�r 350 kvar.

Spurtvinst p� topptid

John Campbell gav dansk�gde Cowboylands Wishing Stone (e. Conway Hall-Meadowbranch Magic) ett perfekt lopp i andra ytter och duon attackerade ute i tredjesp�r 300 kvar. Redan 150 meter f�re m�l �vertogs t�ten och Wishing Stone vann enkelt p� topptiden 1.11,5. Tr�nar g�r Dewayne Minor.

Jonas Czernysons Baxium (e. Cantab Hall) fick luckan alldeles f�r sent fr�n tredje inner och fick n�ja sig med en fj�rdeplats. Femma slutade Anette Lorentzons Takeachancewithme (e. Daguet Rapide) efter ha g�tt fram i d�dens 750 kvar.

D�remot blev det galopp f�r Peter Haughton Memorial-vinnaren Holiday Road efter 600 meter.

Vinst f�r Smedshammer

Med endast ett lopp i kroppen vann Priority Photo (e. Classic Photo-She'sa Priority) och Trond Smedshammer p� 1.13,2. Duon satt placerade i sj�tte inner, fick fritt spurtutrymme 300 kvar och f�ngade in ledaren, Anette Lorentzons Sailaway Dream (e. Daguet Rapide), sista 50 meterna.

Trea slutade Marcus Johansson med Jimmy Takters Chimon (e. SJ's Caviar) efter sl�ppt ifr�n sig taktpinnen 800 kvar.

Dubbelt svenskt

Anette Lorentzon-tr�nade Howthehaloareyou (e. Yankee Glide-Flickering Halo) stod i en klass f�r sig. Tim Tetrick serverade tre�ringen ett lopp i tredje inner, men 500 kvar valde han att g� fram utv�ndigt till ledande Kyle Doodles.

Ledaren blev ett enkelt byte 300 kvar och Howthehaloareyou f�rsvann ifr�n till en �vertygande seger p� nya rekordet 1.10,9/1.609 meter. F�rstapriset uppgick till 6.000 dollar.

Lika mycket tj�nade Staffan Lind-tr�nade Celebrity Cowboy (e. Cantab Hall-Keystone Nora) och tre�ringen - uppf�dd av Stefan Balazsi (Zotobamo AB) - tog �ver t�ten 600 meter f�re m�l. Sedan var det spel mot ett m�l p� 1.12,0 i sj�tte �rssegern f�r Marcus Johansson.

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