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  Peter Haughton
Purse: $450 000
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     Hambletonian® Purse: $1 000 000          
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Hambletonian Oaks Purse: $500 000
Jim Doherty
Purse: $400 000
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      FINALER lördag 6 augusti                
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FINALER lördag 6 augusti          Äldre John Cashman FINAL lördag 6 augusti  Purse: $500 000        
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  Marion Marauder wins Hambletonian
Marion Marauder and Scott Zeron captured the Hambletonian, presented by Mullinax Ford, with a 1:51.4 score in the $1 million final on Saturday at Meadowlands Racetrack. Southwind Frank was second in a photo finish and Sutton finished third...read on
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    Finalfält Hambletonian No 91  l    
                    Huvudsida kull född 2013 HÄR              
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RACE 13 - Meadowlands - NJ - August 6, 2022
Conditions: HAMBLETONIAN NO. 91 - FINAL 3 Year Old Open
Gait: Trot     Purse: $1,000,000     Class: Hambo F     Distance: 1 Mile    Track Cond: FAST  
  3 åriga   1.609m auto    Purse: $ 1 000 000
(500,000 - 225,000 - 108,000 - 72,000 - 45,000 - 10,000 - 10,000 -10,000 - 10,000 - 10,000)
Sta Häst Kön Kusk Tränare Rek Intj Far Mor Morfar
1  SOUTHWIND FRANK H  Yannick Gingras  Ron Burke 09,7   1 221 442  MUSCLE HILL  FLAWLESS LINDY  CANTAB HALL
2  THE ROYAL HARRY H  John Campbell  Åke Svanstedt 11,4   111 363  RC ROYALTY  WILSONATOR  KADABRA
3  BAR HOPPING H  Tim Tetrick  Jimmy Takter 09,7   426 728  MUSCLE HILL  COCKTAIL HOUR  CREDIT WINNER
4  WAITLIFTER K H  Matt Kakaley  Chuck Sylvester 10,0   141 477  MUSCLES YANKEE  TREASURE FOREVER  LINDY LANE
6  SUTTON H  Andy Miller  Julie Miller 09,2   172 306  DONATO HANOVER  I WANTED WINGS  MUSCLES YANKEE
7  MILLIGAN'S SCHOOL H  Brian Sears  Julie Miller 10,5   480 226  YANKEE GLIDE  TORI ANN  SJ'S PHOTO
9  MAVENS WAY H  Åke Svanstedt  Åke Svanstedt 09,5   81 724  MUSCLE HILL  DORIS DEO  ANDOVER HALL
10  LAGERFELD H  David Miller  Jimmy Takter 11,8   412 443  YANKEE GLIDE  SOUTHERN SENORITA  YANKEE PACO
HN  Horse               PP   1/4      1/2      3/4      Str     Finish  Actual  LQ      Odds 
 5  Marion Marauder     5    5/3      5°/5Q    2°/H     1/NS    1/NS    1:51.4  27.2    2.50 
 1  Southwind Frank     1    1°/HD    2/1Q     3/2      3/1     2/NS    1:51.4  27.0    2.00 
 6  Sutton              6    2/HD     3/2H     5/3H     5/3H    3/NK    1:51.4  26.4   48.10 
 4  Waitlifter K        4    6/4T     6°/6T    4°/2Q    4/2     4/1     1:52.0  27.1   14.40 
 3  Bar Hopping         3    3°/1     1/1Q     1/H      2/NS    5/1T    1:52.1  27.4   *1.10 
 7  Milligan`s School   7    7/6H     7°/8H    6°/5     6/5     6/3Q    1:52.2  27.0   51.70 
10  Lagerfeld           10   10/10T   10/12T   10/10H   9/8Q    7/5T    1:53.0  26.3  127.00 
 8  Iron Mine Bucky     8    8/8      8/9Q     8°/7     8/7Q    8/6Q    1:53.0  27.1  162.80 
 2  The Royal Harry     2    4/1H     4/4      7/5T     7/6     9/8Q    1:53.2  27.4   87.30 
 9  Mavens Way          9    9/9Q     9°/11T   9°/9H   10/14Q   10/21   1:56.0  29.4  148.90 
1st Marion Marauder  (3, H   Muscle Hill - Spellbound Hanover - Donerail)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Marion Wellwood - ON, Devin Keeling - ON
    Breeder(s):  William Mulligan - PA 
2nd Southwind Frank  (3, H   Muscle Hill - Flawless Lindy - Cantab Hall)
    Registered Owner(s):  Southwind Frank Partners - PA
    Breeder(s):  Southwind Farm - NJ 
3rd Sutton  (3, H   Donato Hanover - I Wanted Wings - Muscles Yankee)
    Registered Owner(s):  Andy Miller Stable Inc - NJ, Jason Allen - NJ, Douglas Allen - NJ
    Breeder(s):  Let It Ride Stables Inc - FL, J&T; Silva Stables, LLC - NY, Robert Cooper Stables LLC - FL 
Time 28.2 56.0  (27.3) 1:24.2  (28.2) 1:51.4  (27.2)


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    Resultat från kvalen till Hambletonian final HÄR                  
Adam Ström/Stall TZ
Marion Marauder and Scott Zeron captured the Hambletonian, presented by Mullinax Ford, with a 1:51.4 score in the $1 million final on Saturday at Meadowlands Racetrack. Southwind Frank was second in a photo finish and Sutton finished third. .
Marion Marauder wins Hambletonian
It wasn’t the perfect drive. But it was the perfect ending.

Marion Marauder won Saturday’s (Aug. 6) $1 million Hambletonian, presented by Mullinax Ford, by a nose over Southwind Frank in 1:51.4 at the Meadowlands Racetrack. Sutton was third as the top three horses stretched across the finish line separated by only a neck in the 91st edition of the sport’s top race for 3-year-old trotters.

It was Marion Marauder’s second win of the day. Earlier in the afternoon, he won his Hambletonian elimination by a half-length over Southwind Frank in a career-best 1:51.3. Last year, Marion Marauder was winless in races against Southwind Frank, finishing second on four occasions.

In the Hambletonian final, Marion Marauder was fifth as Southwind Frank and Bar Hopping traded the lead in the first half of the race. At that point Scott Zeron, driving Marion Marauder for the wife-and-husband training team of Paula Wellwood and Mike Keeling, put his horse in gear and launched a first-over attack.

Marion Marauder was second behind Bar Hopping at three-quarters, but reached the front at the top of the stretch. As Bar Hopping dropped back, eventually finishing fifth, Marion Marauder held off hard-charging challenges from Southwind Frank to his inside and Sutton on the outside. Waitlifter K was fourth, beaten a length.

Zeron, who at age 27 became the second-youngest driver to win the Hambletonian, thought he might have moved too soon with Marion Marauder.

“I know better,” Zeron said. “I know that when he clears another horse, he thinks the race is over, and I got a little over anxious. I just tried to get away on Southwind Frank and Bar Hopping and just sprint away from them and my horse just kind of started lollygagging around and not knowing where the wire was but he hung tough to finish.

“It is amazing. The Wellwood family has trained trotters their whole lives and everything they’ve done has lead up to this point. The pressure is all on the Hambletonian and we delivered, the horse delivered. It was amazing. I can’t believe it.”

Wellwood, who became the second female trainer to win the Hambletonian, along with Linda Toscano, is the daughter of the late Bill Wellwood, a driver/trainer enshrined in both the U.S. and Canadian halls of fame. Marion Marauder is owned by Wellwood’s mother, Marion Jean, and her 19-year-old son, Devin Keeling.

Marion Marauder’s name combines the names of Wellwood’s mom and the nickname of Devin’s college mascot at McMaster University, where he will play football. Interestingly, the horse’s original name already had “Marion” in it; he was purchased for $37,000 at the 2014 Lexington Selected Sale under the name Marion Monopoly.

According to Wellwood, this was the family’s 10th try at winning the Hambletonian.

“It means the world; it was my father’s dream,” Wellwood said. “It has been my mother’s and my dream. We’ve tried. When this horse came along, you dare to dream. We started to dream last year.

“I was in shock (at the finish) it was so close. I knew where he was, I knew he was first up and had taken over the lead. I guess I was in shock, I couldn’t even scream. I watched and I thought it was too close to call and everyone was saying it was too close to call.”

Added a teary-eyed Marion Jean Wellwood, “It feels really good. I’ve been trying for this for a long time and I just want to say I dedicate this to my late husband.”

Marion Marauder, a son of 2009 Hambletonian winner Muscle Hill out of the Nova Award-winning mare Spellbound Hanover, has won six of seven races this year and seven of 20 career starts. He pushed his lifetime earnings to $1.01 million with his Hambletonian triumph.

“The difference between last year and this year is that he grew quite a bit,” Paula Wellwood said. “He got bigger and stronger but the real difference is that he learned how to win.”

Zeron’s win capped a memorable championship meet at the Meadowlands for the driver, who won the track’s driving title.

“I want to thank Paula Wellwood and Mike Keeling for bringing me in to drive this horse full time,” said Zeron, who was driving in the Hambletonian for the first time. “Not a lot of people give a young guy a chance to drive a Hambletonian trotter. It’s amazing.”
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